Raven Boys + Second Chances

9:59 PM

I am forfeiting time reading The Raven Boys to write this post for you guys. Appreciation is in order, I think. :D (Seriously, though. How awesome is The Raven Boys?? No spoilers please.)

So, as stated above, I'm currently reading The Raven Boys, I started it after admiring the cover and stroking it. All the normal stuff. It is blowing my expectations away! It's amazing and there will be a review.

I'm thinking about doing a post on stereotyping bookworms. What do you think? I also have this extremely nasty lemon/honey drink that I'm procrastinating on drinking. It's sitting very evilly at the corner of my desk. I can smell it even though it's cold. 

I also visited an online book store called The Book Outlet today, and I shouldn't have. I now want to buy more books (well, more than before). It has destroyed my life. 

I splurged on a  ten-dollar book that I love, but now I'm feeling sort of guilty-ish because maybe I should have used those ten bucks to support indie authors. Or more precisely one indie author. Self-published books are extremely expensive. Never mind. The guilt is gone because I'm so excited about what the book is. I'll tell you when it gets to my house. ;)

Let's see....I took midterms a couple weeks ago for my Sociology college class. My hands were shaking from fatigue (psh, no I wasn't scared) at the end. It turned out good though, and I'm super excited about my grade. :D My economics class doesn't like me *pouts*. 

Last night I was hanging out with my younger sister (13) and little brother (4). Well, my little bro was being unusually talkative and bouncy (I think something got put in his grape juice). VERY HYPER. So here are some tidbits of our conversations that you can giggle, smile, snort at.

BRO: I sowwy.
SIS: Yeah, you should be sorry. (She's mean. No soul. Poor thing, she was born that way.)

Oh, and apparently "making snow" is "baby nose" to little bro.

BRO: I fith (he means 'fix') it, I fith it. 
SIS: What. No, that's not allowed. You may not knock over my books. 

BRO: Sowwy, sowwy, sowwy (and on and on).
BRO: Shhhhh. Quiet, quiet! [He needs to do what he preaches *shakes head*]

ME: You look very crazed. Are you okay? (Yes, it was very weird writing down my own words.)
BRO: RAGHHHHHHHHHHHH! (He was not okay. He was baring his teeth at me.)

And that's the end of this very random, pointless post (you laughed didn't you).

Project 30 Days of Inspire: Day 12

Honestly? Just because you've made a mistake or two doesn't mean you're screwed for life. You can have a fresh beginning. When you get your driver's license taken away, it doesn't mean that you can never drive again. It means that, yeah, you'll have to be more careful, prove that you can do it, and get it back. Everyone deserves a second chance. Everyone can get new beginnings. You're not messed up. You learned and now you're moving on. 

Remember you can begin again.

Unikke's March 26 Post

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