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My first, may I add, Sunday Swoons as co-hoster of...well...Sunday Swoons. It feels awesome. :D It has been great working with Briana! She's fun and SO nice, so you should totally go check out her blog. Like right now. Shoo.

I think you'll like this post as I happen to know for a fact that many of you are fans of chocolate.

I was right, wasn't I?

Sunday Swoons

This week's theme: If Couples Were Food... (Pick any kind of food to compare fictional couples to.)

The rules are simple.

1. You're welcome (and encouraged) to use the Sunday Swoons button, but remember to cite me as the source.

2. You can post in whatever style you like--list, discussion, etc. as long as you follow the topic we give OR you can do a post on the opposite of the given topic.

3. Your posts don't have to have anything to do with books you're reading right now, they can be past reads as well. (It's nice if you put a link to the Goodreads page of the book or some other site that gives the cover, synopsis, and other information.)

4. Remember to link back to us in your post! Also, you can add your link to the link-up tool at either of our posts. If everything works out smoothly, you'll only have to enter on one blog.

And now I announce my topic within the topic. Ahem. Couples as interpreted to be chocolate. I told you this would be interesting. :)

1. The Dark Chocolate
They've got their back stories, okay? Bitterness, hard times, and a little brokenness seem to be the characteristics of these couples. But, just like dark chocolate, it works. They fight, they aren't perfect little souls, but they're together and great at it. When you first see them, you kind of wonder if they're the best for each other, but as time goes on (just like the more you eat dark chocolate the better it tastes, according to mwah) you realize that they are perfect together. A shining example of this would be Mara and Noah from The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer.

2. The White Chocolate.
Ahhh, white chocolate. These couples are sweet. Too sweet. They're always having those phone conversations that end in "No, I love you more." Plus, PDA is always a problem. In a way, you support them buuut you don't really want to spend a lot of time around them. I can't really think of a specific fictional couple that's like this right now. (If you can think of one, make sure to tell me in the comments!)

3. The Milk Chocolate.
Mmm yum (I think you can tell what my favorite kind of chocolate is ;)). This couple is literally the sweetest ever, but not in the overwhelming way like the white chocolate couple over there *cough cough*. You can tell that they're meant for each other and awesome together because they are so darn cute and sensitive to each other. Think Joy and Ink from Indelible.

4. Chocolate Covered Strawberries
You have never seen two people more opposite. Ever. The story of how they met is that the delinquent girl stuffed the nerd boy's homework down the toilet. Or something to that effect. They're ALWAYS arguing. But when it comes down to it, they love each other. They really do, no matter how much like World War 3 it looks. I'm thinking Harper and David from Rebel Belle or Skye and Cian from Holding Out for Skye.

Image courtesy of Mom on Time Out
5. Chocolates with Mint Filling.
Enter popular couple. They look fantabulous. The girl's the captain of the cheer squad and the guy's the quarterback of the football team or the hottest guy or blah blah blah. Point being--they're perfect and everybody worships them. In reality though, they're relationship isn't so hot. It's just for show and once you get past the first layer? Not working. Something like Archer and Elodie from Hex Hall.

This was fun! (It was also not-so-great for my health because now I'm craving chocolate. -_-) Of course, this post is based on what I think of different kinds of chocolate and you might not agree. Sooo, tell me what couples you would translate into the various chocolates.

Next week's topic: Things Girls Do to Their Significant Others (That We Hate)

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  1. OMG, that was awesome! And yep, you are so absolutely right that Skye and Cian are Chocolate Covered Strawberries.
    I had a lot of fun reading this post and omg, all those chocolates! OMG, yummy! Thanks for the smiles and the laughter your post brought me, Skylar. You're absolute Awesome sauce!

    1. Yay! I'm glad you liked it ;) I know right??

      I'm so happy that you liked it :)) Oh my gosh I was making myself so hungry when I was writing this. Just CHOCOLATE. What else needs to be said?
      No problem :) Happy to make you happy! Aw *blushes* thank you.

  2. Aww my original and totally long comment didn't post! Long story short, I love your post and the way you wrote it! Totally spot on! I love dark chocolate as far as munching but in relationships I like something between dark and milk, but never white. White chocolate and white chocolate relationships are never yummy.

    1. Oh man :( Now I don't get to read your awesome commentary *grins* Thank you! I would have to agree with you on the dark + milk chocolate or, for me, chocolate covered strawberries are great. :) YES. Another white chocolate hater :P And yeah white chocolate haters just make me want to...eugh.


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