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9:28 PM

I've been writing quite a bit (for me) recently. Of course, I don't use a pen and paper, but the above image looked so cool. Especially because of the fountain pen. So...I've been writing and, even though it's not always smooth, it's really gratifying to see that I've added another few thousand words to my word-count every little while. I usually have problems with plot, because I run out of exciting ideas to move the plot forward very soon. What helps me is when I think through different possibilities and sort of lay it out (more or less) in my head. Today, I used amazing fantasy RPG (role-playing game) music to stimulate my brain cells. I think it helped. Or at least I hope it did. 

I've done some other summery things recently. Like I went shopping and got two cute shirts, which is really big for me. Because as much as I make fun of my mom's stingy ways I seem to have picked up on a few. :3 Oops. 

I also dropped by the library *squee* and picked up a delicious pile of thick books (because those are the only kind to get, right?) to read. One of the nice library ladies, whose name I don't know because (obviously) librarians don't wear name tags and, as long as I've known her on a face-recognition-only basis, I am way to awkward and shy to ask her "What's your name?" because of the fact that I've known her so long (whew! that was a long explanation), told me and my sister how much we've changed (since we haven't gone to the library regularly in forever). 

And I must also add that I am absolutely awful at painting my nails. Yeah. My nails can almost never dry in peace without being somehow messed up either by me accidently bumping into something with my freakishly long arms or by me touching something while they're still wet. I am perfectly serious here. I literally have to wait until after two days of washing my hands (for the normal stuff like when I get them dirty) until the nail polish that I've gotten on my fingers and not on the nails cleans up. 

I am a mess. 

I could go on, but I won't. 

                                                Have a beautifully nice night,

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