Another Day in the Life...

11:51 AM

Okay. Really frustrated right now because the classes I was going to take...I cannot take. Because apparently Pre-Calculus Algebra in college is somehow more algebra than pre-calculus and therefore can't count as a credit. That is such a bummer. Originally I was planning to take four college classes, then three, and, now, only two which is a lousy six credits in all. Even if I take some classes next summer I'll be lucky to have the credits for one semester. I almost think this whole dual-enrollment thing wasn't worth the trouble. *sigh* I don't know... Maybe God wants me to learn something this year.

On to another subject, I read something this morning that really struck a chord with me. It was this-- "The more you have, the more you can lose." And I was like "Wow! That is so true". It reminded of some people I know and their dreams are to be hugely rich. But the thing that struck me the hardest was about me. I mean, I've never wanted to be rich for the sake of being be honest, I've always sort of scorned those kinds of people in my head. But then I realized that I am such a hypocrite because I'm the same, even if it's on a smaller scale. It doesn't matter though, because I'm the same. So often I want things I don't have or I want an improvement of what I have. For example, I thought that I don't have that many clothes (compared to other people) and my room is pretty small. But recently I sent a picture of my room to a friend of mine on the other side of the world (she's not poor though, just average.) who lives in an apartment in the city and she commented that my room was so big and I felt guilty because I had seen her brother's room (which was tiny) and she had said that her room was even smaller. Now, I feel so blessed to have what I have. I have clothes, a big bed, my own room, and, even though I don't live in the country, our place has a big front and back yard.

I am blessed. You are blessed.


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