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First of all, you all should know that I absolutely love traveling, and I've actually done quite a bit. For the fourth of July weekend me and my family headed out west. The best part was the Wichita Mountains in Oklahoma. The one word to describe it? Breath-taking. That's if I could describe it with one word.

View from Wichita Mountains

There was a huge lake that we could see all the way up the road that took us to the top of the tallest mountain there. As we were driving up, there were birds flying around right next to us. Like soaring birds (if you know what I mean). It just made me feel like taking deep breaths of beautiful, clean air and spreading my arms out and letting the wind totally mess up my already messy hair. And that's exactly what I did once we got to the top. 

I think I took about five pictures of the same view because it was so beautiful, and when you think something's beautiful you take pictures. I also saw some animals in their natural habitat...I saw two buffalo, loads of prairie dogs, loads of longhorn cattle (which are not owned by anyone), and a tarantula. It was seriously awesome!! 

And I learned some facts about my family members:

1. My sister often tunes out and listens to music on long, boring roads. 

2. My baby brother (well, he's a baby to me) is very loud on road trips and tends to sing the same song over and over again. Like, seriously. There are only so many times I can listen to "The Wheels on the Bus" being sung. Off key. 

3. I (okay, not actually my family member,'s me.So...) do not read books on road trips (or any type of vacation). I have tried to and I bring a couple every time we go somewhere, but I literally cannot sit down and read. At all. But, at all other times, I am a total bookworm. Strange. 

                                                       Happy Late July 4th,

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