Weekend Thoughts

2:05 PM

So I watched the movie Hiding in Plain Sight with my family today. It's about different families who are having a rough time financially and about different people who help them. I'm not talking a little rough, I'm talking homeless rough. When I watch movies like these, I look around at my house and think "I am SO lucky to have everything that I have." 

Isn't it funny how we judge people by how they look? 


On another topic, I've been reading and lately I've discovered The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare and I'm really excited about reading everything and watching the movie. Also, I'm reworking characters and plot for a story idea I have. 

I am not good with coming up with action. Or a plot. I usually start a book with a character. It's just hard to find something original that's all you and tell the story you want to tell without accidently copying another book that's already been published. Maybe sometime soon I'll post an excerpt. Maybe. No promises. 

                                                               Have a beautiful day,

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