Baby Hiatus

7:57 PM

So... I didn't want to hiatus this blog but also I'm happy that it came as late as it did.

It is now midterms/midterms-ish time and I have a gigantic amount of work to do. I barely can find time to relax and just do something for the fun of it.

To keep my sanity intact and to not have to worry about a second set of responsibilities, I'm going to give this blog a teeny-tiny little break. Like 2 weeks or 3 weeks at most. 

This time shall be filled in school, family, and trying to comment on more of your blogs because I'm so bad at that I'm sorry I forget things all the time. 

Love you guys. Stay awesome. I'll be back. 

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  1. Good luck for your midterms! And I hope the break is refreshing for you and haha for the Terminator gif. XD

    1. The terminator gif is my favorite :D

      Thanks! Exams stress me out so bad >.< I am so excited for this break and I can't wait to see my family. It's going to be awesome.

  2. breaks are sooooooooo important. have a good time with this one! <3

    1. They areeee. I'm already counting the days till the next break after this one XD thanks girl <33 have a great weekend :)


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