My Trip to Taiwan

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I think it's high time I got my act together and told you all about my trip to Taiwan during June. I literally had the vlogs all put together in a video, I had the pictures downloaded, I just didn't put the final product together. 


Remember that trip that I talked about? The Taiwan one? Well, now I'm gonna tell you about it and throw pictures at you. ;)

I snapped most of the pictures with my phone because it was just way easier/more convenient/faster than bringing my camera that does not have good battery life with me everywhere. I hope the pictures aren't too bad quality (I don't think they are but just in case) because they were taken on the run. 

Like I have complained about a million times, there was a 16 hour flight, singular as in one section of a trip that was over 20 hours long, on the way TO TAIWAN and on the way BACK FROM TAIWAN. 

In case you haven't taken a long airplane flight before, I'm gonna tell you--it's torturous. The only way you can escape mindless boredom, extreme soreness, and mild insanity is if you try to sleep most of the way (listen to music. it blocks out the plane engines and screaming babies) and watch movies when you're awake. 

Before any of the flights.

BODIES AREN'T MADE TO SLEEP IN CHAIRS OKAY. To top that, on one of those looong flights there was a super big guy sitting behind me so I was like nah I'm not going to recline my seat that would crush his legs which is rude of course. BUT MY HEAD KEPT FALLING DOWN WHEN I FELL ASLEEP AND *sobs in exhaustion*

The main reason we went to Taiwan was to go to my mom's brother's wedding. They do it a little differently than Americans. They get married by a judge with a couple witnesses and then they have a super big, extravagant wedding feast later. 

I wore heels and a short dress and my feet were killing me afterwards. My little brother got to be in the wedding performance/train/thing, I guess you could call it. He looked so adorable in his fancy suit. 

My bro and my dad <3

Us and the fam. My sister's right beside me.

Besides that though we still did tons of fun things. We ate out with my mom's friends and family. If there is one type of food you try when you're in Taiwan, it needs to be street food. I promise. Your life will be changed. :D

So we ate, a lot. I feel like food is especially important in Asian cultures.

street food: deep-fried chicken + other things + delicious spices

hotpan: seasoned broth + veggies + meats. V POPULAR.

hotpan pt. 2

Guys the food is just so delicious. I'm pretty sure I'm way more than half Taiwanese if we're just looking at taste in food, because I love this food SO much. Just the seasonings and textures and I dunno. Although. There was the time that there was a whole snail on top of a salad. It was cooked, but it was a snail and I could still see it's little feeler things. 

Basically, it was a whole snail just missing the shell. I didn't eat it. I couldn't. The feelers were too much XD

We tried shaved ice! It was my first time. Passion fruit.

There was writing all over the walls by people from all over the world.

It was v cool.

Me and my family also went to some kind of machinery museum the day before we left. We at one McDonald's meal when we were missing American fast food too much. :D 

It was really nice actually. My sister and I fangirled over seeing Exo (kpop group) on Pocky boxes. 

this is a Pocky box. I would describe these as sweet crackers dipped in chocolate on one side

Me, my sister, and my dad randomly decided to go eat ice cream at a 7-eleven. 

We discovered kimchi pizza which is actually delicious. 

I had such a great time and it made me realize even more how much I want to travel, see the world, and explore different cultures. <33

The pictures that I put in the post are just ones that show things that either I missed in the video below or thought were too cool and artsy to not post. 

I worked super hard on the video and I'm so happy with how it turned out. I loved editing it. :)) I hope you have fun coming along on my adventure!

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