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4:08 PM

I just visited the Notebook Sisters blog, which I love. It's so fun and random and basically reminds me a lot of me and my sister... :) Anyways, on today's post (which was titled-- "Turn to Page 45") Cait mentioned something she found on pinterest and decided to do. I am gonna have to copy her amazing idea here on my blog.

Ok, here goes:

Well, I finished reading "Divergent" by Veronica Roth and it was every bit as awesome as I heard. I mean whoa talk about mind-blowing, puts-all-kinds-of-questions-in-your-head! As I said. Awesome. 
And the sentence is... drumroll please....

Marcus offers him the knife.

No thanks, Marcus, I'm not hungry. For butter. By itself. Okay, that's not actually what it's talking about and this definitely doesn't describe my life. Knife has the connotation of violence which I do not participate in. Ever. Except when there's only one brownie left. That baby's mine. 

Let me try a few more. 

"Tut, tut!"
(haha...oh, wow, I love this. It is not at all accurate, but I love it. So funny!)

"Stars," she muttered when she was able to look up into its belly.

(I often mutter this to myself when I look up at the night sky. I mean who knew that those sparkling points of light were stars? Ugh, mind-boggling. And in a belly no less. The wonders of the world will never cease.)

"That doesn't matter right now."

(I like to think I don't procrastinate...too often. Well *shrugs* it might be pretty accurate.)

And that's all for now. I might be able to persuade Tansie Gray from Tansie Gray (blog) to do a guest post some time. Oh, and for those of you who were wondering, her comment on one of my posts was all in fun. We talk to each other like that all the time. 

                                                      Later Gators,

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