It's a Random Day {4}

7:16 PM

I think I need to make a new picture for this.

It's been a while since I did a "random day" post so I thought I'd do one today. :) I'm sorry I don't get to post more than once a week usually, but that's a huge improvement from last school year so I'm happy.

Songs I've Been Listening to:

This gem is Fronting by Seventeen and it's on their newest mini album. I really like it. <3 And you should go have a listen. 

I've also been listening to this awesome Celtic music to get me through preparing for my American History presentation. It really made me concentrate and also, Celtic music is my love. I can't get enough of that flute music.

School is....Blegh:
This week I've been just in a bleh mood with school and everything. Everything's boring. Everything makes me tired... and bored (did I mention that already?). It's just a ho-hum week. And ever since I've been back to school, it's basically just been school for me.

I have three art studio classes (again. I don't know why I willingly submit to this torture) and an honors general, plus I have the honors version of some scholarship so I have volunteer work, two committees, and etc. etc.

But I got to go see my family last weekend! It was so great hanging out with them, especially since this year the breaks between going home are longer.

I'm working on a presentation with four other people for my American History class. (My roommate is part of the group too. :D ) So three of us are sophomores and the other two are freshmen. I hate to say it, but it's true... you can totally tell they're freshmen.


Edit: I SURVIVED THE PRESENTATION. (I admit my legs were shaking a little but that's a huge improvement.)

In Other News:

>>> I have now driven home and back to college a few times by myself. I'm really happy that I've learned to drive on the interstate semi-calmly. Merging still scares me but, hey, you got stay focused and being scared is a good way of making me focus. I know, foolproof method.

meaning here: I am invincible
>>> I survived my first presentation of the semester. Oh wait, did I already mention that? ;) IT'S VERY NOTEWORTHY.

>>> I have to go to a wedding on Sunday. >.< Which I am excited about because I get to see my family (squee!) and I get to wear a boss outfit, but which I am not excited about because I have to talk to extended family that I don't know. What sins have I committed?

>>> A youtube video will probably be up this weekend. Probably.

>>> I just started watching King of High School Savvy and I'm loving it so far. You should check it out :))

>>> I discovered a new K-pop boy group with ten members called Up10tion (I don't understand it but they're the ones who have to live with it) and I am furiously backing away and threatening myself with painful punishment if I get into them. I DO NOT need another huge group in my life. That's way too many.

Social Media Stuffs:

Most of you already know this, but I'm on YouTube and I just recently revamped my Tumblr account. You're welcome to check them out, but neither of them are blog-related very much. My YouTube channel will have videos about books but my Tumblr is pretty much K-pop right now. As is my channel.

You can visit my YouTube channel here (click on the picture):

Aaaand my Tumblr here:

ALSO, I'm gonna start putting some kind of YouTube channel recap along with my regular blog recap for those of you that are watching my videos (if you are, thank you. you are beautiful. I love you so much). 

I hope you guys had an awesome week! And if you didn't, I hope you have a gorgeous weekend to make up for it. <33

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  1. mad props to you for driving by yourself on the scary interstate!! I'm going to do that this coming Friday and I'm a little terrified. Especially since I'll have to drive back at night. 0_0

    and you've started watching High School King of Savvy!!! Yay!!! :D

    1. You can do it, you can do it! O.O But seriously, driving at night is not cool. Everything looks different. Everything's questionable.

      YES. It's so funny so far. I love it! The faces Seo In Guk makes are legendary.

  2. I hate the interstate as well and I'm 22. XD So many cars and so fast. XD And yay for K-pop! I need to listen to some more of it ...

    1. Haha I think I'll hate the interstate for a long time. :D Waaaay to fast. Like everybody needs to calm down.

      Awesome you're into kpop! How long have you been into it? (I'll try to restrain my fangirliness)


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