Let's Talk About: YA Romance (DON'T GET DISTRACTED)

9:53 PM

Right now I'm reading a book that has a very cliche romantic plot. Every cliche it could have, it probably does. And since one of the things that is obnoxiously present is a love triangle, it got me thinking. 

The love triangle in this book annoys me because the main character (Paige) first crushes on a guy, develops more feelings for him, and then finally starts "falling in love" but then as soon as love interest #2 comes along there's an attraction. 

So almost immediately, she likes both guys equally and she's having that same old conflict that every friggin YA romance has.

Oh no. I should like this guy. I do. I DO like this guy. But... this love interest #2 that I just met a week ago.... I feel such a pull towards him. He makes me a better person. I can't control how I act around him. 

I mean please. For lack of better phrasing, I think that's a load of bull. 

WHY. Why if you actually liked/possibly loved love interest #1 would you immediately start crushing on this other guy and not be able to control your reactions to him. That sounds like the lamest excuse ever invented. 

For once, I would love to read a YA romance where someone met someone else and fell in love and stayed fallen in love without being easily distracted by someone else. 

I would love to read a romance that wasn't over-sexualized or over-complicated. 

I mean, I understand that love might be complicated. But why not have it complicated for reasons other than other love interests intruding on your so-called love and strong relationship? Why not have it complicated because your parents don't like each other or because you don't agree about a big issue? 

And, maybe, if you have to be separated or you leave each other for a little bit because of a huge argument, don't find someone else. 

I dunno. That's just my opinion. :D Also, rant over. Sorry. I get intense. 

What do you think? TELL ME EVERYTHING.

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