Thor: The Dark World (Spoilers included)

7:10 PM

I never watch anything at the movie theater (Okay, slight exaggeration). So I had to wait until Thor: The Dark World appeared in my local RedBox, which is literally a red box. It's about the size of a refrigerator and we have them around lots of fast food restaurants and grocery stores. They are a self-service movie rental machine. Anyways.

I watched it.

It was awesome. *fans self vigorously* I got reacquainted with the characters, was blown away by the plot, and the ending. Yes, the ending. Was. Beautiful.

Here are a few things that I loved about this movie (besides, you know, the whole thing).

1. Darcy. Need I say more? She makes me laugh so hard. And, it wouldn't be a Thor movie without all the Darcy moments. 

Obviously, there was a point. Beside interrupting Jane's date, and eating her food. 

2. Thor and his hammer. You're probably starting at me because of course this was one of the best parts, but there were seriously amazing scenes. Like Thor and his hammer flying through different worlds in about five seconds because of the *SPOILERS AHEAD* planets aligning. Like him smashing a rock giant with one blow. And looking around arrogantly after that (We all know his arrogant look).

3. Loki's sarcasm. He's the bad guy, I get it. (Or at least I think he is. Is he? He is! But is he really?...that was me literally the whole movie.)

I snickered at almost every word that came out of his mouth. 


4. The amazing plot twists. I never saw them coming. Never. I gaped at the TV screen for a good ten seconds after each one. Thor 2 is much more complicated than Thor the first. I wasn't surprised when Loki let the frost giants into Asgard, were you? This is way more twisted. 

5. There are elves. At first, I thought I was watching a Hobbit movie trailer or something. But nope, there are elves in Thor 2. Creepy ones.

Of course, those aren't their real faces. Still though.
 6. The weapons (and all things used to fight and otherwise kill) were so neat! There were a variety, and I thought the designs were really unique.

7. The brother relationship development, even though I still don't know if it was good or bad. Hm.

Now. My verdict.

Marvel needs to make movies forever.

Was anyone else aware that Marvel had a movie coming out this August called Guardians of the Galaxy? I just found out today!

The movie trailer is below. You're welcome.

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  1. I liked Loki in this one SO MUCH. I mean, gosh, why do they insist on calling it "Thor" movies, because they're not. We're only here for Loki. My favourite quotes was the, "Evidently there will be a line." But I've got to admit, when Loki was changing forms and he was being Captain America I BUSTED OUT laughing! That was brilliant! XD

    1. He definitely stole the show! He was the humor basically. I feel bad but I actually burst out laughing when he said, "Oh dear, is she dead?" when Jane faints in the air ship. XD And the Captain America thing was HILARIOUS. "Hey, want to have a rousing discussion about truth, honor, and patriotism?"

      I think it's so funny because it's true, but in an extremely sarcastic, exaggerated way (I'm giggling to myself all over again just picturing that scene). Have you seen Thor 2 in theater?


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