Design Project: Racial Stereotyping

11:59 AM

I am half Taiwanese and half American. I'm proud of both sides and embrace both cultures. This is kind of why I chose racial stereotyping as the theme for my newest school design project. I've never experienced extreme negative/positive stereotyping (thankfully). I actually grew up in a solely white family, far away from my Taiwanese side.

But there are still small things.

I think it happens WAY to much, sometimes unintentionally. And that's okay, I'm not blaming anyone. I just want to show people how wrong they are to make these assumptions.

So far I've talked about this on Goodreads, Twitter, and Facebook, but now it's time to talk to you lovelies about it too. :)

My first question is:

What race do I look like (there is no wrong answer here. You can say one, multiple, or none)?

Secondly, what are some common racial stereotypes that you've heard of, thought yourself, or heard someone say?

Please comment your answers! I'd love to hear from you and I won't be offended by anything you say (well I might be slightly. no promises ;) ) as long as you are honest but polite.

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  1. actually, when I first "met" you (and by that I mean saw your picture for the first time) I thought you could be Native American or hafl-white half-Latino or something. I didn't know you were of Asian decsent until you mentioned it in conversation.

    one of my mom's friends adopted two boys from China and one of them is very very very smart--and everyone makes jokes about it all being because he's Asian. I know that's a stereotype that's been around for ages, but it still bugs me a little.

    1. Yeah, I get that a lot from people (who are surprise I'm half-Asian). I could deal with being Native American... there's something really mysterious and kick-butt about them and their legends. :D

      Ohhhh yeahhh. That stereotype bugs me tons. People will hear about my good grades or whatever and they'll be like "I wish I was Asian." Being Asian doesn't automatically give you good grades *shakes people aggressively* Two things I've found that are very common are 1) people automatically think I should be able to speak Chinese or whatever my Asian native language is and 2) they think it's weird if I like other Asian stuff that's not my segment of Asia. Thanks for your feedback! (and I heard you need a stash of hugs for school ;) *hugs*)

  2. Actually I've always guessed that you must have some Asian ancestry. I am half-European (German) and half-Asian (Chinese, though, I don't speak Mandarin, do you speak Mandarin?) myself and I know many Chinese-German mixed-race people so that is something very familiar to me :-)

    Though according to my biology book it isn't even accurate to speak of races anymore. Humans are genetically all much closer related than dog races for example, so actually there is only one human race.

    1. Good job! I feel like if most people guess anything usually (at least around me) they guess Hispanic or something. That's really cool. I speak a teeny tiny bit of Mandarin. I learn way faster when I'm in the environment and I don't have lots of time to study it right now even though I wish I could :)) That's really neat. I never really met mixed race people when I was younger and even now I haven't really met that many.

      That's very true. :) And I agree but I don't think that term will be going out of use any time soon. In the case of this project, it was accurate because it was talking about stereotypes.


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