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11:28 AM

Result of an experiment :)

The picture above is the result of me following @lifehacks on twitter. Best decision I've ever made (just kidding, but it's really neat). They have lots of other cool tips and stuff to check out. I took this picture by cutting a tiny heart out of a circle of cardboard and taping the cardboard circle to the camera lens. I think I should cut the heart smaller next time... but it turned out pretty well. :)

Also, I have some great news for you!! For all of you who've been reading my blog since it started, you know that I've been going through the process of completing the admissions process into a local community college for dual-enrollment. Today I opened my email and... *drumroll* I've been accepted!!! I'm really happy that that part is done and I can start worrying about other things, lol.

How 'bout a list today?

1. My little brother is the noisiest toy player in the world. I'm pretty sure people on the other side of the world can hear his *boom-boom's* and *toot-toot's*. In fact, now that I think about it, he does everything loudly.

2. He has currently just plopped a wad of orange Play-Doh on each of three of his toy cars. For no apparent reason. In fact, one glob is blocking the windshield of the car. I can imagine the driver screaming.

3. My sister is on Facebook for the first time in about a month and every few minutes she's been updating me on the family and friends. And I'm just sitting here smugly like a boss and saying, "Oh, you didn't know that?" because I check my Facebook every day.

4. There is a vicious wasp that lives by our only working gate to our backyard that guards its nest. I am scared of that wasp. Because it stings. And it's by the gate. Which I had to go through multiple times yesterday when I was mowing the yard.

5. This morning my mom yelled at me excitedly to grab the camera. I was like "What?! What is it?!", thinking that it might be a bird or flower or something.

I came outside and asked, "Where is it?" still having no clue what "it" was. My mom pointed to the corner of the garden, where regally standing all by itself-- was a mushroom. A mushroom.

I said, "A mushroom?"

My mom said, "Yes! It looks like someone just planted it there!"

I looked at her carefully for a few minutes (checking to see if there was some sign of lunacy that I had missed somehow). I shook my head. I smiled. I took a few pictures of the mushroom for her.

I am a good daughter.


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