Sunday Swoons | Roses are Red...You are Creepy

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The image below was placed there because I like it. It's pretty. Also, the quote is a necessity, I think, in any relationship.
I'm so sorry that I have been very absent from the blog, but college is proving to be very challenging. I've got something due every week it feels like and when I have free time I'd usually rather spend it wasting my time listening to kpop or watching funny vlogs. Which, of course, is very un-bloggerly of me, what can you do.

But this week I have come with a Sunday Swoons post! Sadly, Briana can't join in since she has no wi-fi. I think we need to send her kind thoughts and tons of virtual gifts to make up for that, don't you?

No wi-fi. *shudders*

Therefore, I shall be surging forward to host Sunday Swoons today. If you'd link up, it would make me and Briana very happy! (Or at least B will be when she finds out ;))

(You can find a more complete set of rules here.)

Our topic today is *drumroll* 
Stalkerish Types
Which is a very sucky name but I don't have the brain cells or Briana to help me brainstorm for something better so we're stuck with it. 

Basically, you can talk about anything weird/creepy/stalkerish characters in books. You know what I'm talking about...those people who "love" a person at first sight and then proceed to follow them everywhere and proclaim their feelings and all that jazz. This post is dedicated to those...special...people. 

Have fun! Go wild! (Except don't stalk people. That's never good.)

My personal peeve on this particular subject is when these stalker people, usually guys, follow these other people around and watch them creepily etc. it's not seen as weird. 

Usually, the person who is the object of their attention is flattered. 

Um...okay? It's just so annoying to me. Why would you even consider it okay that some random guy you don't even know is following you around, appearing out of no where, and knows your name. 


Wait, so you, whoever-your-name-is, have no thoughts whatsoever about this stalker's background or motives or anything? 

I really don't think this is something that should be promoted. Being obsessed with something or someone is not the same thing as genuinely caring. Never.

(Sorry for the shortness of this. I'm racing to publish this before midnight. #BloggerCinderella)

ALSO, guys, we have a problem. Briana and I are running out of ideas for Sunday Swoons fast. I mean, we're awesome but we're not that awesome. Would you pretty please send us some suggestions? Comment on this post or tweet Briana (@Briana_RWC) and I (@randomofalife) with the hashtag #SundaySwoons.

What are your thoughts on this? Any particular examples you know of in YA?


Sunday Swoons | Romantic Writings

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(More detailed rules can be found here.)

This Week's Topic: Romantic Writings | Talk about couples that you have created in your books, stories, and worlds. That's basically the only requirement so have fun with it. :)

Romance in My Writing

I have never written a complete book, and honestly, I haven't gone too far in writing relationships yet either. So this will just be me rambling about the kinds of couples I tend to write and maybe snippets of what I have written for my couples. 

source @ Pinterest
I'm a big fan of "one and only" couples so that's usually what I write. I don't want to write stories about people who are only together for a short period of time. I want people to believe in true love and loyalty (since that's such a hard concept to grasp in all these current novels) and that it lasts. Not all guys are players, not all girls are flirts. 

source @ Pinterest

Before anything else, I want my couples to be friends. I have to admit, I'm not one of those people who believes in insta-love (as you might have guessed from my rants on that ;)) because jumping from a first sighting to passionate love doesn't make sense to me. I believe in building-love. I think it's stronger. I don't want my characters to be together because they each think the other person is hot and kick-butt. I want them to be together because they love the little things to. The way one side of their smile is higher than the other, the way they step carefully around even the tiniest flowers, the way they look so fulfilled when they're breathing in the cool wind. This stuff matters the most.

This kind of ties in with the "one and only" thing but...I think it's so amazing when a couple looks at each other like they're the only ones that matter. Not in a lovesick way but're the only one they can see and they would never even look at another girl/guy even if they were hot or sexy or whatever. That's what love is all about and that's what I want to write in my stories.

Now for revealing some of the couples I've written (this is a bad idea this is a bad idea):

1. Daughter of Zion #1

A long, loooong time ago I wanted to write a series with my sister that featured teenage girl warriors. Here comes in one of the girls, quiet and deadly, and the guy a mischievous, kinda dangerous gang leader.

I don't think it's too cliche and I still like the idea but it's a no go I think after multiple re-writes of the first few pages and also it was totally copying the Kingdom Series by Chuck Black.

2. Working Title: Misunderstood

This is the couple in a super short story I wrote from a dream I had. The girl/young woman had been betrayed by the guy who had in addition gotten her pregnant and left her with a little girl. When the baby girl is around two, they meet each other by chance again. This whole story is set in a war-torn country and both the girl and guy were involved with military. And even though the guy betrayed the girl, there was some misunderstanding that I didn't figure out. I actually would love to turn this into a story but I'm not sure if that will happen.

And I'M SORRY but this is all I have time to write tonight. You all have a great coming week and please link up with us! (If you want to of course. *grins*)

Next Week's Topic: Everyone Loves Me Syndrome (a girl or guy having multiple people interested in them at the exact same time)

Guest Review: Rebel Belle

6:30 AM

Bunnita is a fun loving woman from the South. She's on a journey to read as many books as she can. She likes all things pretty so when she is not at a bookstore she can be found looking for home decor treasures. With no time like the present, she is on a mission to make all her dreams come true. Her advice to everyone is-- "If there's anything you ever wanted to do there's no time like the present to do it. You may succeed but even if you fail at least you'll have the satisfaction of trying."

Thanks so much for stopping by Bunnita! You my lovelies should definitely stop by her blog, Worth Reading It?

Bunnita's Review:

First thing I thought was "Yay it takes place in Alabama". Second was "Oh great a Buffy the Vampire Slayer wannabe". I mean the whole dance scene...well you'll see what I mean. Harper Price is a total type A personalty. She has to be perfect. She is head of every committee the school has while aceing her classes. She's not a mean girl, that surprised me. She is a nutshell, a prissy prude.

David is an unfashionable nerd though I do think that dressing nice can and should include jeans. He and Harper have been sniping at each other for years. He makes sure to mock her at every chance through the articles he writes for the school paper.

Ryan is Harper's boyfriend. He is understanding and loving but I couldn't get worked up for him. They had no humpf. Bee is Harper's best friend. She is the type of friend who is loyal but not a kiss ass.

Two things happened, I ended up wanting to make a hummingbird cake and I ended up liking the story. It quickly turned into its own book. Helped by the fact the author acknowledged the similarities to Buffy. It turns out to be a paranormal, action-packed, love triangle, we have to save the world type story. You're wanting to read it now huh?

This is part of a review swap, guys, so you can go check out the review I did for Bunnita's blog here if you'd like (SAY YOU WANT TO. SAY IT.). *grins sweetly*


Sunday Swoons | Diversity in Relationships (LATE I'M SORRY)

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This week we're discussing diversity in couples. As always, GO CHECK OUT BRIANA'S POST. Oh, sorry, *smiles sweetly* didn't mean to scare you. Please go (That was better, right?).
For a more detailed list of rules, you can go here.

Diversity in Couples
This is a very relevant topic, that hasn't been dealt with enough. According to me. I'm not going to spend a lot of time on this post because I'm already two days late (bad, Skylar) but it's definitely something that is very important, maybe even more so to me since my mom and dad are different races and, when they met, they had different religious beliefs too. 

But for now I'm going to focus more on the "race" part. Mostly I'll be focusing on it as it relates to America, but if you have comments and input on it whether you're from America or not feel free to. :) 

This is SO important. America is a nation of diversity, with many different kinds of people. Why isn't this portrayed in novels then? I've read one book where a half-Asian was in a relationship with a white person. I know there are a few at least of Asian and white pairings but they're not too common. What about black and white? Black and Mexican? Arabic and Asian? 

It's just not out there and it's frustrating. 

There's no reason why I, as a reader, wouldn't want to read it. I love experiencing different cultures from characters' perspectives! 

It's something that I've wondered about for a while. With all this diversity surrounding us, how can we still just write white couples (or our respective nation's dominant race) without falling behind our world. And for that matter, how can we do that without not respecting or understanding the fact that there are other kinds of people besides ourselves? 

I'm a Protestant Christian but that doesn't mean I won't respect Catholics or Muslims. We are all people who deserve respect as humans. I'm half Taiwanese and half (white)American. That doesn't mean that I'm conflicted or hold strongly to just one culture. I'm proud to be Taiwanese. And to be American. 

This should be portrayed in novels not because we don't embrace diversity because I know that the book blog/tube etc. community is generally very understanding and loving. BUT I am saying that this stiff mold that is being stuck to can influence us subtly until we expect every pairing to be the same race. We expect that there won't be mixing. It even goes further (past relationships) that sometimes, I admit, I expect every main character I read to be white if I haven't read anything about it. 

It makes me kind of uncomfortable to think about because this shouldn't be a problem. 

Diversity for the win! 

Sorry for the short-ness and the kinda somewhat rant. I tend to get...excited.

Next Week's Topic: Romance in Personal Writings (but with an awesomer name after B and I talk about it)

What are your thoughts? Do you have experiences with this in real life or in books you've read?

Review: Pardon My French

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First of all, OHMIGOSH this is an actual review post which I haven't done in ages. I'm so excited that I got this done. Whoo!

Hehe, but seriously. This is an important moment. *pauses to take it in* Fine, fine, I'll start the review.

Pardon My French by Cathy Hapka
Publication Date: November 3, 2005
Publisher: Speak
Format: paperback
Source: myself
Pages: 224

Seventeen-year-old Nicole dreams of spending the rest of her life with her boyfriend Nate. So when she finds herself on her way to Paris to study abroad without him, she’s less than thrilled. Paris is filled with cars that move at the speed of light, edible snails, and a language that Nicole can’t speak or read. Worst of all, Nicole feels lost without Nate. She’s not sure she’s capable of finding joie de vivre on her own, but with the help of some new friends—and a certain handsome Frenchman— Nicole might find Paris as sweet as a cafĂ© au lait after all.

I knew this book would be a fluffy contemporary as soon as I saw it, and I was right. But that's kind of the reason I picked it up. That and it was TEN CENTS. It was the perfect book to read in between classes and homework and all my other things of business.

What grabbed my attention right off was the cover. The cover is fabulous. I love the artsyness and the envelope-type quality. And it's obviously about travel, so I was like, "Yes, please. This is the perfect quick read."

It turned out it wasn't as impressive as the cover. At least to me. :) My favorite part of the book was all the traveling and exploring France! The descriptions of the food and culture were pretty well done and it made me even more determined to travel all over the world, whether it's in college or after.

But that was pretty much the only part that I really liked. I didn't really connect with any of the characters, which we all know are THE most important part to me. The characters were nice, but that's just it. They weren't amazing. I found the main character Nicole really hard to empathize with, and I think it's because of these reasons:

1. She had a really negative outlook for most of the book.
2. She hated change and traveling.
3. She was completely different from me.

I don't automatically reject characters who are my opposites. Nope. But Nicole was so unappreciative of the amazing opportunity she got to visit France. She didn't care about the art, she didn't care about the city...I guess I just couldn't relate.

I want to point out here that she wasn't an awful person, or this way for the whole book. She did undergo some character change. She learned to appreciate art. She changed but her character never clicked with me. Also, she was seventeen and she just didn't strike me as being mature for her age at all.

There was romance--basically, it's something between her and a French college guy. It didn't go anywhere there. On one hand, I was pleasantly surprised by how it turned out because it wasn't cliche, buuut on the other hand I wanted it to go somewhere. I'm the kind of reader who usually likes a little romance (growing not pointless) in my stories. I don't like full-on romance novels and I don't like novels without any romance. Unless the characters are twelve. I make exceptions for that.

So, that also lowered my opinion of the book. I was conflicted over how I should feel about it.

It describes food a little bit though. Those kinds of books always make me feel hungry even if I'm not sure I would like the food. POINTS.

BUT DON'T MENTION SNAILS TO ME RIGHT NOW OKAY. I've just recently read a disgusting, puke-inducing scene involving snails in my World Lit book assignment. Leave snails out of it, thank you.

In the end, it was a nice light read, but I'm not sure I would read it again. Doesn't mean YOU wouldn't like it though ;) I would recommend it to readers who like traveling, food, Paris, and foreign languages that you can't understand but sound nice.

My Rating:


Day 5 | Freshmen Assemble-Final Thoughts

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We have come to the end of Freshmen Assemble, and through this feature I'm so glad I got to know Sophia and Ashtyn better. They are some fabulous people and you should go check out their blogs immediately ;)

Final thoughts...when I read that, I kinda tend to think that it's something about deep things. Like once-in-a-life-time revelations, or more practical thoughts on choices to make in high school. I am going to throw in a few last minute tips because tips save lives (seriously). But I want this to be relaxed, chill....something you can just laugh at along with me if it's funny. Don't laugh if it's not. 

Just don't. 

But BESIDES that, have fun reading the little tidbits I'm going to take from stuff I typed on my computer or scribbled in my journal. 

As an explanation, while I giggle at myself (even though the bathrooms still aren't too high on my "love" list), I have to use a community bathroom. It's the showers that take a lot to get used to. It's usually freezing in there and water gets on literally everything. And it bubbles up from the other shower right beside you. 

Yeahhh, I wear flip-flops. 


*cough* Moving on. 

this delicious snippet is from my 2nd day at college
It was literally that bad. I didn't know where anything was except my dorm room and I didn't know my way around town either. I was suffering from a mammoth landslide of homesickness too, so don't feel awkward or "not normal" if you just know you're going to miss home like crazy. Not everybody is just waiting to escape home. 

I'm a little bit better now on the knowing-where-I-am stuff. Emphasis on "a little". 

And humble. 

So, as you can see, college isn't always the best thing in the world but it isn't the worst thing in the world either. It's different ratios for different people. 

Here's where I start throwing out random pieces of tips:

Go in with an open mind. Be ready for change. This way you're going to have loads of new and fun experiences and enjoy it. 

DON'T, and I mean DON'T, ever forget your keys or phone in your room while you trek off to class. If you leave the first item, someone is going to have to let you back in when you get back to a locked door. Are you prepared? Do you have your RA's number? Just take the keys, man. If you leave the second item, then you have worried/angry/scold-y parents. I just wouldn't advise it .

Maybe when you chose your meal plan you thought you were all set but there are going to be times when you absolutely do not want to get off your butt and walk across campus to just eat. Take food. It's good for when you want to stay in and it's good for studying at all hours. 

Smile at people when you walk past them! I don't always do this and it's fine if you don't but just imagine yourself in the other people's positions. I know that I like it way better if someone smiles at me than if they stare stonily ahead. *cough* me *cough*

College is an experience you may or may not go through, but I'm happy that I chose this way because I think it'll lead me to what I love doing, for a job. And of course, YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME. I'm trying to set aside more time for blogging now that I've kinda gotten into my groove. Hopefully that works out and you see more of me. Because that's always good ;)

Also, yeaaah, technically I'm not posting this on the right day, but we'll just pretend it is. I only missed the day by 15 minutes okay. Geeze. (But I really am sorry. *pacifies with chocolate*)

Hugs! Chocolate! Books! All the good things. 

Rivals by Doug Solter | Blog Tour

12:00 PM

I said stuff was coming, didn't I? *wiggles eyebrows* If you'd like to read excerpts of this book let me know and I will post a part two of this blog tour post. :)

Personally, this sounds like an awesome read just because there is a female car racer. Right? I thought you would agree with me. There's a tour-wide giveaway at the bottom of the post so be sure to check that out!

Rivals by Doug Solter
Publication Date: September 23, 2014

Last season seventeen-year-old Samantha Sutton shined as the hottest new racing star of Formula One, but her rise to the top takes a hit when her boss steals her arch-rival Emilio Ronaldo away from Ferrari and makes the sexist jerk her team's number-one driver. This sends Samantha's perfect life into a tail spin that threatens to destroy everything she's worked so hard for.

Besides her six wins last season, the best thing Samantha won was Manny, the cute German boy who saved her from herself. But Manny chafes against the self-absorbed racing star rising above the ashes of the simple girl he fell in love with. Can he save that simple girl from destroying herself again?

While Samantha's performance on the track suffers and her status on the team plummets, Emilio rises within striking distance of another championship. Is this the final wake-up call the girl needs to beat Emilio and win the world championship? Or will the pressure break her. 

Hi, everyone! First I would like to thank Skylar who was nice enough to let me do a guest post on her blog today. I would like to talk about how I take my story ideas and expand them.

If you would indulge me the clichĂ©, story ideas are a dime a dozen. Right now I have at least twenty story ideas I want to explore as possible books. Ideas come from everywhere. Speaking for myself,  it's exposing myself to the arts. Music and movies are especially powerful muses for my brain to create strands of ideas, settings, and concepts that clutter my head and cause me to day-dream. But how does a writer organize and collect all those random idea fragments and make a cohesive story out of them?

That's where the work comes in. I've encountered too many people who have that one “great” story idea that will sell trillions of books on Amazon. And they're willing to offer me 50% of the profit if I write their idea into a book. Wow! What a great deal! You mean, I get to do 98% of the writing work while you do only 2% of the work? I should jump on that. Whatever. An idea is just that. An idea. A fragment of a story. A rock buried in one giant rock garden.

For an idea to become a good novel, play, screenplay, or any piece of creative writing, it needs to be examined, tested, and expanded to see if it meets the needs of whichever project you're creating it for. A story needs roughly three acts. An act is composed of a series of sequences that builds up to the end of each act. Each sequence is composed of two or more scenes that build up to the end of the sequence. This is not counting sub-plot sequences that have their own scenes distributed throughout the story. That's a lot of scenes. How can a single idea fill all those holes?

See what I mean? That's 98% of a writer's work. Filling those holes with meaningful content that keeps people reading all the way to the end. Now, how does one do that?

When I have an idea, the first thing I want to know is...can this idea be expanded into a novel? Is the idea strong enough to warrant a book at all? This is why I love to outline a story first. I take the idea and brainstorm the major sequences. How do I introduce this character and her story in the first act? What tasks can I put the character through in the second act? Are they full of conflict? Do they test the character's resolve? How can I change the main character to provide even more conflict with those tasks? What about a sub-plot? Can I build a strong one that I can use in the second act to help boost the middle of the book? Can I use the resolution of that sub-plot to force a major shift in the main plot? Can I build a strong third act that leads to a impossible situation that the character must somehow over come?

If you challenge yourself with those questions and more ideas fall out to expand the original concept, then this idea could be a prime candidate for a book. But if the idea won't take you past the first act or stall in the middle of the second act, then you need to take a step back and re-examine the main idea because it's not quite strong enough yet.

Ask yourself more questions. What if I changed the setting? What if I changed the genre from a romance to a horror? What if I changed the main character into a man? Or a woman? Or a dog with three legs? What about the time period? What if it took place at the start of the Civil War? Or the turbulent 1960's? Or during the Renaissance in Florence, Italy?

Think of your idea as molded clay. Don't be afraid to rip pieces off, mold those pieces into new shapes, or stick the parts back together. Look at the idea from every possible angle to see if you've missed any potential story seed that could be harvested into a bigger idea or a new variation of an old idea.

Sometimes if one idea isn't strong enough, you can see about combining it with a second idea. I've taken a second idea and used it as a strong sub-plot for another idea that couldn't do all the work by itself. Or you can use one idea on the first half of the book and then a different idea to carry out the rest of the book. I'm not saying it would be easy to do this, but if they could blend together well the possibility is there.

In the movie Psycho (spoiler alert! skip to next paragraph)...the first half of the story is about a woman stealing some money and driving off. But she stops at a hotel run by the strange man Norman Bates. When Norman kills her in the middle of the movie, a second story takes over as the movie shifts to the detective sent to investigate the woman's murder. The character of Norman Bates is the bridge that stitches both story ideas together.

When I first started writing, I would blow out brain cells trying to be as original as possible with my story ideas. I found out later I didn't have to necessarily work that hard. Sometimes you can take an idea from another movie, book, or play and change a major element to come up with something new. For instance, in the recent movie Maleficent the writer took the old story of sleeping beauty and changed one major element in it. The writer gave the villain a new and original back story which they used as a great setup to change this character's core. Instead of being just some villain, the character is now a woman who was betrayed. Her actions in the movie based on a reaction to the wrongs she suffered at the hands of the humans she fights against. It's a nice twist on an old character to gain sympathy and turn them into someone people root for instead of scorn.  The movie is an original idea that came from changing one major element that no one else thought of.

That's all I have to say about story ideas. If your interested to learn more, I suggest two sources to check out. First is screenwriter William Martell's classic CD Ideas and Creativity. It's only $15 to have it shipped and it's a fantastic tool for brainstorming story ideas. Some day I hope Bill will make this into an mp3. The second source is Terry Rossio & Ted Elliott's wordplayer website. Again, this is another screenwriting website, but the writing portions of this old site are well worth digging through.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Doug began writing screenplays in 1998 and became a 2001 semi-finalist in the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences’ Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting. His script Father Figure was one of 129 scripts left from 5,489 entries. Doug made the switch to writing young adult novels in 2008. Skid, a young adult novel set in the world of Formula One, is his first. Doug is also a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. Doug respects cats, loves the mountains, and one time walked the streets of Barcelona with a smile on his face. 

Author Links:

The first book Skid is free in e-book format at Amazon, Amazon UK, Amazon CAN, iTunes, Kobo, Nook, Smashwords, and Powell's Books

You can find the book featured in this blog tour (Rivals) at Amazon, Amazon UK, Kobo, and Smashwords


Day 4: The Day of Terror

7:00 AM

Me, being me, completely forgot to record in detail what happened today. Of course. Therefore, I will just have to recap as well as possible. To be honest, I'm writing this waaay after it actually happened because I completely and totally forgot about anything to do with blogging or things outside of school. Sorryyyy.

My first class was at 9 AM but I woke up at 7 because I was freaked out about not being prepared and not counting enough time for the walking, since I was super smart about it and hadn't walked around campus beforehand. *smacks forehead*

I was early for the class (Honors World Literature)! And there was this totally terrifying situation where all the chairs and tables were in a big circle. I was like, "Oh, no. This is not good." As is usual, unfortunately, when classes are just starting....we all had to introduce ourselves and tell a little bit about ourselves.

I hate those kinds of things, BUT I had to do it two more times for my afternoon classes--Digital Imaging and Intro to Honors.

It's all kind of a blur for me right now because I'm a bad blogger and I literally am not good at keeping a million things in my head. I'm getting better now at juggling all those things like communicating with family and friends, keeping up with my homework, and eating (yeah, I'm the person who forgets to eat even though I absolutely love to eat) but this first day was the worst to me because I had to navigate a new campus aka find all the right buildings and rooms, new classes, aaaand the cafeteria.

A cafeteria is a terrifying place for someone who's never been there before.

Don't even get me started on the walking. See, before this I didn't really exercise. Or move too much. I'm just not that kinda girl. I like my computer. I like watching movies. I like reading. None of those things require walking. However, going to college definitely requires walking. A LOT. My leg muscles died.

So the first day of classes didn't really contribute to my love of college. It was really stressful but at the same time looking back (these long 5 weeks *wink wink*) it's forced me to come out of my shell a little bit. A shell is not a bad thing. But I want to be able to take care of myself and deal with things on my own and even my mom commented that I have become more confident, even in the way I walk.

College is definitely a unique experience but I'm glad I did it. I made my move. Ka POW.

Bloggy related stuff: As you all know, my well-intentioned plans of pre-writing and blah blah blah didn't work out too well. I've only kept up with the Sunday Swoons linkup I co-host semi-regularly (meaning every Sunday except for two I believe). There will be more in the future. Hopefully.


Day 3: My Major of Choice

7:00 AM

 2014, Skylar Finn @Life of a Random. All images were created by me and may not be used without credit and permission. 

I probably completely freaked you out yesterday when I went through some hardcore lists, buuut today you can relax. You've completely, totally got this. Just like I learned that I can do this. 

Let me tell you a little story... when I was really little, my dad told me I had to know what I was going to do with the rest of my life by the time I was twelve. This freaked me out hugely. Looking back, I'm not sure if he was actually serious or just joking and serious little eight-year-old me couldn't tell. But it freaked me out. I didn't know what I wanted to do! Are you kidding? That's like the hardest question in the world, or it was for me.

When I turned twelve, I asked my dad if I still had to tell him what I wanted to do with my life and he said no I didn't. I was very ginormously relieved.

As time went on (aka high school years), I'd have a passing thought here and there, thinking that maybe I should start looking into different careers and see what interested me but I never really dug into it. I decided maybe I was a little interested in digital design. By senior year, I was in full-on panic mode again.


Gosh, that year was so stressful. Somehow, I narrowed it down to Computer Science and Graphic Design. I applied at some schools for Computer Science and some for Graphic Design (or the closest thing they had to that major).

But I'm sure the question you're asking is what did I actually decide to do in the end?

As of now, I'm studying at Tennessee Technological University for an Art, emphasis in Design (Digital), major.

I'm pretty happy with my decision. I love creating and I love art. I think it's going to be amazing to combine those two things and have a career in graphic design (the major I'm earning at my college is the closest thing they have to graphic design).

some photos I took for 2D

My current, biggest dream is to work for a publisher company (preferably fiction) as one of their cover designers. I'd also love to add it onto my blogging as a side business freelancing. Not so much for profit, but for fun! (But, yeah, profit it also a part of it ;))


I'm taking two major specific classes right now-- Digital Design and Two Dimensional Art. I enjoy both now even though their HUGE learning curve (especially for Digital Design) sometimes puts a damper on the whole "I love art!" thing. They're three hour classes soooo, yeah, they're long.

unfinished when pic was taken

The thing that scares me the most is spending four years on getting something that I'm not even sure will work. It's terrifying. But at the same time, I am working towards a goal.

I think that's the main thing, you know.

This is Skylar, blogging expert and future cover designer, signing out for now. ;)

Any specific questions about my major? Tell me about what you're planning on doing {for life *wiggles eyebrows*}  in the comments below. :) 

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