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The image below was placed there because I like it. It's pretty. Also, the quote is a necessity, I think, in any relationship.
I'm so sorry that I have been very absent from the blog, but college is proving to be very challenging. I've got something due every week it feels like and when I have free time I'd usually rather spend it wasting my time listening to kpop or watching funny vlogs. Which, of course, is very un-bloggerly of me, what can you do.

But this week I have come with a Sunday Swoons post! Sadly, Briana can't join in since she has no wi-fi. I think we need to send her kind thoughts and tons of virtual gifts to make up for that, don't you?

No wi-fi. *shudders*

Therefore, I shall be surging forward to host Sunday Swoons today. If you'd link up, it would make me and Briana very happy! (Or at least B will be when she finds out ;))

(You can find a more complete set of rules here.)

Our topic today is *drumroll* 
Stalkerish Types
Which is a very sucky name but I don't have the brain cells or Briana to help me brainstorm for something better so we're stuck with it. 

Basically, you can talk about anything weird/creepy/stalkerish characters in books. You know what I'm talking about...those people who "love" a person at first sight and then proceed to follow them everywhere and proclaim their feelings and all that jazz. This post is dedicated to those...special...people. 

Have fun! Go wild! (Except don't stalk people. That's never good.)

My personal peeve on this particular subject is when these stalker people, usually guys, follow these other people around and watch them creepily etc. it's not seen as weird. 

Usually, the person who is the object of their attention is flattered. 

Um...okay? It's just so annoying to me. Why would you even consider it okay that some random guy you don't even know is following you around, appearing out of no where, and knows your name. 


Wait, so you, whoever-your-name-is, have no thoughts whatsoever about this stalker's background or motives or anything? 

I really don't think this is something that should be promoted. Being obsessed with something or someone is not the same thing as genuinely caring. Never.

(Sorry for the shortness of this. I'm racing to publish this before midnight. #BloggerCinderella)

ALSO, guys, we have a problem. Briana and I are running out of ideas for Sunday Swoons fast. I mean, we're awesome but we're not that awesome. Would you pretty please send us some suggestions? Comment on this post or tweet Briana (@Briana_RWC) and I (@randomofalife) with the hashtag #SundaySwoons.

What are your thoughts on this? Any particular examples you know of in YA?

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  1. oh this bothers me so much. The thing is, being stalked or continually followed around is uncool, no matter who is doing it. I had someone do that to me (at the library nonetheless...that was one sucky trip...) and it freaked me out! However, with book heroines, they take it as a compliment or are just flustered but don't do anything about it. *facepalms* Another peeve of mine concerning this is how if it's a good-looking dude doing the stalking, they're even less likely to do anything about it. Ladies of fiction, let me proclaim it to the world--good-looking stalkers are STILL stalkers. :P

    The most prominent example of this that I can think of right now is from Replication, by Jill Williamson when J.D. pretty much follows Abby to her house. And Abby lets him inside. Like...I don't even understand her thought process, if she even had one. That's just nuts. *shakes head and sighs*

    Hope you have a fantastic week! :)

    1. Thank for this gorgeously long comment (and sorry for taking so long to reply)!

      I KNOW. I can't understand how a guy's good-looking-ness (yes, that's a word) could outweigh the majorly creepy fact that he is following you around and knows your name when you obviously haven't met him before. I mean, for me, warning bells would immediately be going off if someone knew my name and I didn't know them.

      Just no.

      Hope you have a great day (and week) too!

  2. I am so glad you addressed this! You have such great ideas. ;) My friend had this happen in real life. Well not really. He wasn't stalking her, but it was a long term full fledged obsession unlike any I have ever seen. It was creepy and freaked her out to the point that she didn't like him anymore. He still freaks me out. *shudders* I would never like a legitimate stalker so I don't get why so many girls in YA do?!

    1. Aw, thanks *blushes* Oh my gosh though really. How is that attractive? I don't know why it's so common in YA! It's so frustrating, especially when the girl is usually kick-butt and full of common sense but then oh look hot guy stalker. *le melts* -_- I do not approve.


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