August Recap

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This month was a pretty eventful month just because I wrapped up my summer class and moved back to college (packing can be pretty time consuming) and all the things. It was pretty jammed together.

I have an apartment now guys! I'm so happy. I have the same roommate as I did last year and really she's so chill and easy to live with. And if you want, you can go watch my apartment tour video. No pressure ;)

Without further ado... let's get into the recap.

(as always, there's tons)

N. Flying debuted this May with their song Awesome and it has a really neat, funky sound. 
They're also a band. So that means: lead singer, guitarist, bass guitarist, and drummer. I have to be in a certain mood to play this song but when I am in that mood it's on repeat. 

I don't know why I only found about this song recently because IT. IS. GORGEOUS. The rap parts are amazing (as usual) and the singing parts are equally as amazing (as usual). And um, you know, RAP MONSTER sings. I legit died.

If you are at all connected to the K-pop world you know that it's finally pretty official that Tao left EXO. Which makes me sad, it really does. But I do NOT like the extremely hurtful hate that Tao has been getting throughout the process. If you gotta go your own way, you gotta go. I'm happy for him and proud of him. And this song is da bomb. 

First of all, you need to listen to Bea Miller's whole album (Not an Apology). Each song is great, but one of my favorites is Fire N' Gold. That voice. Man. 

And of course I couldn't pass August by without mentioned the first VIXX sub-unit's first music video/single. I am beyond proud of my boys and everything they have accomplished. I'm proud and happy that the rest of VIXX has been so sweet and supportive of LR too. Beautiful Liar is so beautiful... it gives me chills and allllll the feels. 

I just found this song! The beat is so catchy and I love the lyrics. Daya's just starting out as a singer but from this song I'd say she's got a nice long career ahead of her. Let the summer jamming ensue. 

I haven't read that many books. *looks down at feet* At all. It bothers me that I can't finish my TBRs but at the same time I'm reading a lot more than I did last spring so I'm kind of happy too. However, because I'm not going through books that fast, I don't think I'm going to be doing monthly TBR posts anymore. If I can get into a rhythm I will, but for now it just doesn't seem necessary. 

THEY'RE ACTUALLY FROM MY JULY TBR. I am so excited that I didn't get distracted and read something that wasn't in my TBR. My self-control is lacking I admit.

Nimona by Noelle Stevenson. ✪ Maybe it was school...because it took a little while for me to get into this story. BUT, once I got into it I was in. The humor was dry and hilarious. The art was great. There were, of course, epic comebacks and funny moments of silence. Also shape-changing. And magic. Woooooo.

The Chapel Wars by Lindsey Leavitt. Sadly, I was disappointed in general. I had really high expectations for this book (based on my experiences with Lindsey's other books) and it kind of fell short. The characters didn't grab me and over all it was just good, not super good. Although it did make me cry. A full-fledged review of this one will be up later this month.

One of my newer obsessions has been watching Hani (from EXID a girl kpop group) clips from a reality show called "A Style for You." I think she's starting to become one of my favorite female artists. She's so relatable.

Aaand some of my favorite pins:

Since this is the last month of summer,

I thought I'd do a quick recap of all the biggish, fun things I got to do or that happened in my world.

1. I went paddle-boarding for the first time ever. In a big river. It was terrifying and awful but then I kind of got a hang of it and it was pretty fun. #yolo (actually no, I'm a big fan of not yolo but it fit).


I will never forget it.

3. I also met one of my blogger friends in real life (first time I had done something like that). I met Sophia! We had a blast.

4. I got like twelve friggin inches of my hair cut off. It was terrifying. I don't think I had had a haircut in something like three or four years. But I got to donate to Locks of Love!

5. I ALSO got to try an Oculus Rift. It was reallllyyy epic (I'm a PC gamer so I know a little bit about such things). I can't wait until it's out there as a common household object.


I hope you liked this super long recap! I'm going to keep posting according to my aforementioned schedule as much as possible but I can already tell that it's going to be a really busy semester. *le sigh* 

Are you back at school yet? (Is extra awful after that huge summer break?) What have you been reading recently? And finally, did you get to do anything exciting this summer?

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