11:52 AM

I'm baaaack. WOOP. Actually, I've been done with school for a week but I've still stayed busy with moving out of my apartment for the summer, trying to fit all my stuff back into my parents' house (impossible. it's impossible. we have like three couches and a bed in our living room), and getting some much-needed R&R. 

But never fear, I'm going to be blogging regularly again. I'm super sorry for the rocky blogging since I started college. I still need to figure out a rhythm and a niche that suits my new busier schedule I guess :(  (I'm super happy with how long I was able to blog pretty regularly throughout this semester though)

Again, regular posts are coming... this is just a HEY LOOK I'M ALIVE AND IT'S SUMMER.

It's a wonder I'm still alive with all the amazing Kpop music videos that have been released one. after. the other. Like um yes, I do enjoy watching Hoshi performing with his serious face thank you. 

So, that's it I guess. I'm sitting here contentedly, writing this post, rocking a totally uncoordinated outfit (plaid + stripes. don't do this at home kids), and it feels nice. 

P.S. I had a dentist's appointment the other day and on that day my lovely parents accidentally left my car boxed in the driveway by a car that I do not happen to have the keys to and I had to expertly maneuver in my car that cannot turn sharply and drive through the neighbor's hilly yard, out their driveway, and get to my appointment just on time. Such skill, much awesome. ;)

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