it's a random day

It's a Random Day (Filled with Pizza)

8:00 AM

I kind of dropped the ball last week and forgot to do a post that couldn't be scheduled (had to be written the day of), thus kind of ruining my perfect posting schedule this semester.

Since I was planning on writing a book review for this post and since I do not have a book review written because I haven't read a whole book in over a month, I'm just kind of doing a spontaneous idea/post/thing. 

It actually feels nice after not doing it for so long. :)

I guess what I'm going to do is... just talk about my day.  Maybe do a list about something. Who knows?

(which is actually Monday, not yeah kinda scheduling but whatevs)

>>> I had my Honors American History 2 class this morning. My professor was a little dazed and confused because Monday (what other explanation does anyone need). We learned about some guy's principles of country hierarchy. Fun times. 

>>> I walked back from class with this cool dude from my history class and talked about random things like the inconvenience of not being able to drive in the US (he's from Thailand). And I marveled that I actually make friends and talk to them. 

>>> I ate pizza for lunch. It was yum.

>>> I went to my afternoon class--Design Studio 2--and spent three agonizing hours trying to brainstorm for and actually start making my latest project (an annual report, basically just artistically formatting businessy stuff). 

>>> I went back home and caught my breath and read a bit of a book I need to write a paper on called The Ten-Cent Plague

>>> Then I left AGAIN (yes, my introvert soul is frustrated with my busyness) for an honors committee meeting/event that I had to go to where I played Apples to Apples with seven other people and felt awkward.

At least I got to eat pizza. I like pizza.

>>> I am finally back to my apartment again (or have been for about 30 minutes) and I'm avoiding doing homework things by writing this post and telling myself it's fine because it's productive.

such as this day

1. I write blog posts for aforementioned reasons ;) And while I do that I listen to music such as the track below. 

2. I make lists. I know, weird. But it's relaxing.

3. I watch a Korean reality show or K-drama or TV show or something. Movies are too much commitment mid-semester.

4. I sketch. I just started doing this recently and I was kind of surprised by it and happy about it because 1) I never sketched for sketching's sake before and 2) it means that I am an artist at heart and not all is in vain. 

Usually I just sketch something that happened that day to me.

5. I clean my room. Fine. Do it. Call me an old lady (my sister did when I told her this, you might as well too).

6. I tumblr/twitter/pinterest. I'm a social media person. It swallows up hours of my day. >.<

What I'm wearing: Stripey socks, black leggings, and a white shirt that says "must sleep more" (I live by these words).

The last person I called: My dad. But my mom answered. Even though she didn't answer the two previous calls I made to her phone.

The last person I talked to: Hannah, my roommate. About housing applications. Fascinating stuffs *rolls eyes*


Aight, I think that's it for today. Let me know if you'd like to see more of these "random day" posts or if there's anything specifically (as in book) you'd maybe like for me to review. 

I'm gonna go and do homework (blegh) and be responsible.

A Series of Unfortunate Events

Review // The Bad Beginning (AKA A Series of Unfortunate Events #1)

8:00 AM

The Bad Beginning by Lemony Snicket
Pages: 162
Published: September 30, 1999
Genre(s): Middle Grade, Fantasy
Cover Rating:  ★ (I like it. I always like weirdly artistic covers and this does it for me.)

Dear Reader, 
I'm sorry to say that the book you are holding in your hands is extremely unpleasant. It tells an unhappy tale about three very unlucky children. Even though they are charming and clever, the Baudelaire siblings lead lives filled with misery and woe. In this short book alone, the three youngsters encounter a greedy and repulsive villain, itchy clothing, a disastrous fire, a plot to steal their fortune, and cold porridge for breakfast.

It is my sad duty to write down these unpleasant tales

With all due respect, Lemony Snicket


First of all, you should read my whole review before judging me all you Lemony-Snicket-lovers. I promise I don't hate on books. And because...

Well. I liked it.

Btw these actors were the perfect ones.

BUT, I didn't really have strong emotions about it. It wasn't super brilliant or super bad. It surprised me in a good way, but it also kind of didn't meet my expectations.

The way it was written was really nice. Lemony Snicket's writing voice was quirky and real. It gives you the feeling that this person wouldn't hide things from kids because they were kids. He would treat them like equals.

I love how he intertwined the story with facts about life that were just so true. The fact that sometimes cooking can take away some of your worries. First impressions aren't always your second impressions. And sometimes being in your own room with your own things can solve 99% of your problems.

The definitions that popped up everywhere were great too.

The characters surprised me. Which probably isn't weird since I watched the movie first and movies always change the characters at least a little bit. Everything (and everyone) seemed much sadder and more forlorn than the movie, which was more dryly funny.


Um yes. I want one. Thank you. I accept gifts in the form of gifts or cash for gifts. Like home libraries.

The feeling I got most from this book, though, was bittersweet. Everything was bittersweet. The plot wasn't too slow or too fast. It was, like I mentioned earlier, really really sad though. It seemed so much more hopeless in the book.


Even though there were all these great things, this book just didn't wow me. The simplistic style of story-telling was endearing but also didn't make me as invested in the story.

And it was the same thing with the characters. I felt for them, but not enough.

My Rating:

Disclaimer: I was not reimbursed for this review in any way. All opinions or thoughts expressed are my own. 

book reviews

Guest Post // Staying on Top of Reviewing

8:00 AM

When left to her own devices, Sophia naturally gravitates towards books. This has been proven through countless scientific studies. People in the "real world" know her as a pre-med chemistry major (who is obsessed with fiction reading). People in the "Internet world" know her as a reader of classics and YA (who also happens to be a chem nerd). Accost Sophia on Instagram, Twitter, Goodreads, and her blog, Ravens and Writing Desks!


When Selena asked me to write about how I keep reviews coming even with a busy schedule, I kinda laughed. This post is evidence of my EXCELLENT planning skills – I kept promising Selena I’d write it and only now have finally gotten around to doing it (Selena: aaand, I am just now posting this approximately 5 months later than I said I would. please forgive me of my sins. and my horrible memory). And you somehow think that I am a good authority on maintaining a good posting schedule? Ha!

However, I will try not to entirely disappoint my loverly host blogger, and so I have pondered through my reviewing and posting methods and found some good tips to share with you (though they are few and far between). I’d like to make one point before I begin, though – these are methods that work for me, you may have ways that work better for you. Try these out if you’re looking for help – and, if you have something to add, DEFINITELY give me your own advice in the comments. I’d love it wholeheartedly. 

Tip #1: Use Goodreads to Track Your Progress

My biggest issue when writing reviews is that my memory is crappy and so I can remember vague 
feelings I have about a book by the end, but not specific reasons WHY. Clearly, a review that says, “This book was fine, but I thought the plotting had issues,” is not a useful review without giving at least some examples of the issues. Was the plotting dry? Full of loopholes? Too twisty? Not twisty enough? 

Here is my solution: one of the most useful things that I have found when writing reviews is the tool on Goodreads that lets you track your progress through the book. It’s a status-update-tool. Why I love this is because, when I finish the book, I have a relatively complete list of my reactions as I was reading it. 

Yes, it’s rough; no, it’s not at all detailed; but it helps me remember. Here’s an example of my updates from An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir:

Personally, I also like to include a screenshot of these in my reviews, so my blogglings can see my 
progress through the books. 

Tip #2: Write the Review ASAP

Note I didn’t say have it perfectly blog-postable. Just scribble off a rough draft – I like bullet points – so there’s something to refer to when you return to it to perfect it. I like to make my Goodreads review my rough draft. Some are a few paragraphs. Others are literally just a few lines, like this one for Maskerade by Terry Pratchett:

But no matter what it is, it will give you a good reminder and make writing the nice review so much 

(Unless you have a better memory than I do. Which is highly probable.)

Tip #3: Photos Are Your Friends

I love quotes. (Who doesn’t?) And they add so much to a review, I think. But again – cursed by my 
crappy memory – I often forget them. And I dislike having to interrupt my reading flow to write them down. Then, one day, I saw Cait mention that she keeps her iPod handy while reading, so that she can take pictures of any quotes that catch her eye. 

(So technically, this is not a Sophia-generated tip. It originated with Cait. Shhhh.)

MY LIFE WAS CHANGED. No longer did I have to pause my reading to scribble down a genius quote. All I needed was my trusty phone to quickly snap a picture. (This did, however, make short work of the storage space on my iPhone and now I have no space for the new update. So remember to delete the pictures after you’ve posted the review.)

Tip #4: Prioritize

Some reviews are just more important than others. In my opinion, ARCs are top priority – these I try to get done as soon as I can, because, by getting the ARC, I did promise the publisher a review. 

Second priority for me are bigger-name releases, as well as books I really felt strongly about (whether in a good way or not). 

Final priority is smaller books that I rated two or three stars. However you choose to prioritize your book reviews, make a list. It’ll make reviewing ALL THOSE BOOKS so much less intimidating.

Tip #5: You Do You

Ultimately, I think it’s important to remember that this is your blog, and you don’t owe anyone anything. You’re blogging for your own enjoyment, right? Large follower counts are nice, but if that’s the only reason you’re blogging – or the major one – seriously reconsider, my friend. Blogging is supposed to be fun! Enjoy blogging for the sheer act of it!

If you need hiatuses, take them. If you just can’t get around to a review, don’t do it. It’s entirely YOUR OWN CORNER of the internet, no one’s telling you how to run it except yourself. And if you’re having fun blogging, it will shine through in your writing and speak for itself – whether you post daily, weekly, or even monthly. 


How do you stay organized with writing reviews? Share your own tips in the comments – I will read through them ravenously! 

Thank you to Selena for letting me guest post! *blows kisses* (Selena: aww you're the sweetest. *hugs*)


February Recap

8:00 AM

I wasn't able to finish any books this month. :( I'm working my way through Game of Thrones but that thing is a monster and I've only been able to read in chunks. Hopefully next month will be better!


Hate by 4 Minute
I'm Him by Mino (WINNER. Super cool MV feels.)
Feel So Good by BAP (chyeah baby)

Honestly, once I hit about mid-month February I've been kind of on a all-entertainment-things-ban. Because school. And internships. And a stomach bug that hit me out of friggin nowhere. 

But earlier this month I did watch these shows a little bit:

1. Madame Antoine

I looove this drama. I liked it so much that I binge-watched 4 episodes in one sitting. And that is hardcore with K-dramas when the episodes are like one hour each. Anyway, it's about psychology + palm reading + all the chemistry + dysfunctional family vibes.

2. Monsta X - Right Now

I also watched Monsta X's newest reality program and it was awesome and so good to see their dorky faces again. Shownu is bae but Minhyuk's smile is heart-stopping. Just sayin'. *cough* bias wrecker *cough*

3. Seventeen - One Fine Day

One Fine Day is a Korean reality show that idols go on and it's Seventeen so duh I'm gonna watch it. It's been pretty good so far, nothing amazing amazing (yes, I meant to type "amazing" two times) but it's my K-pop babies so Imma watch it. Seriously, I feel so motherly towards them.

(I also watched the Minion movie and The Intern. Minion movie.... eh. Not really my cup of tea. The minions are good for comedic relief but I think a whole movie with their gibberish and [sorry] stupid life choices was a little too much. The Intern, on the other hand, was great. It has girl power, old guy power, it's funny, it's sad... it's a good movie.)

>>> I made a pot. Or a few. It was hard. Really friggin hard. 

>>> I've been getting a lot of BTS search words for my blog. Which obviously means I'm doing something right. 

>>> I was going to do a birthday post (for my birthday, not for my blog).... I forgot. Oops. Here's a golden note from my drafting-blog-schedule document:

I'm sorry. I mean, it's not like it was gonna be super exciting anyways but still... sorry for not posting a post that you didn't know existed XD (My b-day was on February 22 btw). 


I've been a little bit out of it lately... I got sick this week (a super freakish, random stomach bug that completely knocked me out for a little while) and also kept up with school, so sorry if I don't keep up with things as good right now *gestures vaguely towards blog and blog-ish things* 

THAT DOESN'T MEAN NO POSTS. I mean, since I have most of March pre-scheduled, you're gonna get March. :D But after that, I may take a tiny lil break because breaks are good for the soul. 

And with that, mwuah, peace. I'm out guys. 

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