5 Things I've Learned from My First Apartment

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I almost thought I wouldn't be able to post today because I was originally going to put an Apartment Tour video on here and a few comments on apartment life and let that be that--however, I couldn't take my apartment video today like I hoped because it was cloudy and the lighting was super bad inside.

But as I was finishing uploading my latest K-pop reaction (which you can watch here), an idea popped into my head. So you WILL be getting a post today after all. :)

5 Things I've Learned from My First Apartment

This is the number one biggest difference between dorm-living and apartment-living: there is SO much more stuff to pack (and unpack. which you probably know if you've read my complaining tweets). You also have to get a bed, desk, and dresser AND other furniture for yourself some of which your school's dorms probably provided for you before.

Curtains are waaaaay to expensive. WHY SHOULD I PAY THIS MUCH FOR PIECES OF CLOTH TO COVER MY WINDOWS. They aren't even patterned! *outrage* You will go to three different stores and maybe double-back to some and you will figure out that maybe they aren't as crucial to the beauty of your apartment as you thought. Just a friendly suggestion. (I'm calm. I am.)

Food is the most important thing. You don't want to have to go back to town and grab food after you've already spent all day unpacking and organizing. Trust me. Have food to eat or snack on or something. And definitely something to drink. Keep yoself hydrated.

After a dorm room, the extra space and the lack of noise (for the most part) and the absence of the questionable smell that all dorms seems to have are beautiful things. I am not a fan of crowded spaces. I love cozy, open places to relax and do whatever I happen to be doing at the moment.

Also, I have a bathroom. One bathroom for only two people. I could cry. Don't ever under-appreciate a personal bathroom, guys.

The air smells like air. There's air circulation. There's no weird mash-up of smells like Chinese take-out, popcorn, and coconut shampoo. It's amazing.

There is extreme satisfaction when you get to put all your things into place and your apartment starts to look like an actual home. YOU made this. And "this" is quite adorable.

I share my apartment with a roommate, but she's the same roommate I had last year so it's pretty comfortable. We're both super chill and we communicated about apartment things over the summer so the apartment is pretty much how we both want it.


My new apartment has already made my college experience ten times better already! Some people might really love the dorm life (and I'm glad I had the experience of living in a dorm) but I don't think it's something I would want to do long-term.

How's your summer school year going? Are you back at school already? Tell me all the random things. 

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