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The K-pop concert was only one of the exciting things I got to do in Chicago. I also met up with Sophia from Ravens and Writing Desks!!

It was so much fun and I have pictures. ;)

The Saturday after the K-Pop concert, I got up around 7:20 to get ready to meet up with Sophia at 8. The hotel room we stayed in was so. freezing. cold. And the blanket was kind of little for a full or queen or whatever size the bed was. My sister is a blanket-hogger.

I never forgive people who steal sleep hours away from me. *villainous cackle*

So, I got ready. Got dressed. Sophia and I had already been messaging back and forth, making sure we were still meeting up at the same time and telling each other what we were wearing so we wouldn't accidentally try to hug strangers. Sometimes my brain doesn't process picture to real-life transitions okay.

My mom wanted to meet Sophia too so she went down to the hotel lobby with me. And, you know what, it wasn't hard to recognized Sophia at all. She looked completely like her pictures (surprise!) and apparently I looked like my pictures too so we were all good. Crisis averted. Whew.

Sophia had driven over, so we got in her car and went to a place called Park Ridge which was really cute and pretty and had a few restaurants (which was our goal. food, duh).

Car rides are one of the highest things on the list of awkward-places-to-be-with-new-people. It wasn't awkward though because we are both bookworms and avid stalkers of each others' blogs. So we talked about what we'd been doing recently (school, blegh). Apparently, she went to the beach with her friends and if you were talking about a Lake Michigan beach, Sophia, you're insane if you swam. IT WAS SO DARN COLD.

It was chill (spending time together, not the lake).

We ate breakfast at Panera Bread.

This steak & egg bagel thing was delicious.

Sophia! Her shirt was awesome. It's a fox.

After we ate, we walked over to the library to find a place to take a vlog for Sophia's blog. It was super fun and hilarious because we are both so awkward at taking vlogs (because people). And we kind of brainstormed on the spot because we're awesome like that. We made a guide for you if you ever go to meet any of your online/blogger friends. I promise it's the most helpful thing ever. ;)

(Sophia was super on top of things and actually had this video up yesterday. *hangs head* :D)

It was really gorgeous weather at first. There was a nice breeze and it was sunny, a huge difference from muggy Tennessee. 

The street right beside where we vlogged.

A super cool sculpture. We sat down & vlogged on the stone wall behind it. 

There were some minor technical difficulties like Sophia's phone running out of room constantly which resulted in the murder of many games and pictures. And of course I didn't have any space on my phone because of the BTS concert. 

Sophia murdering unnecessary phone things. 

Selfie timeeee.

But we did it! (And again, you should go watch the vlog we made.)

Then we went off to take some pictures for my blog. At this point, it was a lot hotter than earlier. Apparently, Chicago is not cooler because it's north. It just has extremes of heat and cold (source: Sophia). 

Pillars were made for taking pictures by.

I decided to keep my long hair for the trip hehe. I'm going to cut it pretty short before school though.

That fountain blessed us with mist. Also I'm not this skinny. Promise. My purse is big and obscuring XD

This was my second attempt at taking a picture of both us with my camera. You don't want to see the first. It was literally so bad that we both burst out laughing. I have no skillz for such things. 

I feel like our purses are pretty good representations of our personalities.

Finally, we were like okay, Skylar's selfie-taking-skills-with-a-camera suck so let's use Sophia's phone. Front-facing cameras are lifesavers, guys. 

Our nice-smiles picture.

Ugly faces.

We had SO much fun and it was the greatest thing to be able to actually meet Sophia in real life. I am in awe of her driving in Chicago because Chicago traffic scares me so much. I would probably just hide in my closet and make people drive me places. :D

That was our awesome get-together! Hope you liked the pictures and remember to check out Sophia's vlog. Have you ever met up with online friends? How did it go?

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  1. One question: How different is Real-Sophia from the Virtual-Sophia that you had in your head?

    (I don't think I can entertain the prospect of meeting online friends due to geographical limitations but I've FOREVER wondered.) Will they end up being the same people?

    1. Hmmm... that's a little difficult to answer. I'll try though :) The virtual-Sophia I had imagined in my head was confident, sarcastic, and opinionated. Of course, she started vlogging so then I kinda knew what she acted like and how she sounded etc. In real life, she's not as sarcastic. She seems very smart (not that she didn't before :P). To me, (with my sleeveless tops and snapbacks and combat boots) she also has a pretty lady-like style and personality.

      I hope I answered your question and didn't just ramble needlessly XD

      (I was SO curious too. And nervous.) I think it's a combination. You'll already know a lot about them. But you'll know the things they choose to share on the blog. You won't know how they interact withe other people or express their emotions in real life. So I guess my answer is... yes and no. They'll be like the same person with small personality tweaks. A lot of the time I would say it depends on the difference between their real-life personality and how they write on their blog/online.

  2. Thank you for answering. And no, you didn't ramble. I was wondering precisely that. A lot of the bloggers appear so .... snarky. Including me, I guess. But in real life, I'm pretty easy going to people who don't know me that well and bordering on snarkiness and sarcasm to people who do really know me. It's like I've found an opportunity to develop this badass alter-ego online - one that society won't entertain in reality.

    1. I think that's one of my favorite parts about blogging-- you get to be completely yourself or an exaggerated version of yourself without anyone judging or thinking "wow that person really changed." It's awesome :)

  3. Meeting a blogger in real life really IS cool. I experienced it myself when I went with one of my blog buddies to the German Youth Media days and it was awesome... but oh, it's also so envying yet to watch you :'D because in the back of your mind you never get enough of it and wish this could happen every day :D

    1. It's super cool. That sounds like a really neat experience. Haha, that's SO true. :D I've only met one of my blogger friends so far and I would love to meet all the other ones. Sometimes I wish I could just fly all my best blogger buddies to where I live for a weekend of hanging out or something.


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