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You may have noticed that I take part in a link-up called Sunday Swoons once in a while. Well, recently the completely awesomesauce creator of Sunday Swoons Briana (from Reader, Writer, Critic) invited me to co-host it with her! I accepted (duh) and now we're just working together to brainstorm topics and improve it to the best it can be. This next Sunday we'll be hosting our first dual Sunday Swoons posts. :D

I'm so excited about this! Thank you a million red M&M's, Briana. <3 blogglings...Come to the dark side and take part in this awesomeness. *wiggles eyebrows*

Wait. You want to know what it's all about? I mean...okay. Even though it sounds good enough for you to join no questions asked, right? ;) Let's dive in.

Sunday Swoons is where you talk about the topic of choice (*cough* our choice) related to romance. This gives you an excuse to gush over and rant about all things romantical. And if anyone is like, "Why are you so crazy about/obsessed with/invested in fictional characters?" you can say, "Well, I didn't choose the topic (roll your eyes dramatically here). I couldn't find anything to blog about and I found this (awesome) link-up and this is what the two crazy girls who run it came up with."


You can write the post in any format you feel like-- a list, discussion, GIF overuse (which I'm not guilty of *looks at feet*). Whatever you like! You can choose to focus on a broader spectrum or a more specific topic within the one we've given. The point is: have fun. :)

Our Link-Up Button:
Courtesy of mwah.

The rules are simple:

1. You're welcome (and, in fact, encouraged ;)) to use my/our button in your post, just please cite me as the source.

2. You can post in whatever style you would like: list, discussion, etc. as long as what you are talking about goes with the topic for the week.

3. You either must follow the topic given OR you can do a post on the opposite of the topic we give. (Example: Our topic-- Top 5 Favorite Couples, Your topic-- Top 5 Least Favorite Couples.)

4. Your posts don't have to have anything to do with books you are reading right now. If you reference specific books, they can be past or older reads. (It's nice if you put in the Goodreads link to the book, or another site that will take readers to the book's synopsis, cover, and other information.)

5. Please remember to link back to us in your post, giving us credit for the feature! Also, you can add your link to the link-up tool at either of our posts (or it might be just at Briana's blog until we get everything figured out).

So there it is. :D The surprise I hinted at on Twitter. I really hope you'll participate (at least once ya know) and have fun with this.

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  1. I'm so excited! It will/has been way more fun with you to bounce ideas off of and team up with! You're great to work with and this feature is going to rock peoples socks with both of us working it! Thanks again!

    1. Yay me too!! Aw thanks :) It's been super fun to talk with you about this and come up with ideas.

      Oh, yeah. Cause we're awesomesauce ;) To infinity and beyooond. No problem! Actually, thank you because this one awesome (fun)collaboration.


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