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College is way more confusing than I though it would be. Not the classes (I'm sure they'll be hard, but I haven't even started them yet), but the whole admissions process: choosing classes, counting out credits, seeing if it matches up to the degree track I want to take, studying for many college entrance tests, etc., etc. It's just ugh. That's the best way to describe it. And while I love the idea of starting college at seventeen, trying to navigate all the planning and *shudder* people??...not so much.

Sometimes I wish there was a quick and easy pause button for life. So I could, you know, relax without worrying and just... live. Maybe I can. Maybe I'm just stressing over stuff so much that I've sort of lost sight of working toward something without freaking out (or maybe I never knew how to do that :) ) Well, that's my deep thought for today. Very deep for such a shallow mind ;)

For the book of the day, or whatever, is "The Outcasts" by John Flanagan.

All of the characters in the book were guys! There were like three female characters and they were sub-secondary characters (not a word? Hmm.), but I loveeeed it. It was awesome, and I identified with something about each character (almost). They're just so relatable. They (the main Brotherband) were underdogs but they worked together and were victorious (Sorry, no more spoilers. I promise) "The Outcasts" has a sort of Viking-ish feel to it, but I think they call themselves Skandians...I might have spelled that wrong. Oh well.

CHECK THIS BOOK OUT! You'll definitely want to read the rest of the trilogy.

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