Project 30 Days of Inspire: Day 2

4:53 PM

I'm not one of those people who smiles all the time. I don't laugh at every joke (sometimes I roll my eyes). But it's important to really laugh, not fake laugh, because when you laugh it means you're happy. A laugh is like a million smiles added together until they just burst out of you. It's the best emotion in the world because it means that you're living life to the fullest.

It doesn't have to be something big. Find a funny Pinterest board and die laughing at all the book and movie fandom references you understand. Help someone else who's not having a good day to have a good day.

Find something to laugh about today. Tell a joke to yourself, laugh, and tell yourself that, hey, you're awesome. Life is a song with an awesome beat. Why not laugh and dance along to it? 

Unikke Lyfe's March 16 Post

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  1. Laughter can be so freeing. Books are one of the best resources for pure, fun laughter :) I love books that make me laugh - they're a special treasure.

    1. I know! I get so happy when I find a book that has my sense of humor in it. For example, I laugh when girls hit guys in the face. I know. Weird. But it's not that I support abusive relationships. I like it when it's random. :P


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