It's a Random Day {6}

10:23 PM

So, I got my ish together and went and checked to see what number of "It's a Random Day" posts I was actually at. I haven't done as many as I thought I had. This must be remedied. 

I seem to write all these posts at the times when I least need to be doing them and doing other things, productive things like say, finish reading my history book or studying for my Mass Communications exam tomorrow. 

But, instead, let me tell you about all the extremely exciting things that happened today (by extremely I mean not. I was being sarcastic. Sometimes I'm so dryly sarcastic that my friends at college don't know if I'm for real or not.)

School-wise.... it hasn't been extremely gross I guess. But kinda blegh. I'm having a hard time getting into the groove with my design project (would you like a post about my design process at some point? sorry, really random. going back to the topic...), I'm kind of just done with clay at the moment (that happens when your head and shoulders bust that you spent 12+ hours on blows up in the kiln), speech is obviously gross, mass comm and history are okay I guess. 

There is that history paper I have to write so I guess that deducts points from history. 

I finished my volunteer hours at the animal shelter! I will miss hanging with the cats but that frees up a lot of time and time spent stressing about getting enough hours. 

I have been doing zilch reading lately. Probably for a couple months actually. That means, library trips ALL THE TIME this summer. I'm so there. 

Also shaving-of-the-legs was done today and they feel soo soft and I'm wearing shorts. Heck yeah boi. My time has come. Tanks and shorts all the time. 

Sooo, yeah, pretty boring. School, some meltdowns (only a few though so I wouldn't worry too bad), more school, and stress over grades. 

I am Seol. 

Not the Korean city Seoul. 

This Seol. 

She's a stressed out awkward college student from a kdrama called
Cheese in the Trap. Highly recommend. Ending kinda sucks though.
you don't want one of those, I should know)

On afterthought, I probably should've gone ahead and typed the caption paragraph in regular size type. 

There are some new things that I love that you shall love:

1. The Descendant of the Sun
This is a K-drama. It's about a soldier and a doctor and it's glorious. I am in love. With the drama and the guy on the left. I'm marrying him in the future, don't try to change my mind.

2. And you know.... Young Forever by BTS
This beautiful song almost made me cry. It's bitter, longing, hope--all at the same time. And have I told you they have angel voices, cause they do. Just listen to the song. No regret.

3. Dynamite by VIXX
And of course VIXX had to release something new too. Obviously. The heartbreak of Kpop wouldn't be the same without multiple MV releases from bias groups. The beat is killer. So is the dance. So is Ravi's smirk. Just sayin. 

4. Lavender & Peach Blossom Air Freshener
This is my favorite. I didn't like it at first, but then it grew on me and it SMELLS SO GOOD. If you're ever curious about what kind of fragrances I like (which you probably aren't but now you know anyway), then it's stuff like this--some sweet and some tangy/cologne. I hate stuff like vanilla or lavender perfume. >.<

I'm out, folks. Good luck to everybody facing finals week. May the odds be ever on your favor, the force be with you, and the sky always rain meatballs.

(I'm kind of hyper tonight. Sorry.)


#MidnightDaydreams {1}

8:36 PM

Like the title of this thing I'm starting, it isn't really supposed to make sense. 

These posts will be my musing I guess. Random thoughts that pop in my head that I think I should write down or things that I have been thinking about a long time and just now figured out how to say it. 

These musings will be accompanied by pictures sometimes, and sometimes not. It isn't meant to be a link-up. I just wanted to make a picture for it because I'm artsy like that and I like visual things :D (Also, sorry for kind of dropping off the face of the blog. I think I'm not going to be able to blog regularly until after school ends for the semester.)


You can compare your situation with somebody else's and say, "Wow, my life isn't as bad as I thought it was. I have it much better off than that person."

That doesn't mean that your problems are invalid.

That doesn't mean you don't have a right to be upset or hurt or confused.

Everyone is unique. Everyone has their own situation, whatever it may be, that does not have to rely on comparison for validity.


Why I Started the YouTube Thing (Because I Wanted To)

8:00 AM

A long time ago when I was super into booktuber channels I tried to start doing videos about books.

I did one. It's right here. (Ew. Gross. Please don't watch it. I was awkward and young.)

It was too long, the quality was crummy, and I was horrible at editing (I might not be an expert now but at least I know something). At least people have told me it's funny, but that's the only thing that it's got going for it.

But recently, like last summer, I decided to try again.

It was because of a life-changing BTS (K-pop group) concert.

NOW what do I do you ask? Good question. For now, I'm pretty much doing K-pop things. Mostly music video reactions. It's something I'm really passionate about right now so that's what I'm doing right now (even though I'm not super happy with the quality of the programs I'm using but eh what can a poor person do).

That's not to say I don't plan to eventually incorporate book things into my channel though.

I'm also going to be doing some major (I'll explain in more detail when it's closer) traveling this summer and will be VLOGGING. Yayyyy.

So, after that extremely long probably unnecessary prologue to this post, I am now going to talk about why I do that YouTube thing.

Kidding, kidding. (Well mostly.)

#1 YouTube is another creative outlet...

Without the pressure of my blog. I mean, I love my blog but I have to write and schedule posts. I have to plan (I'm currently in the process of trying to plan posts until the end of May and it's mid February as I write this post). 

I don't mind because that's the only way I can keep up with things and do school at the same time. But it's tiring. 

So sometimes I make videos. I make videos without expectations of deadlines or certain dates or anything like that. If I feel too blegh to do a video then I DON'T DO IT. 

I know. It's great. 

#2 I love editing.

I love editing in various forms, like editing blog posts or books, but editing videos is just a whole nother level of relaxing to me. 

Just the concentration it takes, getting everything the way you want it, making it funny with how you're cutting the clips... it's the best. And there's nothing more satisfying than watching it upload to YouTube. 

#3 I'm forcing me out of my comfort zone.

Forcing yourself out of your comfort zone is not something that you always have to do, but in this case I wanted to make myself more comfortable with talking to the camera and better at expressing myself. 

I only realized that I'm a little bit of a slow talker (and mumbler but shhh it's a secret) when I started recording videos. 

I don't hate that about myself, but it's something I want to improve. 

I also feel like doing videos requires me to put more effort into displaying my personality. And I think that's good practice too, because I have a really hard time opening up to people but if I know how to express myself and my personality, that's minimized. 

#4 Views are awesome.

You didn't think this whole list would be full of pure intentions did you? *evil laugh*

Views are awesome. They make me feel appreciated, they tell me that people like my videos. It's an exciting thing. :)

#5 I get to connect to another community.

I do occasionally blog about K-pop or other things like design on this blog but if I post too much about different things I'm not really producing what my followers come here to read. 

So while I have no problem publishing the occasional K-pop post, I don't think it would be fair to the bookworms of the book community who follow me to do that all the time. With my YouTube channel, I'm tying into another huge community--the K-pop lover world. 

Are you on Youtube a lot? Do you just watch videos or do you post some of your own stuff too?

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