I Have Been Given an Award~The Liebster!

12:07 PM

Briana @Reader, Writer, Critic nominated me for the Liebster Blog Award because she's amazing. It's been a while since I've gotten any awards so thanks so much, Briana, you made my day that much more awesome. (Can I virtually hug you? 'Cause I feel like I want to virtually hug you.)

Note: Feel free to use the rules design/picture I used above because I know it's waaaay easier than typing all of the rules up.

I may have used some of these facts before but I can't remember right now and I'm too lazy to go back and check and just call it a refresher. ;) I know for a fact (hehe, get it?) that some of these are totally brand spankin' new. 

1. I will be entering into my first (intimidating) year of college this fall.

2. When I was a baby (I'm serious...like, infant baby) I cried a lot, and my poor young dad got so fed up with it that he put chile sauce on my fingertips in order to make me stop. Well...I actually ate the chili sauce quite happily. Aw, I was such a cute baby.

3. Adulthood is proving to be even more scary than I thought it would be. :) Which is saying a lot.

4. I love trying to mimic different people's voices, whether it's some lines from a movie or a song that I love. Not saying that I'm particularly awesome at it, but it's SO fun.

5. I hated the Romeo and Juliet movie. But I STILL SOBBED at the ending. Which made me hate it even more. You don't be a bad movie and then make me cry. Grr.

6. I had a stage in my reading where I almost everything I read was Amish romance....

7. I happen to think that a double-decker couch isn't that bad of an idea (*cough* movie reference *cough*).

8. I'm really awkward around people I don't know. So, it's like yeah, I do want to be nice and maybe a little friendly but I'll wave at you and my face will be totally serious.

9. I have a weak spot for movies about high school football team underdog triumphs or any kind of underdog sports team kicking butt. I just like them.

10. I recently got a couple wigs and plan to definitely do some type of book cosplay on this blog (when I have more spendable...stuff. Like money.).

11. I LOVE YOU GUYS. Okay, I might have been running out of things to say....but seriously, book blogging is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. And it's not even because of the free books! It's because of you all. I've made some great friends (Yes, Briana, you are included in this ;)) and each one of you makes my day when you comment on my posts. *throws kisses*

(These are really unique questions, Briana!)

1. What post are you most proud of? (Link us to it please!)
Oh, gosh, I don't know. Probably (Expecting) Failure Is Not an Option...it was just a big "lightbulb" moment for me and I'm kinda proud of how it ended up. Like how I worded it and stuff. 

2. If you had to pick two fictional characters to be your parents and raise you from baby to adult who would you pick and why? (They don't have to be from the same books.)

I love Blue's mom from The Raven Boys! So yeah Maura would be my mom because she's really laid back and sarcastic but also just really cares about her kid and I have a feeling she could be a real mother bear if someone threatened her baby. ;)

You know it's actually really hard to find dads in YA fiction. They're the ones who are always missing. Buuut given the choice, I'd probably want Sophie's dad James (from Hex Hall) or Mallory's dad who doesn't have a name (from Going Vintage). James is really protective and kind of not too emotional, but he's dryly sarcastic and he really cares a lot about his daughter. Mallory's dad is really chill and easy-going. He's the kind of dad who's effortlessly cool without looking ridiculous. He's an antiques dealer and realtor which is a really neat combo. Besides, think about all the awesome old items I would get to look through and take pictures of.

3. If you had to take the place of a character in a book, whose place would you take and why?

This is hard because most of the books I read have characters in situations that require some fearlessness. *cough* I'm not fearless at all.

I'm gonna say Harper from Rebel Belle (by Rachel Hawkins). Because, not gonna lie, it would be pretty darn awesome to suddenly have super fighting powers. But those fancy dresses (and the HEELS) sound like they might be a headache. Or the fancy thing that the girls do as sort of a I'm-a-woman-now event.

4. Everyone always asks about your favorite part of blogging, but let's be real, there have to be things that you don't like. What is your least favorite part or the part that is the most challenging?

My least favorite thing would have to be having to write a review by a certain time. I don't know why but my personality just rebels against that sort of thing and I read the book and write the review even slower. 

5. What has been your favorite read this month? (Or pick a few if picking one is too hard.)

Stolen Songbird by Danielle L. Jensen which I've reviewed. It just blew my mind with the world-building of the troll city and the characters. The plot twisted and turned too. *sigh* Perfection.

6. If you were to make a book cover that represented your life and personality what would it look like?

I think it would be a mix of abstract and artistic. Like those book covers that combine drawings or cartoon type art with realistic art. And it would have different things important to me like books and blogging related stuff. 

7. Of course you love books and blogging and all that good stuff but if you didn't spend time doing either one of those things, what would you spend all your free time doing?

I read this question and wow it's really hard imagining my life without these two things but especially reading. I think I would draw and paint, do photography, and maybe sew more. Still artsy stuff but not ones that require electricity. ;) 

8. What's your favorite and least favorite genre and why?

My favorite genre is YA paranormal/urban fantasy because it combines fantasy or magical elements while at the same time occurring in a world I understand (the modern one), PLUS there's an amazing selection to choose from. 

Least favorite genre... well, just assume that I'm choosing from YA because that's basically what I read. So my least favorite genre is probably contemporary (or anything) that focuses too much on romance, and horror stuff. Paranormal is the closest I will get to scaring myself, thank you very much.

9. What makes you want to read a book (more than other books)?

A unique premise that I haven't heard before or a kick-butt female main character. Or both. Both is good. Also, ones that have magic involved grabs my interest too. :)

10. How do you feel about book covers? Do you judge books based on them? Is it ok to? Ect.

I do judge books by their covers but if I find a good book that has a bad cover I'll still read it. Of course, I wish it had a beautiful cover that matched the beautiful story but I can't have everything. :D I don't think there's a way for people to not judge books by covers. I mean, it's the first thing we see. And I think it's okay to do that.

11. If you were to pick an author to write a book based on you and your life, who would you want to write it?

Probably Lindsey Leavitt (author of Going Vintage, Princess for Hire series, etc.) because she writes with the best humor ever. And when I read some of her books I can imagine that it's me or one of my blogger friends talking. Although, I would want the writing to be able to sound deep and thoughtful as well. 

Aaaand those are my long-winded answers to those questions ;) I had such a fun time coming up with the answers so THANKS AGAIN BRIANA. 

Hehe, of course I'm joking. You're all special pretzels. :D (Of course, how lucky can you actually be if you have to come up with eleven nominees of your own? *evil grin* That's what I thought.) Well, I had to go off into the great wide blogosphere to search for blogs with the right amount of followers. It was long and hard, my friends. ;) Even though some (or all) of these blogs might not be ones that I've discovered until now, I always make sure to read a few of their posts that are more personal and determine whether I instantly love their personality that shines through. So just know that I didn't go off handing these nominations to whichever blogs fit the criteria. 

Also, just a warning to you nominees, I may have liked your blog so much that I might be planning on return visits. 

4. Alannah @Kissing Winter
5. Amelia @Robinson Writes
6. Hagar @The Serial Book Lover
7~10 Egh, I give up. Any of you who have 200 or less followers are completely welcome to nominate yourself :) Just leave your link in the comments and I'll check it out.

(edited) GOSH DARN IT I FORGOT THE QUESTIONS. I'm just going to blame this on the general busy and stress and college-preparing that have taken over my life at this moment. :) Apparently, this causes memory loss for me. 

The Questions
1. What is one place or one activity/thing-you-do that makes you feel really fulfilled?
2. What is something you're not scared of that a lot of people are scared of? (You boss person, you.)
3. Top three things you do when you don't want to think or be stressed. 
4. Headphones or earphones?
5. Have you ever been to a concert?
6. Do you remember book titles or author names better? 
7. Can you listen to a song with words (like people singing) while you write?
8. What's your go-to weird face when you take selfies? (Picture not required. You're welcome ;))
9. Silver or gold?
10. What's your favorite side-kick or secondary character? (Book and movie.)
11. What kinds of things are hung/taped/nailed on your bedroom walls?

I'm also putting together a blog project that involves several bloggers who are headed to college this fall working together to write a series of posts on college and our experiences. I'm having a hard time finding a name for it though, so I've made a poll. I'd LOVE IT SO MUCH if you could vote on it or make a suggestion of your own. :)

Let's choose a project name! Which one is your favorite?
pollcode.com free polls 

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  1. Virtual hugs (and real hugs) are always acceptable and welcomed...if I know you. If I don't know you that is just creepy and a serious no go. I'm liking the new look, girl! Also, I feel that you get extra bonus points because the background colors on the award button you made....are my schools colors! NK for the win! And a fist bump for the awesome coincidence.

    Fact number four is like my life. We would have such a blast together in real life! (Even though I'd probably be like your baby sister, because I'm a small and ignorant child, not really but I'm a young-ling.) I actually laughed out loud at number six and I feel sheltered because I didn't even know that genre existed. (I wasn't laughing at you I promise!)

    I love all your answers to my questions! I couldn't agree more with the review deadline thing. I've heard a lot of great things about Stolen Songbird and I'm thinking I may have to check it out. Ooo, Rebel Belle! Catherine got it for me for my birthday because she loves me and is awesome like that, and I can't wait to read it, but I have to read all my ARCs first... *grumbles and pouts slightly*

    Down with contemporary! I really don't like that genre, sorry guys. Some times I find it tolerable, but can never bring myself to pick one up to even give it a chance. I feel bad about that, I really do, but it's a fact of life.

    Psh, your answers weren't long winded, they were perfect! ;) I had fun reading your post so thank YOU! I'm so glad we've become friends! *hugs* I'm glad you had fun coming up with the answers!

    P.S. I LOVE that you called everyone special pretzels! That is my new favorite thing in life! <3

    1. It's a good thing I know you then XD Thanks! I'm still tweaking but it's headed toward more of what I want. DUDE, no way. *fist bump* They're my college's colors too! That's crazy :)

      Oh my gosh, sometimes I annoy my sister so bad haha. After we watched The Golden Compass I went around and said "samoyed" in the western guy's voice a million times. Yep we would have awesome times! Aw no actually my best friend is my sister and she's around your age. And I'm completely young at heart (or so she tells me) for my age so I think it would work out okay ;) Are you sure you weren't laughing at me? *squints suspiciously* There is! In fact, I'm pretty sure all Amish fiction is romance fiction. Oh well, what can you do. :D

      Ugh, review deadlines kill me. I would definitely recommend Stolen Songbird. Because, if characters are the most important part of a story for you, it's amazing. Other things are amazing in there too but the CHARACTERS *sobs* Ah yes, friends that get us books are the best ;) Darn ARCs. Always spoiling fun. >:(

      Yeahhh, me neither. I mean for me to like a straight contemporary it has to be really good.

      Okay, okay, I'll take that. :D Thanks, Briana. Yay I'm glad you had fun! Me too *hugs back*

      Re: P.S. AWESOMESAUCE. You're the best pretzel ever <3

  2. Briana did come up with really good questions didn't she? I have just put up my acknowledgment post and put off reading yours so that you don't influence my answers. :P I am so tired out right now, my format sucks and I missed mess dinner but I am happy.
    And by the way Fact 8 should be my tagline.

    1. She did :) Haha I do the same thing when I get nominated (especially with people I know). XD Because when I read theirs, I think wow yeah they have a point.

      I'm glad you're happy. (Is this due to the chocolate high? ;)) We can make a serial-killer-face-wavers club. And scare people.


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