Popping In

7:18 PM

Hey guys.

I'm tired. Like want-fall-on-my-face-and-sleep-for-nine-years tired. It's a problem. Like right now? I'm supposed to be studying for my History midterm that's happening tomorrow.

My brain doesn't want to concentrate.


I need winter break.

Also I'm fighting a potential cold/sore throat and it sucks.

Okay, okay, that's all I'm going to complain about. (For now).

Hopefully, I can come back with some blog posts before finals hit and destroy me. Then winter break will come (PRAISE) and I will make myself blog and do productive things.

On a side note, if any of you are looking for a K-drama to watch, go watch Sassy Go Go (aka Cheer Up! but there is no other name than Sassy Go Go in my eyes). It will drown you in bittersweetness. And feels. Just go watch it. There will be no regrets. (Also, thank you Ely for all the awesome recs. How do you get my taste in dramas so well? XD)

I better save some things to say about it in my recap though so I'll stop for now.

I just wanted to let you all know that, yes, I am still here and, yes, I still resent homework. Hugs to everybody and wish me luck on my exam!


Baby Hiatus

7:57 PM

So... I didn't want to hiatus this blog but also I'm happy that it came as late as it did.

It is now midterms/midterms-ish time and I have a gigantic amount of work to do. I barely can find time to relax and just do something for the fun of it.

To keep my sanity intact and to not have to worry about a second set of responsibilities, I'm going to give this blog a teeny-tiny little break. Like 2 weeks or 3 weeks at most. 

This time shall be filled in school, family, and trying to comment on more of your blogs because I'm so bad at that I'm sorry I forget things all the time. 

Love you guys. Stay awesome. I'll be back. 


September Recap

11:43 PM


Here's this month's GIF:


I...haven't really read non-school books this month. Specifically, the only book I've read this month is White People, Indians, and Highlanders and it was so. tedious. I haven't read such a dry book in a long time.

I really want to get back into reading at least a little bit every day but I've been super super busy for the past couple weeks and will continue to be so for at least the remainder of this week and all of next.

Relaxation is needed.

BUT, I have some good news. I've started reading Compulsion and I'll try to keep reading it steadily (I have some time before one of my morning classes because I ride the shuttle and get there early). So far, it's been pretty good. Nothing to fangirl about, but then I'm not very far in.


Got7 dropped a MV out of nowhere and I freaked out and I love it oh my gosh Jackson is perfect. Has his voice actually gotten lower? Asian puberty confuses me.

The baes also released a new MV! I didn't love it as much as Adore U right off, but the more I listen to it the more I like it. The dance is absolutely the most awesomest thing ever though and Hoshi (my bias) does alllll the choreo (as I've probably said a million times) and #soproud. EVERYBODY LOOKS GOOD IN THIS MV. WHY. Their faces make me so happy.

I told myself I wouldn't get sucked in. Well, I didn't. At least not to the extent that VIXX and Seventeen destroyed me. But I like this song. Their dance and outfits kinda make me laugh but oh well. Can't have everything ;)

These are the most beautiful voices ever. I mean, these people's voices are the most beautiful thing ever. And the lyrics are so sad and beautiful. You have no idea how much rhyming AND meaningful lyrics make me happy.

Also, I discovered this channel on Youtube with "no copyright" music when I was looking for instrumental music for my videos. They have so many beautiful tracks! One of my favorites is this one. (This channel's music is the best to study with.)

Things that have happened:

>>> I went to see The Scorch Trials in theater.

Displaying IMAG0256.jpg
YAS. It was so good ^_^ Intensity to the 3rd degree.

>>> I freaked out when I saw that BTS did a fan sign/fan meeting tour in September (like JUST A WEEK AGO) and I didn't even know about it. I told my sister about it. That might have been spiteful. (BTS is her bias group. Favorite of all favorites in other words.)

>>> I downloaded the V App which is like crucial if you're a true kpop fan ;) (I lied. I just downloaded it like three days ago.)

>>> Drowning in homework and projects.

>>> Not a lot going on.

>>> Ooh I got tagged a lot! (Posts are forthcoming) I guest posted on SJ's blog A Tree Grows in Bookland. You can go read that here. You know you want to.

Well, that's it for this month.

It was pretty boring and school-filled. The norm.

How was your month? Your week? Tell me all the things. Also, what's your favorite fall outfit? It's getting chilly where I live. :) BYEEEE. I love you guys and *hugs* (I'm tired. It's late. I make all the excuses.)

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