Packages in the Mail

7:50 PM

I am about to virtual happy dance and scream in happiness all over this computer screen.

It so happens that I've been seeing loads of stuff about Fire & Flood by Victoria Scott all over the blogosphere, popping up on every other book blog.

1. The cover is amazing. I DARE YOU TO DISAGREE.
2. The synopsis that I was reading everywhere was very intriguing. A race for a cure? A cure that can cure all diseases but can only be used by one person? Animal companions called Pandoras? I couldn't up this book fast enough on my TBR list.

You probably wouldn't be surprised that I entered a give-away for it on Icey Books (I didn't win). I wasn't surprised that I didn't win. But in the process of trying to win also known as reading the post and discovering Victoria Scott's website (her 'About Me' page is lol-worthy), I found her 'Contact' page. Where these words popped off the screen and into my eager hands.

Did I request an ARC? Uh, duh. You better believe it.

Emma replied the next day asking for my blog address and mailing address along with any stats. I was super excited. I sent an email in a few seconds.

I waited.

Then waited some more.

Guys, my hopes were rapidly going down the drain. I was like "Man, I knew it. My blog's too small. I don't get enough traffic. Blah, blah, blah." I forgot about it (after being depressed).

Today I got two bulky, delicious packages in the mail with my name on them!!!

My first thought: BOOKS (Because I was expecting review books from other publishers, etc.)

I ripped open the first package (read: gently tore) and made a noise that I'm pretty sure was something like a strangled gasp. Because this:

It was in my hands.


Which is...not really a thought but whatever. As you can see, I was thinking very logically and calmly. And what is cooler than getting a package that has Scholastic Inc., New York as the return address? Not much.  


Project 30 Days of Inspire: Day 3

This is for all of my writer friends. :D Even if your work-in-progress is feeling a lot more like work than progress (And you're under the impression that it sounds awful. What were you thinking?), push ahead. There's always Plan B....or Plan Z. Take it from an editing freak who can't write more than one chapter without succumbing to the urge to start over because ew. You can do it! You'd be surprised how much better your writing can sound after you've left it for a while and come back.

Unikke's March 17 post

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  1. LOL Nice post. Your excitement made me smile. Congrats on getting the book.

    1. Thank you!! Yay, I'm so excited. Lol I would probably have reacted more strongly in real life when I got it but my parents were there. They wouldn't have understood *shakes head*

  2. OMG LOOK AT THAT SHINY BOOK OF FIRE AND FLOOD. I'M SO JEALOUS. *strokes computer screen* Aaaawesome. I'm so excited for you! XD

    1. I KNOW OH MY GOSH I'M SO HAPPY. YAY. I keep picking it up and stroking the cover. Yep, we're totally normal. Thank you. Eep! I'm excited for me too. :)

  3. (shuts off the laptop and runs to raid the fridge) this is highly unfair (lower case implies i'm seriously seriously jealous)

    1. I'm sorry. I'll try not to gloat (it's very difficult though). THIS BOOK. Ahem. So. Yeah. What did you eat for lunch? (This is me changing the subject. First thing that popped into my head was asking what you got from the refrigerator, but I thought it might bring attention to your stress-eating/jealousy-eating and I didn't want you to hit me or anything so.)


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