Fantasy (part 1): Dragons

9:34 PM

I'm going to do a series on all things fantasy... first one will be 'dragons' because it's really fascinating comparing different things from dragon fiction. Besides, the dragons themselves are so beautiful and graceful and I'd like to think that's what the serpents in the Garden of Eden look like before Satan used one to deceive Eve. So...yeah.

For this post, I think I'll make a list of common characteristics of dragons and/or their riders found in most stories, and some pictures at the end.

1. In all dragon stories that I've read the dragon and its rider (if it had one) were able to communicate with their thoughts. 

2. The dragon chooses its rider, not vice versa. 

3. For some, the dragon dies when the rider dies, but the rider doesn't die when the dragon does. In others, when the rider dies the dragon doesn't and the rider doesn't die when the dragon dies. They just feel extreme pain (it's like the other half of them has died). It pretty much depends on the story. 

4. Another reoccurring characteristic is that dragons mature at a way faster rate then people. It can take them a few months to grow into adult (or almost adult) dragons. 

5. They all hatch from eggs. 

6.  Even the dragon can disagree with his/her rider, it will usually do what the rider wants against his/her better judgement. 

The dragon can be found in many books, and I think the reason why it's so common as a legendary animal is not just because it's so powerful, but because of the bond it shares with its rider and the gift it gives the human-- the power to fly.

Who hasn't dreamed of flying at one time or another?

And let's face it. It would be very nice to have a dragon to sic on those you do not particularly like. Of course, a nice person would never do that. Ahem, just saying.

Sapphire Blue

6:31 PM

As above title reads, I'm gonna be gushing over how awesome Sapphire Blue (book 2 in the Ruby Red trilogy) by Kerstin Gier was. It was an amazing book, and I'll totally be adding it to my personal library in the future!

The two amazing covers for the American versions...

Okay, I know I'm being a bit repetitive, but this trilogy is seriously the best series on time travel that I've ever read. Just something about the heroine maybe, or the dry humor. By the way, these books were actually originally written in German, then translated into English which I found to be a pretty interesting fact.

And just so you know...after reading book 2, I'm going to promptly seek Gideon out and kill him. Awful dude that he is. He cannot do what he does and expect to go unpunished. I don't care if he's inexperienced in love, but apparently very experienced in being a player! 

Sorry. I had to do that. :) I'm mad at him right now, as if you couldn't tell. This is what happens when I get really good books from the library, guys. It makes me *sniff* emotional. Emotional, in that I totally want to throttle the main guy character. Yes, I'm completely normal. 


Summery Stuff

9:28 PM

I've been writing quite a bit (for me) recently. Of course, I don't use a pen and paper, but the above image looked so cool. Especially because of the fountain pen. So...I've been writing and, even though it's not always smooth, it's really gratifying to see that I've added another few thousand words to my word-count every little while. I usually have problems with plot, because I run out of exciting ideas to move the plot forward very soon. What helps me is when I think through different possibilities and sort of lay it out (more or less) in my head. Today, I used amazing fantasy RPG (role-playing game) music to stimulate my brain cells. I think it helped. Or at least I hope it did. 

I've done some other summery things recently. Like I went shopping and got two cute shirts, which is really big for me. Because as much as I make fun of my mom's stingy ways I seem to have picked up on a few. :3 Oops. 

I also dropped by the library *squee* and picked up a delicious pile of thick books (because those are the only kind to get, right?) to read. One of the nice library ladies, whose name I don't know because (obviously) librarians don't wear name tags and, as long as I've known her on a face-recognition-only basis, I am way to awkward and shy to ask her "What's your name?" because of the fact that I've known her so long (whew! that was a long explanation), told me and my sister how much we've changed (since we haven't gone to the library regularly in forever). 

And I must also add that I am absolutely awful at painting my nails. Yeah. My nails can almost never dry in peace without being somehow messed up either by me accidently bumping into something with my freakishly long arms or by me touching something while they're still wet. I am perfectly serious here. I literally have to wait until after two days of washing my hands (for the normal stuff like when I get them dirty) until the nail polish that I've gotten on my fingers and not on the nails cleans up. 

I am a mess. 

I could go on, but I won't. 

                                                Have a beautifully nice night,

Another Day in the Life...

11:51 AM

Okay. Really frustrated right now because the classes I was going to take...I cannot take. Because apparently Pre-Calculus Algebra in college is somehow more algebra than pre-calculus and therefore can't count as a credit. That is such a bummer. Originally I was planning to take four college classes, then three, and, now, only two which is a lousy six credits in all. Even if I take some classes next summer I'll be lucky to have the credits for one semester. I almost think this whole dual-enrollment thing wasn't worth the trouble. *sigh* I don't know... Maybe God wants me to learn something this year.

On to another subject, I read something this morning that really struck a chord with me. It was this-- "The more you have, the more you can lose." And I was like "Wow! That is so true". It reminded of some people I know and their dreams are to be hugely rich. But the thing that struck me the hardest was about me. I mean, I've never wanted to be rich for the sake of being be honest, I've always sort of scorned those kinds of people in my head. But then I realized that I am such a hypocrite because I'm the same, even if it's on a smaller scale. It doesn't matter though, because I'm the same. So often I want things I don't have or I want an improvement of what I have. For example, I thought that I don't have that many clothes (compared to other people) and my room is pretty small. But recently I sent a picture of my room to a friend of mine on the other side of the world (she's not poor though, just average.) who lives in an apartment in the city and she commented that my room was so big and I felt guilty because I had seen her brother's room (which was tiny) and she had said that her room was even smaller. Now, I feel so blessed to have what I have. I have clothes, a big bed, my own room, and, even though I don't live in the country, our place has a big front and back yard.

I am blessed. You are blessed.


College Life

5:04 PM

College is way more confusing than I though it would be. Not the classes (I'm sure they'll be hard, but I haven't even started them yet), but the whole admissions process: choosing classes, counting out credits, seeing if it matches up to the degree track I want to take, studying for many college entrance tests, etc., etc. It's just ugh. That's the best way to describe it. And while I love the idea of starting college at seventeen, trying to navigate all the planning and *shudder* people??...not so much.

Sometimes I wish there was a quick and easy pause button for life. So I could, you know, relax without worrying and just... live. Maybe I can. Maybe I'm just stressing over stuff so much that I've sort of lost sight of working toward something without freaking out (or maybe I never knew how to do that :) ) Well, that's my deep thought for today. Very deep for such a shallow mind ;)

For the book of the day, or whatever, is "The Outcasts" by John Flanagan.

All of the characters in the book were guys! There were like three female characters and they were sub-secondary characters (not a word? Hmm.), but I loveeeed it. It was awesome, and I identified with something about each character (almost). They're just so relatable. They (the main Brotherband) were underdogs but they worked together and were victorious (Sorry, no more spoilers. I promise) "The Outcasts" has a sort of Viking-ish feel to it, but I think they call themselves Skandians...I might have spelled that wrong. Oh well.

CHECK THIS BOOK OUT! You'll definitely want to read the rest of the trilogy.

                                                    Signing off,

My Kingdom for Books

9:35 PM

There's a huge second-hand store about an hour away from where I live that sells CDs, movies, games, and books. I go there for books. The last time I was there was at least a few months ago, so it felt like being reunited with thousands of best friends all over again. The store is called McKay's and it usually has the best bargains I have ever seen for books. I mean, I used to literally dream about a place that sold books this cheap (Haha, yeah I know. *stage whispers* Bookworm!) so please allow me to bask in my post-buying-books-at-great-prices glow.

Here are my babies:

My new babies :)
Aren't they beautiful?? Lol. 

Word Limits

1:11 PM

I am taking my ACTs late... in the fall of my Senior year. I've had a lot of stuff to do so *shrugs*. I just finished doing some practice ACT questions for English. I didn't do to bad. Of course this doesn't comfort me in the least bit when I think about the Science and Math sections.

My window's open today because it's beautiful outside, and there's a breeze. I'm still in my pj's... I love just relaxing like that. No stress. And now(because I promised, didn't I?), I will talk a little bit about writing. I am an awful writer. Well, maybe not so much awful as that I can type out the first few thousand and then I get stuck. And then I'll get another awesome idea...another few thousand words. It's seriously lame. Right now I'm working on a fanfiction for a series on Wattpad. The series is really neat, and I think I might be able to push through this. I hope *crosses fingers*. I know my posts are short, but this way I feel like I'm doing less work when actually I'm doing more work just in littler pieces. Does that make sense? :)

                                                  Talk to you later,

Good Books=Good Times

4:45 PM

I haven't been a very good blogger... but there isn't much to blog about right now. Oh, except I'm trying out dual-enrollment for my senior year, which will be homeschooling and my local community college. It's sort of freaking me out. I have no idea what to expect and I definitely like to know what to expect when it comes to school.

I've also had time to do some major reading (since it's summer...and, therefore, summer break. woot, woot!)  and so I borrowed five really thick books from the library. I've already read two: The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater and Ruby Red by Kerstin Gier. I heard rave reviews of "The Scorpio Races" from the Notebook Sisters. It's not the kind of book I would usually read, but it was pretty good. I'm not really sure if I liked the author's style of writing though...hmmm.


I absolutely loved "Ruby Red"! I mean, it's about time-travel and it has a gutsy heroine. You can never go wrong with something like that. I fully plan to go and borrow the next book, because it's part of a trilogy. :)

Today was a cleaning day. Finally my room looks neat and tidy, but I don't think it will stay that way too long. I'll probably delve into another book today too. Ahh, the best part of summer. Loads of time to read.

And that's it for now,

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