Sapphire Blue

6:31 PM

As above title reads, I'm gonna be gushing over how awesome Sapphire Blue (book 2 in the Ruby Red trilogy) by Kerstin Gier was. It was an amazing book, and I'll totally be adding it to my personal library in the future!

The two amazing covers for the American versions...

Okay, I know I'm being a bit repetitive, but this trilogy is seriously the best series on time travel that I've ever read. Just something about the heroine maybe, or the dry humor. By the way, these books were actually originally written in German, then translated into English which I found to be a pretty interesting fact.

And just so you know...after reading book 2, I'm going to promptly seek Gideon out and kill him. Awful dude that he is. He cannot do what he does and expect to go unpunished. I don't care if he's inexperienced in love, but apparently very experienced in being a player! 

Sorry. I had to do that. :) I'm mad at him right now, as if you couldn't tell. This is what happens when I get really good books from the library, guys. It makes me *sniff* emotional. Emotional, in that I totally want to throttle the main guy character. Yes, I'm completely normal. 


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