Life Update

5:07 PM

Hey, guys, thought I'd pop in and tell you that no, I haven't dropped off the edge of the world or been kidnapped or anything crazy. The truth (real and un-interesting) is that I've been freaking out and studying, simultaneously, because of a CLEP exam. It's tomorrow. *terrified screeches*

The week after I take and hopefully pass my CLEP exam is also super busy for me since I have to get a load of school things done in about 3 and a half days before I head out with my family for our summer trip.


This entails exciting things.

It stars with "k" and ends with "pop." YUP. It's finally almost time to go see BTS (an awesome K-pop group that you should really check out) live. In Chicago. It will be a horrendously long road trip but it will be worth it. And because I'm a licensed driver I shall have to share the burden. >.< But again, worth it.

Also, (yes there's more) I'll be meeting up Sophia from Ravens and Writing Desks! We're going to hang out for a couple hours and probably take awesome videos or photos or both for you all. I'm so excited to meet her. *happy dance* It's the first time I'll be meeting one of my blogger friends in real life! Her sarcasm levels are at goddess levels.

ALSO. (I'm sorry. I promise I'll try to finish this up fast-ish.) My college roomie from last year and I got approved for a tiny little campus apartment which is so. frigging. awesome. I probably should not be this excited about packing dishes and curtains but I am. There shall be a "Welcome to My Apartment" type post some time in August which will include the roomie. Finally.

I think that's all.

Once I come back, I should be able to get back into a blogging rhythm. So this is just a heads up that while I'll try to post soon, it may not happen (and by "may" I mean "probably won't). 

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  1. ooooh! Apartments are fun, even if they're tiny! Still and always will be jealous about the concert. Someday.... :D

    1. Yes they are! I can't wait :D

      Dude, I can't even believe we get to go to the concert. And when you do go to a Kpop concert, I expect alllll the details. ;)


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