Day 5 | Freshmen Assemble-Final Thoughts

12:16 AM

We have come to the end of Freshmen Assemble, and through this feature I'm so glad I got to know Sophia and Ashtyn better. They are some fabulous people and you should go check out their blogs immediately ;)

Final thoughts...when I read that, I kinda tend to think that it's something about deep things. Like once-in-a-life-time revelations, or more practical thoughts on choices to make in high school. I am going to throw in a few last minute tips because tips save lives (seriously). But I want this to be relaxed, chill....something you can just laugh at along with me if it's funny. Don't laugh if it's not. 

Just don't. 

But BESIDES that, have fun reading the little tidbits I'm going to take from stuff I typed on my computer or scribbled in my journal. 

As an explanation, while I giggle at myself (even though the bathrooms still aren't too high on my "love" list), I have to use a community bathroom. It's the showers that take a lot to get used to. It's usually freezing in there and water gets on literally everything. And it bubbles up from the other shower right beside you. 

Yeahhh, I wear flip-flops. 


*cough* Moving on. 

this delicious snippet is from my 2nd day at college
It was literally that bad. I didn't know where anything was except my dorm room and I didn't know my way around town either. I was suffering from a mammoth landslide of homesickness too, so don't feel awkward or "not normal" if you just know you're going to miss home like crazy. Not everybody is just waiting to escape home. 

I'm a little bit better now on the knowing-where-I-am stuff. Emphasis on "a little". 

And humble. 

So, as you can see, college isn't always the best thing in the world but it isn't the worst thing in the world either. It's different ratios for different people. 

Here's where I start throwing out random pieces of tips:

Go in with an open mind. Be ready for change. This way you're going to have loads of new and fun experiences and enjoy it. 

DON'T, and I mean DON'T, ever forget your keys or phone in your room while you trek off to class. If you leave the first item, someone is going to have to let you back in when you get back to a locked door. Are you prepared? Do you have your RA's number? Just take the keys, man. If you leave the second item, then you have worried/angry/scold-y parents. I just wouldn't advise it .

Maybe when you chose your meal plan you thought you were all set but there are going to be times when you absolutely do not want to get off your butt and walk across campus to just eat. Take food. It's good for when you want to stay in and it's good for studying at all hours. 

Smile at people when you walk past them! I don't always do this and it's fine if you don't but just imagine yourself in the other people's positions. I know that I like it way better if someone smiles at me than if they stare stonily ahead. *cough* me *cough*

College is an experience you may or may not go through, but I'm happy that I chose this way because I think it'll lead me to what I love doing, for a job. And of course, YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME. I'm trying to set aside more time for blogging now that I've kinda gotten into my groove. Hopefully that works out and you see more of me. Because that's always good ;)

Also, yeaaah, technically I'm not posting this on the right day, but we'll just pretend it is. I only missed the day by 15 minutes okay. Geeze. (But I really am sorry. *pacifies with chocolate*)

Hugs! Chocolate! Books! All the good things. 

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  1. This might be my very favorite of all your college posts, probably because I feel like that is exactly what I would feel and write in my first year of college. Again, we are the same person. x) I literally had the exact same thought word for word in class the other day (the part where you help the P.O. box boys). Also, I forgot to mention previously that I am really really loving the new design!

    1. I thought it would be neat to show snippets when I was feeling the feelings ;) we are the same person. It's undeniable. I have that thought a lot's the curse of being an introvert but wanting to be nice. :P Thank you! I'm loving it so far too but knowing me I'll change it again sometime. *grins mischievously*


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