Figments Friday {2}

8:00 AM

source: Briana @Reader, Writer, Critic
Figments Friday is a weekly feature hosted by Briana @Reader, Writer, Critic where we share our writing and anything related--like snippets from our WIPs, character interviews, or even conversations between a character from one story and a character from another story. 

Today I'm sharing another snippet from the story that I'm mainly working on now. Maybe sometime in the future I'll do an interview or something like that. :)

My hand burns where it touches Keelin's. And I see flashes of images, fast as the speed of light, hurtling, zipping, careening through my mind. They are so intense--so strong--that the air itself seems to be resisting the attempts I make to breathe it in. 

And worst of all. The very worst of all is the emotion that rolls so strongly through my body that I feel like vomiting up my breakfast. 

I yank my hand back and give Keelin a forced small smile. "You'll be fine, sweets." I reach over the table and give her a tight hug, carefully making sure that none of our skin is touching. 

At which, the mother gives an outraged squawk and rips her out of my embrace. 

I don't know whether to snarl at her or laugh at her. So I do neither. And as the two walk out, I barely register their actions. I'm lost in the maze of my mind yet again. 

Because...because, what I saw when I touched that girl was horrifying. Enough to make me shrink with terror in the far corner of the tent. 

I saw her dreams, her nightmares. And I can only shudder. 

Because I am a dream walker, and I have walked her dreams before. 

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  1. It's really sad that you're busier than I am and yet you still manage to get your Figments Friday post up before me, the girl who made it. Good job! ;) I'm just not as on top of it as you.

    Oh my goodness that ending! *squeals*

    1. Oh psh. ;) This is why I love the scheduling on Blogger.

      *squeals and jumps up and down* Yay I'm so glad you like it! I think I'm going to try to do Figments Friday (emphasis on try) every week to keep me motivated with my writing. :)


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