How Is 2015 Already Over??

2:23 PM

So. Yeah.

I don't think I'm ready for this.

How is it ALREADY New Year's eve again? I mean 2015 was a great year, but it's. just this. I'll be 20 in February. Oh my god. Just stop right now. I don't want to be 20.

But besides that, I've always liked the end/beginning of the year because it means fresh starts and new resolutions (even though I probably only did half of my 2015 resolutions). Fresh starts are always good and the whole feeling of a new, sparkling "chance" kind of gets me ready to go another year. :)

2015...wasn't the easiest year. I mean, who am I kidding. Being away at college has never gotten out of the difficult, stressful stage that it was in when I started even though it's less difficult and less stressful. It probably never will.

I think I've learned to accept that being me and being anxious about things literally almost no one else around me is stressed about is okay. There are other people like that and it's not a problem. I've also acknowledged that I probably was depressed last school year and I might go through on and off depression sometimes now.

I fell in love with Kpop even more. Music in general, actually. Music is probably one of my biggest loves and there have been so many times when it's gotten me through the day. I'm not trying to exaggerate, I'm not trying to get people to feel sorry for me. I'm just not very good at "socializing" and it takes a lot of energy and music helps. :D

Despite the hard things like struggling with being homesick, drawing class, and brainstorming for art when you've already brainstormed for three big projects (eungh)-- it was a good year.

>>> I visited my best friend and went paddle boarding with her for the first time! I learned that I am not good at standing on a floating thing on water. Balance is hard. I also learned that I'm great at the paddling part and my best friend sucks at it and HA.

>>> I went to a BTS concert. Yeah. That was a thing. That I still can't believe happened. 

He's weird. He's also my bias.
>>> I got to meet Sophia in Chicago. \(^_^)/ It was great. She was awesome. I loved hanging out with her and it's always cool to see how a person actually acts. And we share a lot of love of not taking videos of ourselves in front of people. I'd love to meet all my blogger friends someday :) <33

>>> Me and my family finally made a name for our little not-Christmas-not-New-Year's-but-somewhere-in-between thing that we've been doing for a few years now. It's Newmas (pronounced: Noo-mus). Brain child of yours truly. ;)

>>> I dove into the confusing world of Tumblr. (I'm on there every day now. Shhhh.)

>>> I also started doing Kpop youtube videos! I'm not exactly comfortable talking to a camera or as funny as I am with my sister but I think Imma keep doing it. And eventually add other topics of interest. 

There were quite a few bigger adventures this year (which were awesome and made me realize you'll never actually do anything big unless you decide to... just do it), but I think I want to go on more small adventures in 2016. 

I didn't read a ridiculous amount of books this month, but I'm still happy because I think I got back into a reading groove. :)

We'll Always Have Summer by Jenny Han ✪ (Finally finished this sucker. Disappointed with it tbh)
The Truth-Teller's Tale by Sharon Shinn ✪ (Better than I expected. Interesting idea!)
Famous in Love by Rebecca Serle ✪ (Eh. Not a fan of the love triangle)
The Goddess Test by Aimee Carter 3.5 (Good world-building, loved the plot, could've been less cliche)
United We Spy by Ally Carter ✪ (PRAISE. HALLELUJAH. Yes. This is exactly the finale I wanted)

*I thought I had more! Huh. Welp. 

All of these were five stars except for Nimona (four stars). I really loved all of them but if I had to pick the ones that just grabbed my soul and spoke to me, it'd be The Cure for Dreaming and The Coldest Girl in Coldtown. I really recommend reading them. They're gold. 

THE BIG MOMENT. Dun dun dun. 

Let's see how many of my resolutions I actually accomplished:
1. Take a picture every day for a year. (Nope. I tried. I really did. I just never remembered to take pictures every day.)
2. Try something (big or small) that I've never tried before. (Yes! I went paddle boarding.)
3. Finish a writing project. (Not even close.)
4. Exercise more. (Maybe? Does having to walk more for classes count? I'm just gonna count it hehe.)
5. Grow closer to God. (I think this could use a little more work tbh.)
6. Get straight A's. (YES. *triumphant roar*)
7. Learn how to do more types of art. (Yup. Thank you Drawing 2.)

Sooo... not bad.

I mean, with my forgetfulness, I'm impressed. But hopefully I can do better this next year. :D

What was your 2015 like? Was it great? Did it suck? Was it a mix? *hugs* to you, because you know what? No matter what, you still got one year down.


Let's Talk About: YA Romance (DON'T GET DISTRACTED)

9:53 PM

Right now I'm reading a book that has a very cliche romantic plot. Every cliche it could have, it probably does. And since one of the things that is obnoxiously present is a love triangle, it got me thinking. 

The love triangle in this book annoys me because the main character (Paige) first crushes on a guy, develops more feelings for him, and then finally starts "falling in love" but then as soon as love interest #2 comes along there's an attraction. 

So almost immediately, she likes both guys equally and she's having that same old conflict that every friggin YA romance has.

Oh no. I should like this guy. I do. I DO like this guy. But... this love interest #2 that I just met a week ago.... I feel such a pull towards him. He makes me a better person. I can't control how I act around him. 

I mean please. For lack of better phrasing, I think that's a load of bull. 

WHY. Why if you actually liked/possibly loved love interest #1 would you immediately start crushing on this other guy and not be able to control your reactions to him. That sounds like the lamest excuse ever invented. 

For once, I would love to read a YA romance where someone met someone else and fell in love and stayed fallen in love without being easily distracted by someone else. 

I would love to read a romance that wasn't over-sexualized or over-complicated. 

I mean, I understand that love might be complicated. But why not have it complicated for reasons other than other love interests intruding on your so-called love and strong relationship? Why not have it complicated because your parents don't like each other or because you don't agree about a big issue? 

And, maybe, if you have to be separated or you leave each other for a little bit because of a huge argument, don't find someone else. 

I dunno. That's just my opinion. :D Also, rant over. Sorry. I get intense. 

What do you think? TELL ME EVERYTHING.

all the things


7:58 PM

So November was really busy. A lot of studio classes have finals the week before official finals and it was getting down to the last weeks and uhmagosh. Stress to the max.

NOW IT IS OVER (since I'm writing this kinda mid-December. *avoids eye contact*). I'm so happy to be back home, not having to worry about responsibilities and grades. I'm sleeping in every day. I'm gonna keep this post shorter because it's so late, but I'm also going to start posting (and try to build up posts as well).

You should also keep an eye out for some guest posts by moi at some cool blogs around the blogosphere. Annnd, side note, I live in the eastern half of the States and it is gorgeous weather right now. Open-window-weather, which is my favorite of all time.

As always, there's a ton of music that fed my soul. In the most non-creepy way possible of course.

Mah boi Ravi wrote this and composed it and basically he's a genius. (Let me boast) Also, it's a really nice, upbeat song.

A really cool (darker) song. A little dramatic rapping is always good too ;)

Beats yo.

One of the most beautiful/sad songs I've heard in the Kpop world this year. I don't know why, but I just love it lots. Especially the rapping.

This is THE anthem. I listened to this so many times on the long walk to history class. It pumps me up so much. 

EXID is bae actually. This song is simultaneously kinda uncomfortable and kick-butt. See for yourself if it's your taste or not XD

The lyrics are so beautiful, so rich. I instantly fell in love with this song.

I love this song's feel and the singer's voice but just a warning... I wouldn't watch the music video if I were you. It has extremely interesting dancing (like not disgustingly sexual at all but just...really weird).

NOTE: As always, my songs list is of gigantic proportions.

(Wherein I add TV shows as a thing too)

Mix and Match - IKON
This all starts out as a story of how I hated/extremely disliked iKON because their rapper Bobby dissed Ravi on Show Me the Money (a rapping contest). Buuut, I watched this (their pre-debut survival show) and I couldn't help it. I'm a fan now. Although a still slightly begrudging one.

I actually read a couple books this month. #pride

Dumplin' by Julie Murphy.  I'd been looking forward to reading this for ages...and I liked it. But that's about it. It didn't scream amazing at me. It didn't make me fall in love with everything about it. I wanted it to SO much because it tackles such great things, but it didn't happen for me. I liked the characters pretty good, but the romance was a little off for me and...I can't quite put my finger on it. 

The Cure for Dreaming by Cat Winters. ✪ THIS IS MY NEW FAVORITE BOOK OF ALL TIME. Hypnotism + women's rights + magic. Um, yes please. The author created this alternate reality so flawlessly and beautifully. I was left in awe. The character was me basically and I've always been passionate about women's rights. I just love this book so much. 

>>> I got a design internship! Can I get a what what?

>>> Also found out that me and my roommate will be able to get a two bedroom apartment next semester. So. friggin. excited. I'll be able to take my piano up there now!

grave mercy

October Recap

8:12 PM


I actually got to read a book this month. PRAISE. It felt really good to shirk my responsibilities and read it in like two days straight.

Yes, kids, I'm the best role model ever. (assuming any kids read my blog)

Grave Mercy by Robin LaFevers. ✪ This book was great. It's set in medieval times and romance was quite a big part of it so it kind of had that "predictable Medieval romance" feel to it (you know what I'm talking about right)...like every Christian medieval-setting romance? But the world, especially the world of the sisters, was built beautifully. And Ismae went through such amazing character growth. It was great watching her learn and mature. I likes it.

Movies/TV Shows:

Movies and TV shows (especially TV shows) have sustained me through my problems and homework which are basically the same thing. I've actually gotten to watch a fair amount of movies when I go home and shows when I'm at college (it leaves me with less guilt). So here they are.

~SNSD and the Dangerous Boys~
I just found this on one of my random wanderings through YouTube. I never would've found it otherwise because I don't watch SNSD (Girls' Generation) things but this is, I feel like, a gem. The SNSD girls mentor a group of "troubled" boys and the relationships that grow are so cute and it's awesome seeing the boys change even though I feel like Korean standards are sometimes too high. Or maybe SNSD's standards. I dunno.

~Sassy Go Go~
Literally almost everybody captured my heart. They are my babies. I want to hug them all and give them chocolate. Friggin three main characters. Also this is my favorite poster of all time. Besides the fact that I just love the characters (oh sorry, did I already say that?), DO YOU SEE THE GIRL IN RED. She's dressed in actual non-girly, non-tracksuit clothes! This makes me so happy. And a hat. Hats are life.

I also watched all these movies which were great:

 The Avengers 2 (nothing needs to be said here. it was awesome)
Home (the legit cutest animation ever)
Mad Max: Fury Road (this was really weird but also epic at the same time. i've never watched a movie like this which is a great compliment in my opinion)
Fast & Furious 7 (i cried. like this was so sad at the end. but it was also fab action scenes)


Yeah... I've been in a Monsta X phase. You should check them out. They're not from any of the super big companies so they could use the support and they're SO talented. 

This song. I love it.


>>> I've been volunteering at an animal shelter for part of my honors program and I love it. I work with the cats so sometimes I just pet them and love them and sometimes I clean out their cages and refill food & water and stuffs. It's the best. And it's reminded me how much I love helping animals/people.

>>> Basically projects and school all the time.

>>> I got to eat Thai recently though! That's always a plus. :))

>>> My life is so boring I'm sorry.


Popping In

7:18 PM

Hey guys.

I'm tired. Like want-fall-on-my-face-and-sleep-for-nine-years tired. It's a problem. Like right now? I'm supposed to be studying for my History midterm that's happening tomorrow.

My brain doesn't want to concentrate.


I need winter break.

Also I'm fighting a potential cold/sore throat and it sucks.

Okay, okay, that's all I'm going to complain about. (For now).

Hopefully, I can come back with some blog posts before finals hit and destroy me. Then winter break will come (PRAISE) and I will make myself blog and do productive things.

On a side note, if any of you are looking for a K-drama to watch, go watch Sassy Go Go (aka Cheer Up! but there is no other name than Sassy Go Go in my eyes). It will drown you in bittersweetness. And feels. Just go watch it. There will be no regrets. (Also, thank you Ely for all the awesome recs. How do you get my taste in dramas so well? XD)

I better save some things to say about it in my recap though so I'll stop for now.

I just wanted to let you all know that, yes, I am still here and, yes, I still resent homework. Hugs to everybody and wish me luck on my exam!


Baby Hiatus

7:57 PM

So... I didn't want to hiatus this blog but also I'm happy that it came as late as it did.

It is now midterms/midterms-ish time and I have a gigantic amount of work to do. I barely can find time to relax and just do something for the fun of it.

To keep my sanity intact and to not have to worry about a second set of responsibilities, I'm going to give this blog a teeny-tiny little break. Like 2 weeks or 3 weeks at most. 

This time shall be filled in school, family, and trying to comment on more of your blogs because I'm so bad at that I'm sorry I forget things all the time. 

Love you guys. Stay awesome. I'll be back. 


September Recap

11:43 PM


Here's this month's GIF:


I...haven't really read non-school books this month. Specifically, the only book I've read this month is White People, Indians, and Highlanders and it was so. tedious. I haven't read such a dry book in a long time.

I really want to get back into reading at least a little bit every day but I've been super super busy for the past couple weeks and will continue to be so for at least the remainder of this week and all of next.

Relaxation is needed.

BUT, I have some good news. I've started reading Compulsion and I'll try to keep reading it steadily (I have some time before one of my morning classes because I ride the shuttle and get there early). So far, it's been pretty good. Nothing to fangirl about, but then I'm not very far in.


Got7 dropped a MV out of nowhere and I freaked out and I love it oh my gosh Jackson is perfect. Has his voice actually gotten lower? Asian puberty confuses me.

The baes also released a new MV! I didn't love it as much as Adore U right off, but the more I listen to it the more I like it. The dance is absolutely the most awesomest thing ever though and Hoshi (my bias) does alllll the choreo (as I've probably said a million times) and #soproud. EVERYBODY LOOKS GOOD IN THIS MV. WHY. Their faces make me so happy.

I told myself I wouldn't get sucked in. Well, I didn't. At least not to the extent that VIXX and Seventeen destroyed me. But I like this song. Their dance and outfits kinda make me laugh but oh well. Can't have everything ;)

These are the most beautiful voices ever. I mean, these people's voices are the most beautiful thing ever. And the lyrics are so sad and beautiful. You have no idea how much rhyming AND meaningful lyrics make me happy.

Also, I discovered this channel on Youtube with "no copyright" music when I was looking for instrumental music for my videos. They have so many beautiful tracks! One of my favorites is this one. (This channel's music is the best to study with.)

Things that have happened:

>>> I went to see The Scorch Trials in theater.

Displaying IMAG0256.jpg
YAS. It was so good ^_^ Intensity to the 3rd degree.

>>> I freaked out when I saw that BTS did a fan sign/fan meeting tour in September (like JUST A WEEK AGO) and I didn't even know about it. I told my sister about it. That might have been spiteful. (BTS is her bias group. Favorite of all favorites in other words.)

>>> I downloaded the V App which is like crucial if you're a true kpop fan ;) (I lied. I just downloaded it like three days ago.)

>>> Drowning in homework and projects.

>>> Not a lot going on.

>>> Ooh I got tagged a lot! (Posts are forthcoming) I guest posted on SJ's blog A Tree Grows in Bookland. You can go read that here. You know you want to.

Well, that's it for this month.

It was pretty boring and school-filled. The norm.

How was your month? Your week? Tell me all the things. Also, what's your favorite fall outfit? It's getting chilly where I live. :) BYEEEE. I love you guys and *hugs* (I'm tired. It's late. I make all the excuses.)

book tag

The Unpopular Opinions Tag

8:00 AM

Soooo this unpopular opinions thing. I have them of course. BUT I do not think that everybody should agree with me or that my opinion is the gospel truth (but you can think that if you want ;) ). THIS IS A FUN THING. And, please, if you want to-- go ahead and write a huge comment disagreeing with me. 

Sophia from Ravens and Writing Desks tagged me and according to her this tag originated with TheBookArcher (I'm trusting you, Sophia). Thanks so much for the tag!

1. A popular book or series that you didn't like:


Yup, you saw right. :D

I don't like The Hunger Games series. 

The weird thing is, the first time I read the books (or the book, the first one) I loved them. I thought they were the greatest thing in the universe. BUT, when I read them the second time... I wasn't so impressed. Especially with the way Katniss was written. Something about it totally didn't work the second time. 

I don't even know why this happened. It's never happened to me with other books before! At least not at this level of drastic-ness. 


Sorry. But not sorry. It just didn't hit it off with me. I loved the world-building but everything else seemed SO cliche. It was a book of cliches basically. In my opinion.

2. A popular book or series that everyone seems to hate but you love:

I can't really remember many books right off that loads of people hated... (and I usually agree with popular opinion so that makes it even harder). 


Let's go with The Mortal Instruments series. 

I don't think everybody hates it, it's just that from what I've seen everybody either loves it or hates it. Many hate it. 

I LOVE it. 

The plot isn't the most gorgeous thing but it's the characters that get me. I love the characters and all the snark and sarcastic humor that goes on. It's made me laugh so many times :D

And shadowhunters. What's not to love about shadowhunters? 

3. A love triangle where the main character ended up with the person you did NOT want them to end up with OR an OTP that you don't like. 

Okay, the love triangle is kind of confusing in this book but it's there. And GRRR, I'm so sad that my favorite dude didn't get with Katie. 


Okay, I'm done. 

4. A popular book genre that you hardly reach for:

YA Contemporary. It's not I don't ever read it, it's just that more times than not I'm not feeling it. 

Also, I don't read that much YA fantasy. Urban fantasy, yes. Good old fantasy, no. For the same reason as contemporary. 

Adult/New Adult Romance, Adult fiction in general... nope not my thing. No offense to adult books but... they're kind of boring. And all focused on romance (it seems like anyway. is there nothing exciting after you become an adult than having a relationship? *sprints away*). 

Okay that was offensive. 

Amendment: I'm sure there is good Adult fiction. I just love my YA books too much. 

5. A popular or beloved character that you do not like:

Okay, I'm seriously going to get persecuted for this. 

I read Throne of Glass ages ago when it wasn't hugely popular yet and, well, I didn't really like Celaena Sardothien. There, I said it. 

*whispers* I didn't really like Prince Dorian either. 

6. A popular author that you can't seem to get into:

I don't actually read tons of books by the same author, much less the same popular author. So I think I'm going to have to pass on this one.

7. A popular book trope that you're tired of seeing:

First and foremost, love triangles. Sometimes they're good, but most of the time I can't stand them. It's time to retire. 

Secondly, missing dads. Or missing moms. What happens to these parents? I want to know. 

Good girl... bad boy.... girl thinks she can change the guy. Guy doesn't care until he does. I mean, if this happened to me in real life. Yes, I have the personality that's intrigued and attracted by bad boy types. BUT IT'S SO OVERUSED. Those aren't the only types of relationships in existence. 

Instalove. I don't believe in instalove. I believe in instalike. 'Nough said. 

"The Dystopian Female Main Character." It's a thing, you know it is. And it's way too common. Maybe she isn't plain. Maybe she's gorgeous but she got no skillz.

8. A popular series that you have no interest in reading:

The thing about the Daughter of Smoke & Bone series is that I read the first book, but it didn't work for me. I just couldn't get into the characters. And when I tried to read the second book, I felt like it dragged on quite a bit. I dunno. I'm not really interested in reading the rest of the series though.

Yeahhhh, that's not happening. Ever.

I guess it's a combination of its not-so-fantastic reputation and the fact that I flipped through it in the library and I didn't like the big font. 

Yes I know. I have such legit reasons.

*stares at feet* Sorry. I'm a book snob sometimes like that. 

9. A movie or TV show adaptation you prefer more than the book:

The book is on the left and the movie is on the right.

To me, the book was not... very well written. Just the style and voice. It was just a romance with emphasis on finding a romantic Darcy dude. And... it was just cringe-worthy.

On the other hand, the movie is adorable. (Still a little cringe-worthy in the corny parts but this time it's bearable). It's like cotton candy in movie format. It's lighthearted, funny, romantic, and relatable. It's my comfort food movie. :)

10. A popular style of cover you can't stand:

Le Face. I do NOT like faces on book covers unless it's done in a really creative or artistic way.

Also, covers with really plain (flat color) backgrounds and a single object on them and big standard font (similar to Times New Roman or some other plain font). Nuh uh. Not my thing.

I'm gonna go ahead and be that person who tags everybody who sees this post (if you want to do it) ;) Also, these people:

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