Word Limits

1:11 PM

I am taking my ACTs late... in the fall of my Senior year. I've had a lot of stuff to do so *shrugs*. I just finished doing some practice ACT questions for English. I didn't do to bad. Of course this doesn't comfort me in the least bit when I think about the Science and Math sections.

My window's open today because it's beautiful outside, and there's a breeze. I'm still in my pj's... I love just relaxing like that. No stress. And now(because I promised, didn't I?), I will talk a little bit about writing. I am an awful writer. Well, maybe not so much awful as that I can type out the first few thousand and then I get stuck. And then I'll get another awesome idea...another few thousand words. It's seriously lame. Right now I'm working on a fanfiction for a series on Wattpad. The series is really neat, and I think I might be able to push through this. I hope *crosses fingers*. I know my posts are short, but this way I feel like I'm doing less work when actually I'm doing more work just in littler pieces. Does that make sense? :)

                                                  Talk to you later,

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