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Remember when I talked about big travel things that I was going to do this summer? THE TIME. HAS. COME.



As you can probably tell, I'm just a little excited. Me and my family are headed to Taiwan this summer for my uncle's wedding and since plane trips aren't really a regular thing for us, it'll be awesome. 

If you know me even a little bit, you know that I love traveling and gosh I'm just so excited to be able to be in and see another culture for a little while. *happy dance*

Another reason I'm writing this is to tell you about how I get ready for major trips and whatever little tips I use to make traveling easier. Maybe they'll help you in a future trip. ^^

Any trip needs music, but especially one where there are multiple long layovers and a hugely long flight over the Pacific Ocean. I've been updating the music on my phone (music helps me sleep so much better too), which is fun and boring at the same time.

I'm a big K-pop fan so that's what a lot of the music on there is right now, but I'm also planning on adding some of my favorite good ol' American songs. 

Because of the looong layovers I mentioned above, I think I'm going to read a lot. :) I'm not doing the whole paperback/hardcover/real book thing this time, because 1) they take up too much room and 2) I want them to stay in perfect condition. I'm a bookworm, I will protect my books ;)

SO I'm stocking my Kindle up with reads. I don't have the money to buy new YA right now but I'm going to get some older books I want to read or track down some deals on YA in blog posts OR author Facebook pages.

These are the books I'm planning on getting:


(The Emperor's Edge Collection Bks. 1-3 by Lindsey Buroker [99 cents] & The Cage by Megan Shepherd [$1.99])

Taiwan is hot. Really hot. Humidly hot. That explains all the shorts and tank tops I will have crammed in my carry-on (and that's good on another level because those things take up waaay less space). 

I'm packing a dressy outfit (dress + heels) for the wedding and a less-dressy-but-still-kinda-dressy outfit just in case I need emergency "nice" clothes.

For the actual traveling, I'm gonna be dressed for maximum comfort. Traveling 12+ hours (sometimes all in one big chunk, which is what happens when you travel halfway across the world) is not fun. I'll be wearing leggings + tank top + hoodie (airplanes are cold) + comfortable shoes. 

Packing is always hard, and stressful, because first of all you have to pack everything you need in a little suitcase. Second of all, you have to pack EVERYTHING YOU NEED which means not forgetting important things like a toothbrush or maybe you know a phone charger. 

I'm pretty sure my mom and sister have re-packed their stuff at least two times each. 

So... how to pack? Make a packing list that you can check stuff off of and use when you come back to make sure you didn't forget anything in Europe. Roll your clothes. It uses like half the space. Yes, even your pants. 

Travel-sized stuff really comes in handy. You only have a a quart-size plastic bag in which you can only put liquids, gels, and aerosols 3.4 ounces or less. TRAVEL SIZE. Pack things like lotion (airplane air is dry as heck), hand sanitizer, etc.

my stuffs

>>> I wouldn't recommend wearing contacts when you're traveling by plane. Especially if your eyes get dry really easily, airplane air is super cold and dry. Not ideal.

>>> Having your own travel pillow is gonna be way better than anything airlines give you.

>>> Take an empty water bottle! You can't take one full with any drinks but you can use this to get water from fountains in between security and not die of dehydration.

>>> My favorite personal item (you can take a carry-on luggage + personal item) to use is a big purse. It can carry a lot, but it still fits size limits. Also, if you don't want to use a huge bag the whole trip, you can pack a small purse inside it.

Do you have any fun travel plans this summer? TELL ME ALL THINGS. I'm also still adding music to my phone so I would love any song recs.

Happy traveling!

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  1. I hope you have lots of fun! I have done the contact thing, 10 hour flight worse decision of my life.

    1. Thanks! ^^ I think I will. Omg I can imagine... I am one of those people whose eyes get dry SUPER easy with contacts so it would be torture for me too.

  2. ROLLING CLOTHING SAVES LIVES. It definitely saved me when I had to pack clothes for FOUR MONTHS (plus all the extras) in two suitcases.

    Omg have so much fun! Taiwan sounds awesome - I've never been in Asia except for when I was 7 and went to Japan, so I totally want to explore that area of the world someday!

    And this summer my plans are to take summer school (woo) and go on road trips and beaching with friends. No long travels for me for a while! My whole European study abroad thing was great, but really exhausting, travel-wise. :-P

    1. YES IT DOES. I can't imagine having to think through alll the stuff I'd need for 4 months. I'm jealous of you girl ;) I was already nervous about missing packing something for 2 weeks!

      Thanks ^^ I'm having loads of fun! (*whispers* I am actually in Taiwan right now which explains this super late reply) I've only ever been out of the US to Taiwan because of family (not counting stop overs at airports) so I would love to visit the rest of Asia + Europe too. :))

      Whoaaa summer school. Now that's commitment. :D I'm planning on CLEPing Biology but I'm kinda freaked out about it. We'll see how it goes... Road trips and beaching sounds amazing! I bet the traveling was tiring. It made me tired just imagining all that packing and early-mornings-at-airports etc lol.


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