11:31 AM

author's note: this was actually written on and is about February 7th. enjoy!

9 am - The alarm on my phone goes off. I hate the noise so much, and I used to have it on just vibrate, but I've been so tired and busy this school year that I'm too scared to do that anymore. This is one of my late morning days. On Mondays and Wednesdays I get up at 7. 😒

9:15 am - I manage to actually get out of bed.

9:30 am - Take a shower.

10 am - I check all my social media and try to make sense of this week's to-do list. Feel strong waves of despair as I look at the 8 homework assignments for Professional Practices (plus other homework and projects for other classes) to be completed in a week. Check my student email. Boring stuff.

the set-up

10:30 am - I start working on my heart art that's due tomorrow afternoon. In my defense, I've had an extremely busy, stressful past couple days. Hopefully I can work on it more later and write my art analysis on it.


11:45 am - Time to speed clean my room, which needs it REALLY badly.

12:00 - Lunch time :)

that's ranch dressing. which kinda looks gross in the pic. there's not as much on there as it looks lol.

1:00 pm - Off to my 1:30 class! (News Layout & Copy Editing. It's one of my electives, a journalism class.)

2:25 pm - I trek over to the fine arts building for my class at 3. I'm wayyy early so hopefully I can get something school-related out of the way. Or I could just hang out on Twitter. Twitter sounds nice.

4:20 pm - Class ends. We learn that the midterm, previously a mysterious "approximately" before spring break, might now be "next Tuesday." I panic. Since I haven't studied for this test at all yet.

5:15 pm - I fix some supper and eat fast cause your girl's got a lot to do today.

6:10 pm - Start back on that heart art, which is for a special honors class I'm taking called The Human Body & Visual Art.

this was watercolor. watercolor is hard.

7:50 pm - I take a much needed break from the hustle and indulge myself with episode 15 of Hwarang. It just gives me all the fuzzies seeing the guys becoming a good team and working together. Gawsh so kewt.

Image result for hwarang screenshot

9:20 pm - Back to arting the heart. (note from author: okay, guys, I did this hovering over my art piece which was laying on the floor. and man. the leg cramps.)

10:50 pm - I decide that it's time to call it quits, seriously hoping that I have enough time tomorrow to actually finish the heart. GAH.

12 aka midnight - Off to bed. Finally. I should probably have better sleeping habits. No, I know I should but sometimes my mental-rest-needs outweigh my physical-rest-needs and I just stay up. It's a bad excuse but it true.

I hope you enjoyed this little glimpse into my world. If you'd like to read more posts about my life at college or what I do specifically as a graphic design student (everyone would like to know. we're a well-kept mystery. *magic dust*), let me know. 

And if you were curious as to how that heart turned out, here it is ^^:



12:14 PM

The last half of this month has kind of been a whirlwind...moving back to school, organizing everything again, getting into the routine of five classes (two of which are 3 hours each). It's probably life making up for the first half of the month in which I was shamefully lazy and did nothing.

Instructions For Flight The Fill-In Boyfriend On the Fence

Instructions for Flight by Kate I. Foley 🌟🌟🌟🌟 (review here, but 👌)
The Fill-In Boyfriend by Kasie West 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 (💗 I love it SO much)
On the Fence by Kasie West 🌟🌟🌟🌟 (TBH this was leaning more towards 3 but relatable guy problems yo)

It wasn't a big reading month. I guess I've been going through a slump and nothing really interests me (except YA contemporaries *gasp*). Or else I don't have the energy/attention span to sit down and actually read a book.

One of the delights of being a lot more anxious and stressed out at school. Sometimes, okay most of the time, I'd rather watch YouTube or the latest TV series.

Oh NaNa by K.A.R.D
Stay With Me by Chanyeol x Punch (Goblin OST)

Born to Lose by No Sleep ft. Gia Koka

Not Going Home by DVBBS & CMCs ft. Gia Koka

I find a lot of my favorite songs when I'm playing one of those 2 hour chill remixes or summer playlist remixes on YouTube. Which is where the bottom two songs came from.

K.A.R.D is a relatively new K-pop group that hasn't really done promotions and it's CO-ED or whatever word you use to mean guys AND girls. Two of each to be exact! I think it's really cool.

I have been slowly but steadily watching Goblin (no spoilers, guys, don't be Hoshi) and I've fallen in love with this soundtrack. It just makes me so calm and relaxed, which I really need, and especially when it's played with the drama montage. The. feels.

Image result for miss peregrine's home for peculiar childrenImage result for the swap

I really liked Miss Peregrine's! Don't hate me, but I didn't read the book first. I might in the future, but my point is--the movie was really exotic, funky, circus feeling and I loved it.

The Swap. Disney. Yes, it is cringe-worthy. Yes, it has a million second-hand embarrassment moments. But in the end, the message was there and it was very cute. (I will say you definitely have to be in the mood though.) 

Image result for kubo and the two strings posterImage result for the goblin kdrama poster

Kubo and the Two Strings. *cries big ugly tears* It has a children's story feel, but the story runs deeper too and I was never bored by it or though "ugh this is so kiddy." The animation is also gorgeous. 

Goblin. The k-drama that everyone's talking about. I think. I don't keep up with trends too well. The premise is very interesting... Grim Reapers, Goblins, deities, etc. However, the big age-gap between the two mc's is slightly disturbing imo. (not a spoiler. it's literally in the drama trailer)

Image result for hwarang posterImage result for hwarang poster

Hwarang is a historical drama and much slower paced than Goblin, and many other shows. It took like 4 episodes for the plot to actually get moving. BUT the problem is it's a very interesting premise (rich nobles' sons chosen to be personal guards for the king) and I'm actually in love with all of the characters. Not like "OMG I WANT TO MARRY YOU" but "OMG I WANT TO MARRY A COUPLE OF YOU THE REST ARE MY SMOL SONS."

  • All last semester, I didn't really have the motivation to organize my apartment bedroom. This semester I finally replaced my little bookcase that broke with a new snazzy one and organized.
  • INTERNSHIP. I got one. As you all may or may not know, I'm majoring in graphic design and right before school started I got an design internship in my hometown that is very small I might add. !!!! That means I get to stay with the fam for a whole nother summer before I graduate ^^
  • I'm in the second semester of my junior (3rd) year of college so classes are kind of winding down and I'm taking the "big" ones. This semester it's independent studies. And let me tell you. It is testing me. 
  • Besides that, there's not a whole lot happening. ✌️️

What have you guys been up to? Is school killing you already (I wouldn't know. I always rock school tbh... sarcasm. That was sarcasm.)? Rec me some songs or 2017 books!

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