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This week's topic: Sarcasm in Relationships and Couples

When we decided on on this topic (Sarcasm in Relationships and Couples), I brainstormed a lot trying to find something I could write about that wasn't cliche or over-written. Finally, I got the idea to talk about sarcasm and whether it shows the strength of a relationship or not. 

I think it does in a way. 

I mean, think about all those couple that are always trading jabs with each other and picking on each other. They're both sarcastic and witty, and it's kind of like watching a tennis match but it's also awesome because sarcasm is the best. 

Oops, I went off track there a little bit. My point-- Don't these couples seem like they have a stronger relationship than others? Stronger than the relationships where no one can get insulted without getting hurt or relationships where people are always fighting over the tiniest things?

It seems to me that if there is a couple who can take reasonable insults and trade sarcastic retorts with each other, it says that they are confident of their status as a couple. They know where they stand and are comfortable with each other. They can take jabs and laugh at the same time. 

To me, it says a lot when a couple can be sarcastic and express their feelings to each other. This means that they know each other to the point of them not sugar-coating or censoring. This makes them, in my opinion, one of the strongest couple types out there. Maybe that's why I like those kinds of couples in fiction so much. It just feels real to me. 

Of course, this can go too far too. There is a point where to much sarcasm can weaken a relationship instead of making it stronger. For example, being sarcastic in the wrong times or with the wrong things. It can damage a person if they take too many sarcastic remarks that are supposed to be sarcastic but actually feel really real. It can go wrong. 

And I'm not saying that sarcastic couples are always the strongest. I'm saying that most of the time (according to me) they're pretty darn strong. 

What do you think? Do you agree with me that sarcastic couples are usually the strongest or is there another couple type that you think trumps them? Do you have any favorite sarcastic couples? Comment away, peoples. :)

Okay, so I realize that this post is kind of tiny but that's just the amount of space I needed to get my point across I guess. College update: The first day's the worst. So now I'm feeling better. If you have any questions about living at college or preparing for college, go ahead and put them down in the comments . I can use them to fill out posts for the Freshmen Assemble project! 

Next week's topic: The Friend Factor in Relationships | How Other Friends Fit into Main Characters' Relationships and What Effects They Can Have

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  1. oh I do love thee... :) Sarcasm is one of my main ways of communicating my affection to people; the more I love and appreciate them, the more likely I am to be sarcastic in their presence. Relationship-wise, I don't have much experience, but I do think relationships with sarcasm are the best. In my mind, what better way to tell someone how much you love them than by teasing them and joking around a little. Now, sarcasm is a little more than just teasing; it's wordplay. It's testing out how quick the other person is. It's not all just holding hands and saying "I love you." There are benefits in those things, but sarcasm helps you form inside jokes, make each laugh, and make each other think. And if that isn't awesome, I don't know what else is.

    1. Awesomely said! I couldn't agree more :) That's one of the things that I love about sarcasm in relationships too, that it shows that it's deeper than more superficial ones that will only last a few months (in my humble opinion ;)).

  2. Ohh I am so tired ugh! I posted next weeks this week! Mine will be coming late today!. Great post!


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