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9:30 PM

Hey guys, so here's the thing: I know I've been an awful blogger lately. Aka no posts whatsoever for a very long time.

I'm SUPER busy as it's finals time for me, and before that I was trying to cope with having three studio classes at the same time.

I've finished my final project for Drawing 1-- a still life that was a representative portrait of my sister. :) The only thing left for me to do is present it. I'm so excited. Feel the excitement burning through my veins.

I took my last Music Appreciation exam today and I'm so nervous about it because I've been stressed and caught something that really felt like the flu (and I still am sick actually) so I didn't get a lot of time to study for it. Of course, I still have a presentation for this class, which includes playing the piano. I regretted my decision like five minutes after I made it but I thought it would be a good life experience. -_-

And my two design classes.

For one of them, I'm working on a 12-page magazine spread which sounds exactly as horrendous, time-consuming, and draining as it is. I actually was excited when I first got the project but the enthusiasm usually gets lost somewhere between "the creative part of my brain is dead" and "all I want to do is watch Netflix". 

For my other design class, I'm doing an illustrative poster. Or using words to form objects and making a beautiful poster. It's due tomorrow and I have so much left to do. 

I need sleep, food, Kpop, large doses of sanity. This is college at it's finest. *le sigh* 

I get out of school (SUMMER BREAK HALLELUJAH) on May 4th so I will be returning soon. Hopefully. 

Love you guys! Good luck on finals. :)

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