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Bunnita is a fun loving woman from the South. She's on a journey to read as many books as she can. She likes all things pretty so when she is not at a bookstore she can be found looking for home decor treasures. With no time like the present, she is on a mission to make all her dreams come true. Her advice to everyone is-- "If there's anything you ever wanted to do there's no time like the present to do it. You may succeed but even if you fail at least you'll have the satisfaction of trying."

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Bunnita's Review:

First thing I thought was "Yay it takes place in Alabama". Second was "Oh great a Buffy the Vampire Slayer wannabe". I mean the whole dance scene...well you'll see what I mean. Harper Price is a total type A personalty. She has to be perfect. She is head of every committee the school has while aceing her classes. She's not a mean girl, that surprised me. She is a nutshell, a prissy prude.

David is an unfashionable nerd though I do think that dressing nice can and should include jeans. He and Harper have been sniping at each other for years. He makes sure to mock her at every chance through the articles he writes for the school paper.

Ryan is Harper's boyfriend. He is understanding and loving but I couldn't get worked up for him. They had no humpf. Bee is Harper's best friend. She is the type of friend who is loyal but not a kiss ass.

Two things happened, I ended up wanting to make a hummingbird cake and I ended up liking the story. It quickly turned into its own book. Helped by the fact the author acknowledged the similarities to Buffy. It turns out to be a paranormal, action-packed, love triangle, we have to save the world type story. You're wanting to read it now huh?

This is part of a review swap, guys, so you can go check out the review I did for Bunnita's blog here if you'd like (SAY YOU WANT TO. SAY IT.). *grins sweetly*

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