It's a Random Day (Filled with Pizza)

8:00 AM

I kind of dropped the ball last week and forgot to do a post that couldn't be scheduled (had to be written the day of), thus kind of ruining my perfect posting schedule this semester.

Since I was planning on writing a book review for this post and since I do not have a book review written because I haven't read a whole book in over a month, I'm just kind of doing a spontaneous idea/post/thing. 

It actually feels nice after not doing it for so long. :)

I guess what I'm going to do is... just talk about my day.  Maybe do a list about something. Who knows?

(which is actually Monday, not yeah kinda scheduling but whatevs)

>>> I had my Honors American History 2 class this morning. My professor was a little dazed and confused because Monday (what other explanation does anyone need). We learned about some guy's principles of country hierarchy. Fun times. 

>>> I walked back from class with this cool dude from my history class and talked about random things like the inconvenience of not being able to drive in the US (he's from Thailand). And I marveled that I actually make friends and talk to them. 

>>> I ate pizza for lunch. It was yum.

>>> I went to my afternoon class--Design Studio 2--and spent three agonizing hours trying to brainstorm for and actually start making my latest project (an annual report, basically just artistically formatting businessy stuff). 

>>> I went back home and caught my breath and read a bit of a book I need to write a paper on called The Ten-Cent Plague

>>> Then I left AGAIN (yes, my introvert soul is frustrated with my busyness) for an honors committee meeting/event that I had to go to where I played Apples to Apples with seven other people and felt awkward.

At least I got to eat pizza. I like pizza.

>>> I am finally back to my apartment again (or have been for about 30 minutes) and I'm avoiding doing homework things by writing this post and telling myself it's fine because it's productive.

such as this day

1. I write blog posts for aforementioned reasons ;) And while I do that I listen to music such as the track below. 

2. I make lists. I know, weird. But it's relaxing.

3. I watch a Korean reality show or K-drama or TV show or something. Movies are too much commitment mid-semester.

4. I sketch. I just started doing this recently and I was kind of surprised by it and happy about it because 1) I never sketched for sketching's sake before and 2) it means that I am an artist at heart and not all is in vain. 

Usually I just sketch something that happened that day to me.

5. I clean my room. Fine. Do it. Call me an old lady (my sister did when I told her this, you might as well too).

6. I tumblr/twitter/pinterest. I'm a social media person. It swallows up hours of my day. >.<

What I'm wearing: Stripey socks, black leggings, and a white shirt that says "must sleep more" (I live by these words).

The last person I called: My dad. But my mom answered. Even though she didn't answer the two previous calls I made to her phone.

The last person I talked to: Hannah, my roommate. About housing applications. Fascinating stuffs *rolls eyes*


Aight, I think that's it for today. Let me know if you'd like to see more of these "random day" posts or if there's anything specifically (as in book) you'd maybe like for me to review. 

I'm gonna go and do homework (blegh) and be responsible.

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  1. Must Sleep More, I need to start living by those words.I love sketching too.

    1. I need to start actually applying those words to my life XD I need sleep so bad right now. Just my luck that many super important things are due next week in school.

      Heyyyy *high five* Sketch buddies.

  2. I love this kind of post. you should do this more often (AND THAT SONG. I HAVEN'T LISTENED TO IT IN FOREVER. now I have all the sassy go go feels.)

    1. That's good to hear :D The reason I don't do it too often is because I feel like I'm boring everyone with my repetitive, boring life. BUT I wanna do it more too.

      (I KNOW. for some reason, I just felt like listening to it that day and ALL THE FEELS. It's my favoritest OST ever. It just encompasses the whole story and all the emotions so. well.)


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