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So November was really busy. A lot of studio classes have finals the week before official finals and it was getting down to the last weeks and uhmagosh. Stress to the max.

NOW IT IS OVER (since I'm writing this kinda mid-December. *avoids eye contact*). I'm so happy to be back home, not having to worry about responsibilities and grades. I'm sleeping in every day. I'm gonna keep this post shorter because it's so late, but I'm also going to start posting (and try to build up posts as well).

You should also keep an eye out for some guest posts by moi at some cool blogs around the blogosphere. Annnd, side note, I live in the eastern half of the States and it is gorgeous weather right now. Open-window-weather, which is my favorite of all time.

As always, there's a ton of music that fed my soul. In the most non-creepy way possible of course.

Mah boi Ravi wrote this and composed it and basically he's a genius. (Let me boast) Also, it's a really nice, upbeat song.

A really cool (darker) song. A little dramatic rapping is always good too ;)

Beats yo.

One of the most beautiful/sad songs I've heard in the Kpop world this year. I don't know why, but I just love it lots. Especially the rapping.

This is THE anthem. I listened to this so many times on the long walk to history class. It pumps me up so much. 

EXID is bae actually. This song is simultaneously kinda uncomfortable and kick-butt. See for yourself if it's your taste or not XD

The lyrics are so beautiful, so rich. I instantly fell in love with this song.

I love this song's feel and the singer's voice but just a warning... I wouldn't watch the music video if I were you. It has extremely interesting dancing (like not disgustingly sexual at all but just...really weird).

NOTE: As always, my songs list is of gigantic proportions.

(Wherein I add TV shows as a thing too)

Mix and Match - IKON
This all starts out as a story of how I hated/extremely disliked iKON because their rapper Bobby dissed Ravi on Show Me the Money (a rapping contest). Buuut, I watched this (their pre-debut survival show) and I couldn't help it. I'm a fan now. Although a still slightly begrudging one.

I actually read a couple books this month. #pride

Dumplin' by Julie Murphy.  I'd been looking forward to reading this for ages...and I liked it. But that's about it. It didn't scream amazing at me. It didn't make me fall in love with everything about it. I wanted it to SO much because it tackles such great things, but it didn't happen for me. I liked the characters pretty good, but the romance was a little off for me and...I can't quite put my finger on it. 

The Cure for Dreaming by Cat Winters. ✪ THIS IS MY NEW FAVORITE BOOK OF ALL TIME. Hypnotism + women's rights + magic. Um, yes please. The author created this alternate reality so flawlessly and beautifully. I was left in awe. The character was me basically and I've always been passionate about women's rights. I just love this book so much. 

>>> I got a design internship! Can I get a what what?

>>> Also found out that me and my roommate will be able to get a two bedroom apartment next semester. So. friggin. excited. I'll be able to take my piano up there now!

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    (actually I hated it when I first heard it because the flow of the song felt awkward to me but after listening a few more times it grew on me).

    yay for your internship! that's so awesome!!!!!!! and I didn't know you were a piano player too! *awkward internet highfive*


      (the flow is kinda weird. it didn't really bother me so much as feel pretty awkward like you said)

      thank you!! I never saw it coming so it was the best surprise ever. WHAT. Are you a piano player??? *high five* I used to play really regularly and have lessons and everything but I've stopped for a few years. I'm going to try to get back into it this next semester. :))

    2. I played for about ten years and then stopped taking lessons around 17 because I was a senior and had way too much on my plate (and I don't think my piano teacher has forgiven me...she still wants me to come back lol). I can still read music so I sit down and play every now and then--I was a Scott Joplin junkie. ragtime was my thing. XD

    3. I played for about ten years too! (Since I was six) My grandmother taught me and I know she wanted me to continue for ages. :D That's cool! I can still read music too but I mostly got taught classical so I got into other stuff later on. I'm trying to learn how to play BTS's Butterfly right now

  2. I'm glad you're getting a rest and yay for accomplishments!


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