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I recently got a new laptop and one of the perks is that it's touchscreen. And when I've been coveting my sister's touchscreen solely because she got to use the paint tool which allows you to paint with your fingers on the screen, you can bet that's one of the first things I'm going to play around with.

Since I haven't done any pencil drawings or acrylic paintings recently (but wanted to do a post on my art), I'm going to be showing you a few of my digital drawings. They aren't AMAZING but they're good enough that I feel okay about putting them out into the great big wide internet. ;)

I did this one with watercolors for the rocks the waterfall is going down and the waterfall (and all other water) itself. I also used the watercolors on the person and boat because I wanted them to have a sort of dreamy feel.

I used pastels for the vine that covers the whole left rock face, the water foaming up at the bottom, and the brown rocks at the bottom.

I really love that the painting program includes a smudger which I made FULL use of.

This one is all oil paints except for the word "Twilight". I used the smudger a little bit but to be honest I still need to work a lot on figuring that thing out.

SO, this is a peak into my artistic endeavors with this new program. To be honest, using my finger can be a little awkward but it's still such a neat program. Maybe I'll do another more in-depth post on my art if you all want it.


source: Briana @Reader, Writer, Critic

Figments Friday is an original feature for writers, wherein they share something about their writing, a character interview, an excerpt, a conversation between a character from one WIP and a character from another WIP, etc.  

This week I decided to link-up with another of Briana's memes (Reader, Writer, Critic) because I just wrote some yesterday and felt like maybe (just maybe) I'd like to share a tiny bit here on the blog. So here goes! All works and writings are mine and if you reference them or use them in anyway credit needs to be given to me. Most of what I put on here will be first-draft-quality. 

(c) 2014
My name is Emery Blair Sutton and I am a fortune teller for the Lune Minuit Circus. You might not believe in such things. Or you might. God knows the world is all too full of skeptics. 

But me? I tell the truth. Whether it's fantastical or mundane. 

So yes... you are hearing this right. This is legitimate work I do. This is real. 

And that's something I can tell my two next customers don't believe. Doubt and suspicion is written all over their faces, the woman and girl. 

Aaaand, that is all for today peoples. Big things coming tomorrow like the unveiling of Briana's and mine first Sunday Swoons as co-hosters! So make sure to check in and maybe even participate 'cause we'd love to have you. :) 

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  1. Ooo! I love your finger/computer paintings! The waterfall is my favorite part! I recently started acrylic painting (in real life) and have been considering posting pictures, but didn't this week. Now you've inspired me and maybe I will share next week. ;)

    Oh, well color me intrigued! ;) I am very excited to see where this is going! I like your style!

    1. Thank you! That one turned out pretty good (translation: better than I expected XD). I was surprised hehe. Go you! Yes, you need to post pictures. I must see your work. I must.

      SHE'S INTRIGUED. YES. MWUAHAHA. Thank you so much! I like your comments ;) But seriously, thanks (*hyperventilates* Someone likes my style).


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