Yo Ho It's a Pirate's Life for Me

9:30 PM

Hey guys, so here's the thing: I know I've been an awful blogger lately. Aka no posts whatsoever for a very long time.

I'm SUPER busy as it's finals time for me, and before that I was trying to cope with having three studio classes at the same time.

I've finished my final project for Drawing 1-- a still life that was a representative portrait of my sister. :) The only thing left for me to do is present it. I'm so excited. Feel the excitement burning through my veins.

I took my last Music Appreciation exam today and I'm so nervous about it because I've been stressed and caught something that really felt like the flu (and I still am sick actually) so I didn't get a lot of time to study for it. Of course, I still have a presentation for this class, which includes playing the piano. I regretted my decision like five minutes after I made it but I thought it would be a good life experience. -_-

And my two design classes.

For one of them, I'm working on a 12-page magazine spread which sounds exactly as horrendous, time-consuming, and draining as it is. I actually was excited when I first got the project but the enthusiasm usually gets lost somewhere between "the creative part of my brain is dead" and "all I want to do is watch Netflix". 

For my other design class, I'm doing an illustrative poster. Or using words to form objects and making a beautiful poster. It's due tomorrow and I have so much left to do. 

I need sleep, food, Kpop, large doses of sanity. This is college at it's finest. *le sigh* 

I get out of school (SUMMER BREAK HALLELUJAH) on May 4th so I will be returning soon. Hopefully. 

Love you guys! Good luck on finals. :)


Randomly Kpoppin' and Recovering from an Evil Called School

11:03 AM

So guys. So. I have just finished two major things that I had to get done by this morning for school. I didn't sleep many hours last night which is very sad. But now I feel much better with the weight of all that stress lifting up (okay, okay. Semi-lifting up. We all know I won't completely stop stressing as long as I'm going to classes).


Okay, but what this post is really about is that I'm going to be starting a thing called "It's a Random Day" (because everything must be random because this is life of a random). It's basically the kind of post I can write any day if I have free time because as I said, not much of that floating around right now. It'll be the kind of post that's my favorite to read on other people's blogs-- I'll write about my day or maybe just a quote I loved on pinterest (or Kpop gifs. All the Kpop Gifs)  or the songs I'm listening to and the projects I'm working on.

On a side note: Sorry, Goodread groupers, for not posting more stuff. I was in a real time crunch. I'll be posting new things soon!

(I really shouldn't have put that GIF up there. It is very distracting right now.)

Feel free to grab the button if you want to do a similar post on your blog but you don't have to give credit to me for the idea since it's basically as old as time. But do please give credit for the button.

Let me think....what can I tell you about today...

Like I said, I had to rush to turn in a file to my design professor so he could print out a poster for my presentation today and then proceed to right back around across campus to the honors building for my Music Appreciation class. It was exam day. HEHEHEahehe heh. I did not feel prepared.

On the other hand, even though my design professor is evil incarnate because he's so picky (WHY ME), he did tell me that looking at all my sketches and projects that he thought I could be really good by the time I graduate. Hollah. (I'm still mad at him though.)

Weather today: 

Songs of Mention (that carried me through intense studying and projecting last night): 

B1A4 is the best. I don't think there's another Kpop group out there who has so many songs that I like. The last song though. Perfection.

Tiny-G is a super awesome kpop group made up of three really short girls (what's not to like?) but this time it's only two of them doing a Thai song with Natthew (Gosh that always messes with my head. My brain is screaming "TYPO.").

You won't regret listening to these songs, at least if you're into this genre. :)

Well, that's all for today! Hopefully I didn't bore you out of your mind. ;)


Dear April

4:22 PM

I saw the title of someone else's post and it gave me this idea that I should do this on my blog. I hope you like and I'm sorry for the irregular posts.

Dear April...

I'm kind of dreading you and happy for you because you hold the due dates of many school things but on the other hand you're one month closer to summer break.

And you need to make up your mind about the weather. Okay? Beautiful spring days and yucky gray rainy ones should not happen one after the other. It's throwing me off. And I don't enjoy walking to class in the rain. >.<

I went to see an apartment the other day with my roommate, so thanks for that. :) We're so excited about having more than a tiny room to share.

Also, it's pretty great that you are giving me two different honors award ceremonies this month. Or it would be if I didn't have to go on a stage and receive things and all that jazz. Have you not dealt with introverts before?

You gave me a pretty beautiful (temperature-wise) morning though. I got to spend some time with my bestie, just window shopping and rocking out to music. Apparently, she had to get new white shoes for Easter. *rolls eyes* I had to restrain myself from buying shoes. I love shoes.



And most importantly, you're the month where I've finished all my work hours at the honors office for my scholarship. Now I have Fridays off! Which will be filled with homework and cleaning my room, but still. Sleeping in. Oh yeah baby.

Weather today: 

Music I'm listening to:

Cody Simpson's Surfers Paradise Album

I feel like I'm listening to summer-y music because I want summer so bad. I love the songs No Ceiling and If You Left Him for Me

Exciting news: 
  • Exo (Kpop) had a comeback and OH MY GOSH it's beautiful-ness. I had a completely crazy fangirl session with my sister. I admit to dragging Ely (blogger @ What Can I Say) into it too. ;)
  • I might be trying out for the Webmaster position in an honors greek group I'm in. It's ew. But at the same'd be good for my resume and...things. (It also sounds kind of fun, but who needs fun when you have to stand up and talk about why you should get this position.) 
  • I tried to do make-up again this morning and was reminded why I hate doing make-up. 
  • I made a vase in some DIY dorm activity and it was fun and it actually looks okay. *grins happily*
  • I'm actually getting better at drawing I think. 
This took hours. HOURS. 

As you can see, lots of exciting things. Hope you're having a beautiful day!

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