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I'm working on some exciting future posts, but today I want share some quotes with you. I've gone through some times this past year that were really challenging and tough, and when I wasn't feeling the greatest, some quotes really helped. And God was pretty awesome too. :) Even in the best of times, quotes are life. SO, I SHALL GIVE YOU QUOTES.

Resistance is futile. 

(Warning: This is probably going to be very long. I'm a serious pinner. #swag)



If there's one thing I learned from my first year of college, it's this-- it never works to focus on all the things that haven't gone your way. You just have to tell yourself that you've accomplished a lot even though it doesn't seem like it. 



There are a lot of things that I am/try to be relatively relaxed about. One thing I'm never too relaxed about though is school. I'm a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to grades and homework completion and all that jazz. 

Well... I made a few mistakes. Got frustrated by a few teachers. And I had to learn to get over it. To forgive myself and make the best of it. The past is the past and you can't change it.



I'm shy. Really shy. And if that isn't fun enough, I'm also very introverted. And I don't like huge risk-taking, whether it be jumping into deep water or being the one to talk to someone new first. With all these things, it's a given that I have fears. Probably an unhealthy amount. ;) But I think (I hope) I've learned to push past them, and make things work. 

This is a big one. I tend to avoid confrontation or any clashing of wills so a big thing I need to own is saying no when I want to.  



The above quote by Albert Camus is probably one of my favorite quotes of all time. I feel like it sums up me as a person perfectly. Every day when I was at school, it completely drained me to be in classes all day and have to interact with people in all that time. I feel like I have to put a lot of effort into things most people do without a second thought.

It doesn't make me mad or anything... I just love the quote because it's so perfect.

Note: I wanted to post way more but I thought I'd focus on one thing on this post and save the rest for a part 2. :) So be prepared for more quote awesomeness featuring *drumroll* all things quirky me!! YAY. APPLAUSE. 

Do you have any favorite quotes? Please write down in the comments along with any story about it or reason you love it!

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  1. Awesome. I Am so stealing your idea and doing a post of my own with quotes that have helped me a lot.
    Thanks for this great post. I can relate with what you've said.
    And yes, it really takes everything I have to wake up and cope with every day, with people. I really needed this with the craply week and guitar lesson I've had. Fair warning, I'm gonna tag you on my post!

    1. I can't wait to read your post! (Psh I love to be tagged ;) ) Maybe I'll see some quotes to add to my stash.

      I get you :) It takes so much energy to deal with things. I'm so glad this helped you with your day <3 We need to have a nice long chat sometime *grins*


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