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4:17 PM

I'm popping in to do a quick tag that Lily from Lily's Notes in the Margins said allll her readers could do. So I'm doing it. BEHOLD, the Extraordinary Means Blog Tag.

1. I would give up the internet for a month for a signed first edition of this book.

*chokes* WHAT. Did those words just come out of your mouth? Disclaimer: Just because I'm doing this tag doesn't mean I would ever willingly go without internet for a month. Ever. But, IF this were to happen, I would want a Pride and Prejudice copy. 

2. I would give up pizza for a year if it meant I could sit next to this author on a long plane ride.

(I don't think the people who made this tag understand my life. Or pizza for that matter.) Susan Dennard, the author of the Something Strange and Deadly series, is seriously hilarious on Twitter. Not that that even makes this situation realistic because I don't talk to people. It's dangerous. I've heard it causes stress and pain.  

3. I would sit through a thousand hours of commercials if it would ensure Hollywood made this book into a movie.

I can't even sit through 20 seconds of commercials.

I have had many serious conversations about this with my sister (about book movies not commercials)., it'd probably be between The Coldest Girl in Coldtown by Holly Black or Going Vintage by Lindsey Leavitt. My biggest fear though is that they'd completely mess up the characters. I would legit cry if that happened. 

4. I would never read a new book again if it meant I could live inside this book.

I actually don't know. All of my favorite books that have semi-interesting worlds are dangerous. When I was a kid, I wanted to live in Kit Kittredge's world with her tree house and typewriter and independence. 

5. I would let my Google search history be made public if it meant I could be best friends with this author.

Um yeah. This is actually possible. There's not even anything interesting on there anymore. It's all art history stuff and social media sites (I live a wild life). The humor in Lindsey Leavitt's books gives me life so I'm gonna go with her. 

6. I would donate everything I own to Goodwill if it meant I could date this book character in real life.

Don't ask me such things.

Besides. I legitimately can't think of anybody right now.

Of course any of you are welcome to do the tag too! Leave a link in the comments so I can check it out. :)

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