July Recap

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This month was kind of crazy because of all the school things and the big road trip, thus there weren't as many posts this month and I didn't read as many books.

Many good things happened though! I got to see BTS in Chicago. I passed my CLEP exam. I got tanner. ;) And now I'm going to recap July with you.

As always there are many songs that I fell in love with this month. It's music. It's gonna happen.

This is such a funky, rockin' summer song. And, of course, Big Bang is as crazy and fun as usual. (*cough* T.O.P are you on drugs *cough*)

Seventeen just debuted this year in May. THERE ARE SO MANY. I am awful at remembering names. How do I file away 13 names in my brain? (I actually have by now. I was sucked in so fast oh my gosh.) I love this song. Especially the rapping. 

So, I don't know how pre-debut this is (a lot, looking at Hansol's face) but, guys, this is pre-debut. Yes, it's Seventeen again. I have no regrets. It's also not all of their members. But they rock this cover of Big Bang's song so much.

This song is really electronic but I just... I don't know...it's so beautiful and kind of sad sounding. Then there's the cool beat. There's a cool dance for it too, but that's kind of out of the question for me. :D

After I came back from Chicago, I completely got back into BTS music. Not even gonna lie. This song is the most beautiful (hehe, get it?) thing ever. They have angel voices. And Jimin is conqueror of the sad-puppy face.

I only got to read two books from my July TBR pile:


Here, There and Elsewhen by Charles Fontenay.   This one didn't really hit it off with me. It's one of those legit, old sci-fi books and there were so many scientific words that were confusing, and the characters were kind of ruthless for no reason. Eh.


Finding Audrey by Sophie Kinsella.  I've heard some opinions that this book didn't focus on Audrey and social anxiety enough, but I LOVED it. I could relate so much, not only to the main character but to her brother too. Social anxiety + gaming? Perfection.

Aaaand I read something that was not on my TBR...

Seconds by Bryan Lee O'Malley.  I got this ages ago from my college roomie and never had time to read it during the school year. It was my first graphic novel experience and it was awesome! The art was so cute and gorgeous at the same time (and it has such a good new-book smell) and the story was really funny and well-written. Stay away from mushrooms. A review on the blog shall be written at some point.

It was a good month of blog posts around the blogosphere.

Jamie from The Perpetual Page-Turner talked about getting into podcasts and gave some cool recommendations. This is something I really need to get into because I'm so busy during school time and it'd be fun to have things to listen to on my way to class.

Cait from Paper Fury wrote a beautifully simple tutorial on how to make black and white pictures with color accents. I needed this in my life.

Justin's Book Blog gave the 101 on all things ARCs and how to enter the terrifying world of reading and reviewing hardcore. I wish I could have read this a year ago when I was first getting into reviewing ARCs. It's so helpful! I'm probably going to re-read it.

Since I redid my blog design a little while ago, the programming I did to take the automatic white "frame" Blogger puts around photos and GIFs got messed up and the frames were back. Last time I fixed it, it was a total headache. I had to do all sorts of crazy html things. BUT, I found this awesome, super simple (I like simple) tutorial on how to take the frames off. SO. EASY.

Amber from The Mile-Long Bookshelf wrote a great post on how she deals with anxiety, complete with a list of tips (and you know I love lists).

You remember that K-pop group that contributed two songs to July's playlist? Yup, this is them again. They dragged me into their fandom SO. FAST. Like, how you do that. Basically, they are all awesome and beautiful. And only three of them are older than me. They write all their own songs and make all their own choreography, which I am in awe of. One of them is mixed (race) like me! Anywho, they're just awesome as heck so you should go check them out.

This cutie is my bias. His name's Hoshi and he's the genius that makes all their choreo. He's younger than me too. This is legit the fist time I've biased someone whom I'm a noona to. It feels weird. NO REGRETS. 

I need to watch The Heirs so bad right now.

That's it for this month! You can read about when I went to Chicago and got to go to the BTS concert and meet Sophia, one of my blogger friends. How did your July reading go? Did you do anything fun/vacationy this month?  

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  1. I made a lot of faces while watching The Heirs (mostly at their HEINOUS English skills) but I still loved the snark. If you wish to watch it... I will bear with you. (Also, FETUS HANSOL).

    1. Sucky English skills are cringe-worthy sometimes. HOWEVER, I feel like Lee Minho is kind of a king of snark.

      Awww, you so sweet. ;) (GOSH I KNOW. HE SO ADORBS).


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