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Soooo this unpopular opinions thing. I have them of course. BUT I do not think that everybody should agree with me or that my opinion is the gospel truth (but you can think that if you want ;) ). THIS IS A FUN THING. And, please, if you want to-- go ahead and write a huge comment disagreeing with me. 

Sophia from Ravens and Writing Desks tagged me and according to her this tag originated with TheBookArcher (I'm trusting you, Sophia). Thanks so much for the tag!

1. A popular book or series that you didn't like:


Yup, you saw right. :D

I don't like The Hunger Games series. 

The weird thing is, the first time I read the books (or the book, the first one) I loved them. I thought they were the greatest thing in the universe. BUT, when I read them the second time... I wasn't so impressed. Especially with the way Katniss was written. Something about it totally didn't work the second time. 

I don't even know why this happened. It's never happened to me with other books before! At least not at this level of drastic-ness. 


Sorry. But not sorry. It just didn't hit it off with me. I loved the world-building but everything else seemed SO cliche. It was a book of cliches basically. In my opinion.

2. A popular book or series that everyone seems to hate but you love:

I can't really remember many books right off that loads of people hated... (and I usually agree with popular opinion so that makes it even harder). 


Let's go with The Mortal Instruments series. 

I don't think everybody hates it, it's just that from what I've seen everybody either loves it or hates it. Many hate it. 

I LOVE it. 

The plot isn't the most gorgeous thing but it's the characters that get me. I love the characters and all the snark and sarcastic humor that goes on. It's made me laugh so many times :D

And shadowhunters. What's not to love about shadowhunters? 

3. A love triangle where the main character ended up with the person you did NOT want them to end up with OR an OTP that you don't like. 

Okay, the love triangle is kind of confusing in this book but it's there. And GRRR, I'm so sad that my favorite dude didn't get with Katie. 


Okay, I'm done. 

4. A popular book genre that you hardly reach for:

YA Contemporary. It's not I don't ever read it, it's just that more times than not I'm not feeling it. 

Also, I don't read that much YA fantasy. Urban fantasy, yes. Good old fantasy, no. For the same reason as contemporary. 

Adult/New Adult Romance, Adult fiction in general... nope not my thing. No offense to adult books but... they're kind of boring. And all focused on romance (it seems like anyway. is there nothing exciting after you become an adult than having a relationship? *sprints away*). 

Okay that was offensive. 

Amendment: I'm sure there is good Adult fiction. I just love my YA books too much. 

5. A popular or beloved character that you do not like:

Okay, I'm seriously going to get persecuted for this. 

I read Throne of Glass ages ago when it wasn't hugely popular yet and, well, I didn't really like Celaena Sardothien. There, I said it. 

*whispers* I didn't really like Prince Dorian either. 

6. A popular author that you can't seem to get into:

I don't actually read tons of books by the same author, much less the same popular author. So I think I'm going to have to pass on this one.

7. A popular book trope that you're tired of seeing:

First and foremost, love triangles. Sometimes they're good, but most of the time I can't stand them. It's time to retire. 

Secondly, missing dads. Or missing moms. What happens to these parents? I want to know. 

Good girl... bad boy.... girl thinks she can change the guy. Guy doesn't care until he does. I mean, if this happened to me in real life. Yes, I have the personality that's intrigued and attracted by bad boy types. BUT IT'S SO OVERUSED. Those aren't the only types of relationships in existence. 

Instalove. I don't believe in instalove. I believe in instalike. 'Nough said. 

"The Dystopian Female Main Character." It's a thing, you know it is. And it's way too common. Maybe she isn't plain. Maybe she's gorgeous but she got no skillz.

8. A popular series that you have no interest in reading:

The thing about the Daughter of Smoke & Bone series is that I read the first book, but it didn't work for me. I just couldn't get into the characters. And when I tried to read the second book, I felt like it dragged on quite a bit. I dunno. I'm not really interested in reading the rest of the series though.

Yeahhhh, that's not happening. Ever.

I guess it's a combination of its not-so-fantastic reputation and the fact that I flipped through it in the library and I didn't like the big font. 

Yes I know. I have such legit reasons.

*stares at feet* Sorry. I'm a book snob sometimes like that. 

9. A movie or TV show adaptation you prefer more than the book:

The book is on the left and the movie is on the right.

To me, the book was not... very well written. Just the style and voice. It was just a romance with emphasis on finding a romantic Darcy dude. And... it was just cringe-worthy.

On the other hand, the movie is adorable. (Still a little cringe-worthy in the corny parts but this time it's bearable). It's like cotton candy in movie format. It's lighthearted, funny, romantic, and relatable. It's my comfort food movie. :)

10. A popular style of cover you can't stand:

Le Face. I do NOT like faces on book covers unless it's done in a really creative or artistic way.

Also, covers with really plain (flat color) backgrounds and a single object on them and big standard font (similar to Times New Roman or some other plain font). Nuh uh. Not my thing.

I'm gonna go ahead and be that person who tags everybody who sees this post (if you want to do it) ;) Also, these people:

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  1. dude. knew we were supposed to be friends. I personally cannot stand the Hunger Games.

    And I forgive you for not loving Celaena. She's not my favourite protagonist...very low on the list. (basically, I read that series for the sass, Chaol, and very little else...)

    1. Dude. *high five* Gosh, same. It just irritates me.

      Whew, that's a load off my shoulders ;) I liked Chaol too. I liked Chaol a lot. Yeah I didn't hate Celaena, she just didn't impress me at all. And it's not like I didn't want to like the books. I wanted to like them SO much (just look at the gorgeous covers) but alas *sigh*

  2. I didn't care for Celaena or Prince Dorian either merp :P BUT YESS AUSTENLAND! I MEET SO FEW PEOPLE WHO'VE READ THE BOOK LET ALONE SEEN OR HEARD OF THE MOVIE *dances irish jig*

    1. Well now we have a club so we can take everybody on ;) AUSTENLAND IS THE BEST. BUT SAME. SO MUCH HAPPINESS. *dances with you*

  3. I loved The Mortal Instruments, I know quite a few people who couldn't connect with the books but the characters and the Shadowhunter world are amazing!
    I don't even mind the sort of love triangle but I do prefer The Infernal Devices to TMI, that series is perfection :D
    I'm so looking forward to Lady Midnight in 2016.
    Great post :)
    Your new GFC & Twitter follower,
    Cody @ Literary-ly Obsessed

    1. I totally agree! TMI characters make me smile and cry and I think that's one of the best things about the books.

      I am a very indecisive person, so I can't really decide whether I like The Infernal Devices better or The Mortal Instruments. But I LOVE the TID covers.

      *muffled screeching* Me too! The title is epic so I'm expecting awesome things.

      Thanks :) And thanks for the follows. Welcome to the dark side ;) (We have chocolate)


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