So, I'm a Dog

6:01 PM

I have a little brother. I don't talk about him a lot on here, but he's four and very cute (and loud) and has just started talking in sentences. There isn't anything wrong with him. He's just a smart butt who doesn't like doing something if everyone wants him to.

He is currently making a small Easter basket tied to yarn bang against my side. He thinks it's funny which I totally disagree with but whatever. :D

Anyways, we were playing outside today in the sandbox and I was getting tired of it because I'd been out there for a while and I wanted to go inside. Perfectly reasonable.

I tell this to him.


ME: Pleaaaase. Please??

LITTLE BRO: No. (He's very strict.)


LITTLE BRO: *stands up* Catch, Jiejie (Chinese for older sister). *throws ginormous baseball at me*

ME: Um. Okay. *gets baseball and throws it back* (By this time he's playing with his toys in the sandbox again.)

LITTLE BRO: *looks up briefly* Catch, Jiejie. *throws baseball* *immediately goes back to playing with his tractor*

ME: Wow. So I'm a dog now.

I was just standing there thinking that that little butt actually thought that I would stay outside longer if he threw the ball for me to catch. He was like "Go catch the ball, peasant. You like that kind of stuff don't you?" Nah, actually he was pretty sweet about it. He even came in after I begged him to.

We have a good relationship like that. 


Project 30 Days of Inspire: Day 7

"The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step."

All it takes is one step to get something started. Everything that's big now started with something small.
You can do anything that you're determined to do, if you take that small step.

Unikke's March 21 Post

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  1. Oh my gosh, your brother is ADORABLE. And...yes, I know how that feels. My nephew is 3 and does similar things with me. It's totally like that, "oh here I'll do something you like so you'll be happy. Have this half eaten biscuit of mine BUT DON'T EAT IT I MIGHT WANT IT LATER". Gah. My favourite time was when he was playing with toys and saw I was on my iPod. So he put the toys in my lap and took my iPod. Fair trade, right?

    1. Oh, yeah. Definitely a fair trade. XD I laughed so hard when I read the conversations between you and Xavier on Facebook. Such demanding little squirts they are.
      My brother also does this thing where if he's eating something he thinks I like, he'll make sure to slurp or chew extremely loud. He'll look over and be like, "You see what I get and you don't? And I'm not giving any to you. Oops WAIT, here's this crumb you can have."
      Your nephew is so cute too!


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