Fantasy (part 3): Music

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If you are like me then music is a BIG part of your life. Music is such an expressive way of showing emotion. It can be sad, angry, powerful, gentle, happy, haunting... anything. And that's why it's such an important part of fantasy. Actually, I think it should be a more important part than it is. Many different countries have different types of music (and singing), and this music defines their cultures. 

When we write fantasy, we are building new worlds and, therefore, the music that is a really important part of it. It can really change perspective when you imagine a certain style of music for different things your fictional people do. Like what music they play at the local bonfire or what they play for the ceremony that welcomes their young people to adulthood. 

Music is the language of the soul. 

So enjoy the different types of music below. Right now I only have four areas up, but let me know if you would like to see more. 

 ASIA (China area)

AMERICAS (Native American)

CELTIC (Scotland)


A few more questions to ask yourself about your world's music are:

1. What type of instrument is the most common?
2. Are the people required to play it or is it optional?
3. Who plays the instruments at the local gatherings (or wherever you decided to put lots of music)? Is it made up of the elders or do the young people play the music? Or does it matter?
4. Are your people very musical in the instrument area only or are they singers? Both?
5. What is their style of singing (if they sing)? Do they chant?

                                                                  Have a Musical Day,

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